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Walking by Faith - Mar 11

It was Daylight Savings Time this weekend and so we here in Ontario lost an hour's sleep. I celebrated by sleeping in an extra hour causing me to miss church, a rarity for me. Oh well, I'll be there next week with bells on. Anyway, for my penitence I've decided to make a post on walking by faith. Very difficult to do as I think we instinctively want to trust what our senses tell us and our own understanding of things. The Bible tells us that God's ways are not our ways and so to walk by faith is to trust something that you won't understand in all its fullness. False religion lurks in the background, luring us from the path of life. Sin does have an attractiveness to it, if it didn't we wouldn't keep falling into it. A straight and narrow path is the way for those who put their lot in with Jesus. I hope you are on that lovely path of redemption as I am.

First off I have some bad news. It seems CottShop of Sacred Scoop is packing up his old kit bag and has signed off on his blog. That's too bad as I rather enjoyed his commentary a great deal. You can read his penultimate post here about that whole 'Tomb of Jesus' thingy. Sacred Scoop didn't even make it to its first anniversary as it was started in July of 2006. Like I said before, it is very rare for a blog to be maintained for one full calendar year or even beyond that, a point that I stressed on my Feb 12 post. The link above will still be good for a little while yet and I'll still maintain the link to SS until it's no longer functional. So long CottShop my friend and I'll hope to see you again somewhere in the blogosphere.

As CottShop so rightly notes, Christianity is under attack by those who will use anything to discredit it. From a rational standpoint it strikes me as bizarre to attack the one institution that can halt jihad which is the church. I'm sorry, but would Rosie O'Donnell prefer to live under Sharia law as opposed to Judeo-Christian law? If you listen to all these daft gay activists and other assorted moonbats in the leftist media, the answer is a resounding YES! Does Rosie seriously believe that the barbarism of Islam (a nightmare for women, gay or straight) is better for her? Very odd, but once you consider how Satan has easy access to the minds of those who aren't filled with the Holy Spirit you begin to understand the things we're seeing. The blindness we see here is not just PC or multiculturalism running amok, but a supernatural one. Satan is a busy one. He also happens to be running out of time, a fact I joyously remind him of every day.

Nevertheless, God's army is growing in strength and numbers despite all the billions (and I do mean BILLIONS) of money being poured in to stop the good news from being preached. Unlikely places too, such as South Korea (!). It appears that a full one-third of the population is now Christian, compared to a few hundred that existed in the late 19th century. You can also read about the wonderful influence of the Baptist churches in the Holy Land at length.

Speaking of things Israeli, I really do feel for the Palestinians. No really I do! My problem has always been that Islam is always held blameless for all their troubles. It's always the Jews or the West or it's this or it's that. But never Islam. That of course will never do. Should it surprise anyone that young Gazans have had enough and want to leave? The heart apart from the love of Jesus Christ will always have an insatiable lust for power. Seeing a wholesale change of heart is what has to happen before we lift them out of their misery. It is a waste of time, money and effort to try and make peace with a violent people. Much like the Taliban in Afghanistan where Canadian troops are stationed. Sigh.

The bottom line is this: People of faith infuriate the media. Actually, I'm glad that abolitionists such as William Wilberforce didn't have to deal with the MSM (except maybe FOX News). Women such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali openly slaying PC sacred cows terrify the Left as well. A person of faith is the proverbial 'fly in the ointment' of godless humanism - the idea that you can still be just as good apart from God. Plain old-fashioned immaturity coupled with pouting because the spotlight isn't on them. Understand this my good reader: The MSM will never report a story of advancing Christian faith. Ever. A bunch of sucks and sore losers the lot of them.

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