Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Giving Our Children To God - Oct 3

My biggest challenge as a mom has been this simple prayer, "God, I give my children into Your hands." It may sound strange, but think about it. My plans - my 3 girls grow up, healthy whole and untouched by the evil in the world. Marry a successful, Christian man, bear many perfect children. Then live to a ripe old age and die peacefully in their sleep. God's plan - well, lets face it, only He knows. So I'm giving my children into the hands of one who's plans are unknown to me. They will likely include pain of one kind or another. This is the hard part.

On the news yesterday they were talking about the Amish school in the States that had an armed man storm in and kill several students. This is one of many examples of how the evil in this world is touching parents lives in areas where we have no control. Once those kids wave goodbye out of the bus window in the morning, they are no longer in our hands until we help them off at the end of the day. We don't really know what goes on in the in-between hours. We have no power to protect them from the evils that may befall them. We simply aren't there.

But God is. He knows and He can protect them. Does that mean that putting God in charge will keep your kids well and whole and safe? No. We are such a tiny piece of His puzzle that we often have no idea of the big picture. We have a place and a part in His plan. It may be small, and it may be humble or even brief. But never forget that God loves us and He loves our kids even more than we do. Even if they have pain or suffer, they are never alone. God is with them. And those children who lost their lives, they are with God now. There is no more perfect ending then this.

Giving our Children to God? Well, in the hours we are not with them, in the spiritual world, if we haven't place them in His perfect hands, then whose hand have we left them in? The Bible tells us that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of this world's darkness. And so, each day, my children are placed into the hands of a God who loves them, and has perfect plans for them...And whom I trust.

Faith Girl

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Anonymous said...

God is Love! Amen.
Thats the most simplest of truths all that is left is our individual spiritual journey, used to attend a pentacostal church myself. Infact my sister is a minister of some standing within one today.
Nice to see the christian defender family is growing, will have to watch my P's and Q's now won't I. GOD BLESS YOU GOOD FOLKS!