Saturday, October 21, 2006

An X-Def First - Now With Pretty Pictures! - Oct 21

The world has gone mad I tell you. Look at these sweethearts:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a picture being posted for the first time on the X-Def of a neo-Nazi rally/protest in Berlin. Why do these idiots still exist?

So far I have commented very little on the question as to why Western forces are still in Iraq. The number one problem still has to be guerilla militias who have de facto control over some cities such as Amarah with the central gov't being powerless to stop it. In October of '06 alone there were 78 U.S. casualties. Things are getting worse, not better. With this situation, what do you do? Do you emphasize security first to get aid in or do try to get aid in first in the hope of security? Police or infrastructure? The answers are not easy. The Iraqis need both of course at the exact same time which is easier said than done. Despite President Bush's best efforts to kneecap Islamic terror, funds are still finding their way to such organizations like Hamas. As Wesley Pruden has noted, the killings in Iraq is indeed different from the Communists in Vietnam. Killings in Vietnam at least served some political purpose, Pruden argues, whereas in Iraq the reasons are just for the pure joy of killing. A chilling prospect for such a demon-infested place if you ask me.

Gog and Magog Update: It has come to my attention that there is a lot more activity that is going on in the Horn of Africa these days. I've been watching Somalia and Ethiopia in particular as the two gov'ts clash. Iran's Holocaust-denying Thug-in-Chief is once again making lots of noise about how illegitimate the Jewish state of Israel is. Not to be outdone, Russia is also at it, using its oil as a foreign policy tool and bullying out foreign organizations that don't play by the Kremlin's rules.

Two more links to close out this post.

It appears that North Korea is seeking to escalate things. The only way I see this being put to rest is that the Chinese must be convinced of a nuclear arms race happening right in there backyard.

Muslim workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris are upset over recent moves to rescind security passes. Naturally, the lawyers are involved. Saw this one coming a mile away. Allowing Muslims anywhere near sensitive areas at an airport is a really bad idea. A Muslim's allegiance is to the Prophet Muhammed and 7th century Arabia, not any Western nation in the 21st century. You can call it 'guilt by association' if you want but I think that Muslim employees are going to increasingly come under the microscope.

Man, do I feel like a dunce. I do promise more pictures from now on.

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