Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along? - Oct 15

Apparently not. The divide between Western society that has lost its focus and aggressive Islam continues at an accelerated pace. I have five new heroes I admire, one in death. First up is General Sir Richard Dannat, who is making it very clear the difficulties that British forces face in Iraq. He is calling the military adventure in Iraq 'naive' and says we should be setting our sights a little lower. Indeed, there is a great deal of furious debate over Muslim schools in Britain.

Make no mistake, this unhappiness and discord is growing, even while our so-called leaders paint a rosy picture over inter-faith relations. In Sydney, Australia, police are stepping up their presence at certain beaches to prevent clashes between 'whites' (locals) and 'Asians' (Muslims). As usual, the BBC cops out on this story. The Tunisian gov't is cracking down on head-scarves worn by Muslim women. And in normally sedate Jimma, Ethiopia, clashes are occuring between Christian groups and Muslims. The Turks are irked over a recent French bill that effectively outlaws the denial of the genocide of Armenians at the hands of the Turkish people.

I feel compelled to add my humble opinion here. When people feel that their gov't is no longer capable (or just doesn't care) for providing security for the working class, anarchy becomes the natural result. It's seen as a fundamental 'breach of contract' between those who govern and the governed. Whom do we blame? The list is a long one but three immediately come to mind. Politicians who shove 'multiculturalism' down our throats and then have the audacity to call us 'intolerant' when we fail to capitulate to their social engineering. Lawyers and judges who have fallen in love with their own cleverness. You can also blame the Left's ever-widening definition of 'racism' so that any objection to their views is met with howls of protests and threats of litigation. I mean it literally expands day by day. In other words, anyone or anything that disagrees with their ungodly humanist worldview is of course 'racist'. It's this perfectly ignorant close-minded system that is driving people up the wall. It should therefore be no surprise that we are hearing more and more of these stories of ordinary individuals who have had just about enough.

Whew, that feels better. Here's what I mean when I talk about politicians who should bloody well know better supporting policies that recklessly endanger our freedoms. President Bush continues to encourage the presence of the PLO in Washington because of their so-called moderate stance. Which would be bad enough, but why are we arming Fatah with American weaponry as well? And why are the Americans selling airplane parts to the Iranians? Is the West's lust for gold and influence undermining our very existence, Israel in particular? I think so.

I found this strange story concerning Somali ex-pats living in Canada going back to their home country to fight in jihad. Hell, I see no problem encouraging Somalis going back home if they want to fight. Just don't let 'em back in when they decide to return. Any foreign-born Muslim Canadian who is found guilty in involving themselves in jihad activity abroad should have their citizenship revoked immediately and promptly deported. Do you think that's unfair or 'racist'? I know for a fact that there are many out there who would quietly support such a measure!

Now some happy news to clear out this post.

Hero #2 is slain reporter Anna Politkovskaya who continues to shed light on the nasty, brutish side of Russia. Vlad 'The Impaler' Putin comes across as a real mean and nasty piece of work.

Hero #3 is Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin who scored his 500th goal in overtime against the Calgary Flames.

Hero #4 is not a person, but a team. The Detroit Tigers have reeled off seven consecutive playoff wins against the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics. As a result of their winning ways, they are 2006 World Series-bound. Go Tigers Go!

Hero #5 is Muhammed Yunus, who proves that capitalism works.

While not a personal hero of mine, Toronto impresario Gino Empry has passed away. Gino joins Johnny Lombardi and Steve Stavro as Toronto personalities that will be missed.

These Words Shall Not Pass Away Dep't: Edward Mosberg, 80, is donating a flawless Torah to the Mount Freedom Jewish Center.

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