Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Show Evil No Mercy - Oct 31

On what is supposed to be the 'scariest' night of the year, I think it appropo to speak on the true nature of evil. Evil is not something to be laughed at or mocked or even aspired to. Some like British rockers Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden (both a guilty pleasure for me) use it to sell records or an image. But that is not the focus of my post. I think the problems that the world is facing today can be summed thusly; We refuse to confront evil, isolate it and destroy it. Evil cannot be negotiated with nor can it be appeased. Jesus was neither a pacifist or an avowed militarist (the Prophet Mo comes to mind). The Bible doesn't put forth the idea of 'peace at any price'. Real peace is not merely the absence of war, rather it is justice, holiness and righteousness all wrapped up into one. Peace is not surrender or appeasement. It is not 'just give 'em what they want' with the vain hope that the bad guys will tire and go away. Think of the run-up to WWII with the world's miquetoast response to Hitler and look at what we are doing today wrt Iran's Thug-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All the hard and bloody lessons that we've supposed to have learnt have been discarded in the space of a single human lifespan. God will never make a peace treaty with sin and evil. The question is, will you?

Faith Girl suggested that we Christians ought to be more like dog owners. I disagree. We ought to be more like Chuck Norris. I mean just look at him. After you read this 100% verifiable fact sheet you will understand why. Then read Chuck's article submitted to worldnetdaily. Otherwise Chuck Norris will kill you. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

I don't know about you, but I think the French are particularly wimpy when it comes to confronting evil. Well no more Mr. Nice Guy! The French are moving towards the idea of a new anti-riot squad to stop all those 'youths' (read Muslims) from torching any more buses. Being caught once last summer with your pants down is bad enough. Twice is unforgiveable. They are also stripping 72 Muslim employees at Charles de Gaulle airport of their security clearances. It's about time the French grew a backbone and reclaimed its true European flavor.

I've got five unrelated links for you to look at as well.

It appears that China may not be so friendly and benign after all. Well, duh! The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also discovered that a land war with China is a bad idea because it's filled with so many Chinese. Wow. Better American tax dollars and not mine I guess.

When I read this article I could not help but shake my head. Seems many an 'Islamic charity' is getting a bad rap these days. Saw this one coming a mile away. Suppose you were a Muslim and you wanted to donate to charity out of a genuine desire to help the needy. Naturally you would want to donate to a charity fund that is distinctly Islamic, but wait! Many of these charities are being watched like a hawk by the authorities because of possible links to terrorism, be it at home or abroad. Do you take a receipt, knowing that the charity will have a duplicate which can be accessed if need be by the police or even the FBI? If I were a Muslim who genuinely wanted to help the less fortunate I'd be furious at this development. Not at the local cops, but at my own people for foolishly using the term 'charity' to illegally raise funds for jihad. Dirty tricks that now have the full and undivided attention of law enforcement officials. Talk about reaping a bitter harvest!

Jacques Diouf, Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization is saying that the spectre of famine is growing. More are hungrier now than before and the numbers are only going to get higher.

New World Odor Alert as the Americans are talking about a 'global NATO' at a summit just recently in Brussels.

For DFP, another Gospel For Asia article. No slideshow, but now the Good News of Jesus Christ is being spread by radio in eleven new languages I've never heard of.

With this being Hallowe'en and all, I couldn't resist these two links about the world's most haunted places and an escapist named Dean Gunnarson who pulled off a doozy of a trick to honor Harry Houdini who coincidentally died on this day.

I tried to get a picture on this post but for some reason blogger was unable to download the picture. Sorry. Check back later to see if I've edited this post.

(Update: I have added the picture of the pumpkin carving and Chuck as of Nov. 3. Sorry for the delay but better late than never I guess)

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Nice one JC. Those languages are pretty obscure, take it the radios are of the clockwork type they use in Africa too?
Hope the Christian defence family are all good and well.