Saturday, October 14, 2006

Telling The Truth Can Be Hazardous To Your Health - Oct 14

I just remembered something. Both my name and Faith Girl's real name both contain 13 letters. So no triskaidekaphobia here at the X-Def! On a more serious note, I am noticing more and more how dangerous it is for journalists and other activists to speak up. The powers of the state are growing at an alarming rate, even in countries that are considered free. In jolly old England, General Sir Richard Dannatt is displaying his displeasure over British policy wrt troops in Basra. Post apartheid South Africa is apparently blacklisting eight journalists seen as too critical of gov't policy. In Somalia, the Islamic gov't there has all but thrown the concept of a 'free press' in the dustbin.

You may have heard of Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American woman who has come out dissenting against Islam at great personal cost. Here is her own site in English. Not to be outdone, a Canadian woman named Farzana Hassan Shahid is also being threatened by extremists who do not share her views. It's a dangerous time indeed to upset Muslim sensibilities.

All the traitors are coming out of the woodwork too. Read about the case of treason against Adam Gadahn. Another aspiring jihadi named Mohamed Shorbagi, 42 out of Rome, Georgia has been arrested for his nefarious activities. There's no shortage of help out there for those who wish to cause mayhem. Perilous times are indeed upon us.

All this news about jihad against us would be enough, but it appears that Mother Nature is beating us up pretty good too. A record snowfall occurred in the Niagara region and the wonderful city of Buffalo, NY. Up to 60 cm fell on Buffalo, causing Gov. Pataki to declare a state of emergency.

Well, you can have too much precipitation in the form of snow or you can have drought conditions that are happening in Australia. As a result, global stockpiles of wheat are being diminished and are causing the re-evaluation of food exports abroad.

Here's an article from Kevin L. Wilson, a contributor at WorldNetDaily, on the losing war the West is waging against militant Islam. A must-read!

As we close out this post with a picture gallery of this weeks happenings, I leave you with an uplifting story of the changing face of faith in India. Many are leaving their Hindu origins and becoming Christians. This article from the Beeb is saying that they are joining both Christianity and Buddhism, but I can tell you that this is a crock. No MSM outlet will ever admit that great masses of people, particulary in India, are coming to faith in Christ. Just look at the two pictures. The first picture has a male wearing a crucifix while a woman is being baptised. The second shows a man wearing a crucifix standing beside a pastor. So they throw this red herring of 'converts to Buddhism' as if to show that these are all happening in equal numbers. Let me assure that there is no comparison. Those converts leaving Hinduism to join the ranks of Christianity far and away outstrip those Indian Hindus converting to other religions. Trust me on this. The Beeb is full of it!

Mr. Johnny Cash

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dizzyfatplonka said...

JC dear friend, what I believe you will find with converts in India, of the hindu faith is that they will most cetainly become christian, yet still retain aspects of their hindu faith, the deeper you delve into hinduism, as far as the Upanishads and Vedas go, the more you realise the spiritualy rich significance of their beliefs.
The river Ganges has long had a deep significance, for hindus to go and submerge themselves into its waters, this aspect of their faith easily blends with christian concepts of John the baptist, when the Roman church witheld texts as apochraphy this word at the time meant hidden secrets in Greek, what they did was kept the deeper hidden knowledge of our beliefs from us, we are after all talking about an Empire that had persecuted christians for a few centuries by that time. Later the witch hunts was an attempt at finishing off any remainig pockets of people that retained the more ancient knowledge.
If we reapply banned or hidden texts, you will see that our christian beliefs have a deeply shamanic flavour and share a great deal in common with the hindu faith.
So just as european christians are able to retain celtic and viking heritage, whilst still being christian, the same will happen with the converts from hinduism, for example the Sikh faith is one of hindu roots that have embraced Muhammed as one of their idles. With time the christian converts will affectively turn their new found beliefs in christ into a mix of hindu and christianity faith, in which christ will become the latest of their dieties.
When the west starts listening too shamanic beliefs of say the American Indians and hindus of India, only then will we begin understanding the deeper hidden knowledge of the christianity we lost.