Monday, October 23, 2006

How Not To Win A War - Oct 23

Yep, that's how you do it. You keep talking til the cows come home. Or the roosters come home to roost. Take your pick. Nero (meaning Bush, Chirac, and Uncle Kofi) fiddles while Europe burns from jihad. French police can't go into certain Parisian suburbs without being attacked. And do you remember what I said about the French having a sordid history of anti-Semitism? This is not good. Believe me, I love nothing more than to stick it to the French whenever and wherever possible. However, there are limits. I do not wish for France to become Islamicized. I don't want to hate the French, I just want to mock them from a safe distance. Is that too much for an English supporter to ask?

Here's another story of what I mean. In Copenhagen's Kastrup airport, a burka-clad female reporter wasn't required to drop her veil to reveal her face. When she got to Stansted, England, she was required to reveal her full face on both the incoming and outgoing flights. Why is this such a difficult concept? They frisk a business man in a suit and tie and a Latina mom of four, but they turn a blind eye to the blazingly obvious. Are we that terrified of asserting ourselves?

The geniuses at the Department of National Defence are getting desperate. Sailors and airmen were being considered for front-line infantry roles and possibly extending the rotation from six to nine months. Naturally Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has pooh-poohed such stories but I detect a slight sense of panic in our upper echelons of military and civilian decision-making.

Ahh, sweet justice! Jeffrey Skilling has just received a whopping sentence of 24 years for his part in the Enron bankruptcy case. This guy screwed so many people of their 401k's and mutual funds that it isn't even funny. I'm glad American courts are taking white-collar crime seriously. Why should an exec who steals millions get a lesser sentence than some small-time thug who robs a convenience store for a $100? Doesn't make sense.

In Israel, Ehud Olmert is talking openly about re-invading Gaza. You know, that strip of land that was supposed to represent a new page in Palestinian governance? Yup, that's the one. Anyways, it probably won't matter to many young Palestinian males who are seeking a way out any which way they can. What a disaster. I hope Olmert does not seriously consider any more withdrawals from their God-given land.

I've got two picture galleries from the CBC, the first is the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising and the second is on the World Series between the Cardinals and the Tigers (tied 1-1 as of post time).

Lets Go Tigers, Let's Go!

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