Thursday, October 19, 2006

Raising the Ante - Oct 19

When I read the news, there is a current of thought that I see every single day. That is that bit by bit, the stakes are being raised higher like some no-limit Texas hold 'em poker game. Take North Korea for instance. Now the Japanese are openly talking about becoming a nuclear state and abandoning its pacifist constitution. It won't stop there either. There is only one conclusion that I can reach. We are nearing the end of history as we know it. What I mean by that is that this age that we are so accustomed to is coming to its inevitable conclusion.

Consider the Earth we live on. We pollute it like there's no tomorrow. While some advancement is being made by our politicians, drought conditions (especially in Australia) are on the rise. The entire Earth is literally heaving. I think it wants us humans to get lost!

Also take into account that every day we are hearing more about wars and rumours of wars as prophesied in the Olivet Discourse. Al-Qaida sees it fit to openly threaten Britain. Increasingly, Israel is being put under more and more pressure, from within and without to concede to its enemies. These threats of war are not in my humble estimation going to go away anytime soon. Of course, the security measures being undertaken only serve to accelerate our way to a global prison camp. Attempts to secure supply chains are obvious. Border crossings, particularly between Canada and the U.S., are also being watched like a hawk. I don't know about you, but I fundamentally distrust all these latest efforts by our gov'ts to secure my freedom.

Two more links and a heart warmer to finish off.

I dunno, but I thought this was interesting. Here's a picture gallery from al-CBCeera on the month of Ramadan.

The comic books are coming truer to life every day. How does a real-life invisibility cloak sound to you?

What then do we do with all this bad news? It's simple. Trust in the Lord, no matter what. Sure it sounds corny. But before you go of on a rant, read this faith-affirming story of a Jew named Jacobo Sherem who chose to observe the Sabbath whilst doing business in Mexico. God is still in the miracle making business my friend. Don't forget it! Man, I am such a sucker for these kinds or stories. I'm getting soft in my old age I tell you.

I have just recently switched over to Internet Explorer 7 and I'm liking what I see. Give it a try. You might be surprised!

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