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2007: A Year For Trouble - Jan 1

Below is the mess left over from last night's celebrations at Times Square in NYC. Talk about littering!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you survived the holiday season. I don't know why they call it a 'holiday season' as it feels more like a battle of attrition than a holiday. These past ten days off was something I was looking forward too for sure. As Man's light becomes dimmer, the Light of the World will be that much brighter. We here in the West seem to be in a daze, a permanent state of denial over Islam's growing power. Please note that Islam does not promise forgiveness or even a direct pathway to God. It promises unlimited earthly power, a deal with the devil if you will in exchange for an eternal soul. I think it will also be a tough year for the truth-tellers and whistleblowers amongst us who dare to challenge the secular-progressive view of reality. So right, so pure, so just and so convinced of their own infallibility that the s-p's run roughshod over Judeo-Christian traditions, neatly paving the way for Islamic global despotism. Here's a paragraph from Hugh Fitzgerald of JihadWatch that encapsulates my feeling perfectly:

The re-primitivization of the world proceeds, proceeds because the advanced peoples do not appreciate their own achieved advancement. The uncivilized are inheriting that civilization, because the civilized themselves are insufficiently grateful their own legacy, and indifferent or ignorant of the conditions that were necessary for its achievement over time. And the uncivilized, seizing control of that very civilization they had so little a hand in creating, will determinedly undo it. They already are.

Read it all here.

Hey, did you know that Canadians could be living on the moon by 2024? I say why bother? Living in Quebec, a mere six-hour drive away, has the same effect! Actually, this may not be a bad idea. I nominate Gilles Duceppe and Stephane Dion (you can take Jack Layton too) to be our first moon residents. That would truly be a proud moment for the Quebecois 'nation', non?

From the PMO comes a New Year message from PM Stephen Harper. Look at the family portrait. Man, talk about Beauty and the Beast! How Mr. Helmet Hair and Laureen ever had sex with one another on at least two separate occasions is a mystery to me. In a more mature vein, I think it is certain that Canadians will take the long and winding road to the polls (heads bowed, shoulders hunched along with that 'thousand-mile stare' that you so often hear about) in 2007. Ezra Levant kindly gives us the run-down and his not-so-flattering opinion of the new Liberal leader.

This just in! Saddam Hussein had a messed-up childhood! Wow, I did not see that one coming at all! May you never rest in peace Saddam for all the carnage and bloodshed that you caused.

Here's a wish for the nation of Israel: That its gov't strike fear into the hearts of the enemy rather than its own people. There are worse things to wish for in 2007 I suppose.

Congrats to Romania and Bulgaria for what it's worth for their ascension to the EU. Let us pray for the sake of Europe that the same honor is never extended to a so-called 'secularist' Turkey.

Let's continue to keep the welfare of American troops in our thoughts and prayers as well, regardless of your political beliefs. The 3,000 fatality mark was passed just recently, victim of an IED.

Springtime for Hitler Dep't: The Mahdi is coming! The Mahdi is coming! Just remember, you heard it here first!

Dammit, Janet, it's the religion, stupid! Here is the fearless Janet Albrechtsen from The Australian on 'Girl Power' in Islam. While I admire what Janet is doing and saying, there will be no such renaissance within the Arab world so long as Islam remains the dominant socio-political-religious worldview. Ever. There is no reforming Islam without destroying it, its very brittleness and rigidity is what dooms it. It was that way with Marxism-Leninism as it was with German National Socialism in Hitler's day. Once the 'true believers' see it for the sham that it truly is, the cascade to leave it will be permanent and irreversible. I see signs of this happening already. Let us pray that Islam's end will come soon with as little bloodshed as possible.

The Post That Will Not End Dep't: Sorry 'bout this. I've included three new links in the sidebar. Under 'I Love Israel' is a link if you want to learn Hebrew. In 'Know Thine Enemy', you can click on the 'Prophet of Doom' by Craig Winn. Hard-hitting stuff but well-researched. A must for those who want to uncover the truth about the RoP. I'd also like you to say hello to Gareth at 'BNP and Me' (BNP = British National Party). As Gareth was so kind to link to my blog, I've reciprocated and done likewise. About right here I would like to add a disclaimer here: The X-Def will not be held responsible if any article on any website that is listed here annoys, vexes, disturbs or is generally off-topic. If you genuinely believe that any link that I give is wholly inappropiate to this blog, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. As I have enabled comment moderation you can be sure that I will personally see any comment you leave behind. So there.

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