Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colts and Da Bears in SB XLI - Jan 21

Congratulations to both the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts for winning at home to secure a berth for one of the biggest sports event of the year. This Super Bowl will mark the first time that two black coaches (Lovie Smith of the Bears and Tony Dungy of the Colts) will face each other for the prize. Truth be told, I'm quite surprised this hasn't happened sooner. May there be many more black coaches in the NFL who will shepherd their teams to the championship.

Went a little nuts with the pictures in this post. When I saw this picture I started laughing. Look at the South Korean fat kid on the right enjoying his army rations. That fat kid reminds me of what I was like when I joined the CF in '92. Like a fish out of water I tell ya. Here's the story to go with it.

Beneath the white sheet is one very dead Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist shot in Turkey. It is interesting to note that only the Telegraph out of the U.K. reported that the assassin is alleged to have said "I shot the infidel!". Shame on all those other media outlets who failed to report this for fear of Islamic intimidation or litigation. Here's a Beeb picture gallery as well.

Winning A War The Canadian Way Dep't: Well you don't try to be nice to them and you don't try to hug them either. Waging psychological warfare (or psy-ops if you want to use cool military jargon) is being used against the leaders and foot soldiers of the Taleban in southern Afghanistan. Here are Canadians in a LZ sucking in dust as they prepare to deploy. Go get 'em boys!

Leave No Man Behind: A daring raid by 45 Commando Royal Marines to recover to body of a lost comrade fills me with vigor and hope. Strapping yourself to an Apache helicopter to do the trick must have been one hell of an experience for the raiding party. The noise and dust would've been unreal.

As we close out this post, we contemplate how we can topple the Iranian mad mullahs without risking nuclear war, how declining global oil stocks are actually a blessing, and how the heck does Kofi Annan still have a job spouting anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda?

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Faith Girl said...

I love the pic of the fat kid pigging out on the army food...I guess there's no accounting for taste! It reminds me of my brother at that age. It's nice to know that it's not just 'western kids' that suffer from being overweight!