Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UN to Jews: Please Lie Down And Die - Jan 2

Here is former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Kotler talking about what the international community can do to stop Iran's Thug-In-Chief. Runs 5:45.

We all know that the so-called international community will do nothing. There seems to be no rational reason why we are not tackling this problem head on. World War II and Hitler? Never happened. All facts, all logic, all of human history are being treated as purely subjective. There is no material reason why institutions such as the UN are not taking action against Iranian aggression and its anti-semitic calls for genocide. The only reason I can possible come up with is a supernatural one, simply because I've eliminated all other possible scenarios. Satan is hard at work deceiving the nations to do his bidding and God is permitting it to show us how incredibly foolish we really are. I really believe that this year we will see something utterly fantastic as God displays his power to an unbelieving world.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss Dep't: UN Grand Poobah Ban Ki-Moon continues the fine tradition of incompetence of his predecessor in suggesting that if the Israeli-Palestinian problem was solved then everything else such as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria would follow. Yup, the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq will drop all their weapons and embrace one another as brothers just as soon as the question of a sovereign 'Palestine' is resolved. Gosh, if only the Jews could just politely lie down and die without complaining then peace on Earth and goodwill towards Men would surely follow throughout the Middle East. Utter madness I tell you.

CSIS has just made a stunner of a statement saying that a so-called dirty bomb being exploded hereabouts would impact negatively on the economy. Wow. That's our fearless spy agency in action folks! South of the border it was discovered that only 6 of 75 major urban areas are truly ready for a major emergency. Gov't bureacrats also discovered that six cities being ready for an emergency represents an improvement over zero cities being ready for an emergency. Do I laugh or do I cry here?

Alas, there is hope my friend! Somali Islamists have been routed from their last redoubt in Kismayo, Somalia. The Kenyans aren't messing around either as they guard their northern flank to prevent the jihadis coming across the border. Plus I got a cool story out of jolly old England as authorities there deal with Umran Javed, a hate antagonist and overall scumbag. May God save the Queen!

Johnny Cash


Leann said...

Hi Johnny.I liked your name sake too.I was happy to meet June cash carter once years ago.her and Johnny and Roy Rogers and Dale evens also were valued by me I could see Jesus in them.this is a hard time we live in.Jesus told us it would be a time like no other.and He is right.but we are the generation He was talking about.we are soooo close to His calling us out.some say its not so but He said "the generation that sees Isreal become a nation will see His return."well it happened 1948 one year before I was born.so you be the judge.I believe I will be alive to be rapured out of here.some would say Im nuts but I have prayed about it and feel its only a short time.things cant go on much more the way they are.I for one want to get out of here.its too weird for me.but I know He is giving everyone who will to come in.I pray for those to come in soon.sorry to hear about your cat.losing a pet is so hard.they get in your heart like furry little angels and its hard when they leave.my mom went home this nov 25th and it was hard.but we know we will see her again.she belonged to Jesus and so it helped us.God bless you Johnny keep up the good work.pray for Gods will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Anonymous said...
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