Sunday, January 07, 2007

Canada 4, Russia 2 - Jan 7

I'm a little late in posting this result as the Canadian juniors won their gold medal game last Friday. Bryan Little of the Barrie Colts scored a goal in the big game to help the team. Way to go boys, we're so proud of you!

I've always believed that crime never pays. I also thank God for dumb criminals. If every liar and thief were masters at what they do we'd be in some serious trouble. However if you do choose to become one of the bad guys allow me to give you four examples of what not to do:

Never, ever try to dismantle a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) with a sledgehammer.

While stealing copper wire, make sure that there isn't 13,000 volts running through it.

If you steal a snake from a pet store, don't go back to the same pet store and ask for books on how to care for said stolen snake.

Allahu Akbar Dep't: If Muslim, kindly leave your bombs at home before heading to mosque to pray.

Utter nuttiness I tell ya. In a more serious vein, I do think that deviant criminal behaviour and overall general cruelty is on the upswing. A lot of the delusion going around today seems to have a touch of the black supernatural to it. The persecution of Christians, both in China and in Iran is on the rise. The so-called free press is under a liberal lock-down. It's tough to speak out for God and to stand up for Biblical principles in today's world. I don't believe that this is all unrelated either. I think this shows that the end of the church age is probably much closer than it appears.
Hooray for such Canadian heroes as Colonel Fred Lewis! Col. Lewis is the deputy commander of the task force that's in southern Afghanistan. According to him, the Taliban is using the drug trade to facilitate jihad and are strong-arming local farmers to plant poppies for opium production. I wish every lefty would understand this. We are dealing with thugs, criminals, pimps, extortionists, drug dealers and money launderers of the worst sort here. Someone who is truly fighting for freedom has honor, decency and a respect for life, an ethos that is hard-wired solely to Judeo-Christianity. Hey, even the French are waking up to the threat of global jihad! If we leave now then Afghanistan will revert to it's past days of lawlessness and gangsterism where terrorists can walk about without fear of reprisal. We cannot allow ourselves to say that because al-Qaida is not in my backyard it is therefore not my problem. Such short-sightedness will destroy us all.

Another thing that Canadian society has become rather permissive in it's non-Biblical outlook is how we now approach the sanctity of the family unit. Once we divorce ourselves from the idea that marriage ought to remain the union of one man and one woman then anything goes. Canadians en masse have fallen in love with the idea of gay marriage, a clear abandoning of Christian principles. Of course, once you change the definition of one man, one woman to two men or two women, what's to stop it to three or more? In a landmark case in Ontario, a lesbian's 'life partner' is now legally considered a boy's second mother. That's right, this poor kid now has three legal parents. Hell, why stop there? Make it four, five, six or even seven parents if you truly believe in 'tolerance'. The definition of marriage and family come from God's authority, not from Man's majority! How foolish we are in accepting the radical homosexual agenda without any kind of free and skeptical inquiry. We are paving the way to our own destruction and few seem to notice or care.

It's been a couple of days since I last posted, hasn't it? Please understand that it takes up at least three to four hours of my time to get off a single post. Like most blogs, the X-Def is for all intents and purposes a one-man operation. Hence the reason why I don't post more often then I really want to. So if you are a regular reader of this blog please exercise patience.

Thanks for all your understanding,
Johnny Cash


Cottshop said...

Hey Johnny- some organization just listed Iraq s THE second most despicable nation for persecuting Christians- I ran across th info yesterday- I think it was on If I remember right- might have been though. Just wanted to mention this as you spoke of rising persecution in china and Iran too.

Cottshop said...

woops I was wrong on both accounts lol- here's the link