Sunday, January 14, 2007

Upping the Ante in Iran - Jan 14

Below is the Natanz facility in Iran. With the unexpected 'surge' of American troops ordered by Bush the Iranians are getting a little bit nervous. While we here in the West have a gloomy outlook, the Iranians regard the Americans as resourceful and unpredictable. Which of course is a good thing.

I've been dying to get this link posted. It turns out that Iraq is the second-worst persecutor of Christians behind North Korea. With thanks to CottShop of Sacred Scoop.

With the fall of the Islamic movement in Somalia, the Americans are now putting made-in-Africa jihad under the microscope. Certainly the rise of al-Qaida in Africa's horn has not gone unnoticed.

We're Not Gonna Be a Dhimmi Anymore!

The more Islam pushes, the more the rest of the non-Islamic world pushes back. All of which leads me to believe that this constant raising of the ante as it were has got to give sometime. From an Islamic preacher's message of hate in Britain to the cancelling of an Islamic conference in Sydney, Australia, people's eyes are beginning to open up. In other words, every Islamic victory rings hollow. People in positions of power and influence are taking notes and storing information on Islam's growing political power. Only time will tell if this is going to be a case of too little, too late.

Another person who is pushing back is famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Mr. Dershowitz gives us the low-down on ugly instances of anti-semitism in Poland as church officials find themselves embroiled in scandal.

Don't look now but the American presidential elections are less than two years away. Which begs the question, what are Barack Obama's Islamic connections?

In India, we go from high-tech to low-tech in one fell swoop. The Indians are beginning to assert themselves as they try to get a space program going. I think Mahatma Ghandi would've been more at home with bicycle-bourne missionaries spreading God's word to India's rural regions. Just a guess, mind you!

Just a couple of things before I sign off. You may notice that some links expire, some sooner than others. Hence the reason why I choose my links carefully. Even so, some links don't work even after due diligence. As I have no intention of changing any and all links that cease to be you'll just have to exercise a little bit of patience with me. I also have some good news as you can now contact me directly via an e-mail address that I've set up recently. Any correspondence received will remain private unless I think you're a complete moron and deserve a public mocking. I have talked to Faith Girl and I'm hoping to get her new address so you can reach her as well. After all, there are some things that you can ask a woman that you simply can't ask a guy.

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