Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fascism By Any Other Name - Part Two - Islam - Oct 11

This is a sign leading to Mecca, Islam's most revered site. Actually, I think this sign should read 'The Broad Path To Destruction' on the left while 'The Narrow Gate Which Leads To Life' on the right. But that's just my opinion.

This is part two of the previous post. I felt (correctly) that trying to get all the links in one post would be horribly unwieldy. Think of it as your favorite double album, X-Def style.

Sorry, but Dubya has got to go. Here's what's got me in a tizzy: According to America's Commander-in-Chief, Muslims and Christians all pray to the same God. Yep, George said so so it must be true. Is W incompetent? Bush is much more cunning than that. Is he stupid? I tend to believe he's playing this 'Good Ol' Boy From Texas' role to the hilt. No, I think he's afraid of the Muslim backlash and is mindlessly pandering to the multi-culti hordes. Rather than be a man about it and make his misgivings of Islam as a 'Religion of Peace' be known, Bush has decided it far more politically expedient to turn his back on America's Christian heritage and coddle terrorists instead. In the end we all suffer for such dhimmitude.

Islam is bad for gays and lesbians. This is obvious for anyone that bothers to do the research. Why then is the gung-ho Hollywood pink mafia so silent? Because the persecution of gays in the ME do not fit into their anti-American, anti-Christian crusade, that's why. To admit the obvious, that gays and lesbians enjoy a far greater range of freedoms and rights in a post-Christian America than anywhere else is anathema to these ideologues. The church won't give the rubber stamp approval that the pink mafiosos so desperately crave, the church must be punished. This is stupid, short-term thinking. If gays think it's tough now, they haven't seen anything yet. An Islamic caliphate will go on a bloody rampage, killing every gay, lesbian and trans-gender they can get their hands on. I don't want to see this. The greatest love you can show a gay person is to tell them about Jesus. They may not like it or give you the courtesy of hearing you out, but they need to hear the Gospel and the forgiveness that only Jesus can bring.

There is no other country on Earth that feels the sting of Islam daily more than Israel. In Gaza, a 31 year-old Christian named Rami Ayyad was murdered. His offence? He was the only Christian book store owner in town. Arabs displaying their love for Israel (yes, some do exist) are also stigmatized by their 'brethren'.

I'm cutting this post short. I'll expand on it later. Sorry for the shoddy work.

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Anonymous said...

Every prophet since Adam (pbuh) is a Muslim, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus (pbu-them).

Even you were born a Muslim but your idiotic parents brainwashed you with lies.

FYI - Jesus (pbuh) referred to God as Allah. Jesus (pbuh) was NOT God.