Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome Home Benazir! - Oct 23

You judge a society by the way it treats its women. No wonder Pakistan's generals are in a state of fear and loathing about the return of Benazir Bhutto. From the David Horowitz Freedom Centre comes a YouTube video about the dehumanization women endure under that 'Religion of Peace'. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Runs 9:03.

In Pakistan they call this the 'welcoming party'. Given the multi-cultural madness gripping us, who are we to criticize? Seriously though, it takes a cruel heartless bastard to explode two bombs in the midst of a big crowd. The first victims in the frontlines of jihad are almost always Muslims, a point I've made countless times before. From the BBC comes a cool picture of Karachi and the harrowing testimonies of the carnage that took place.

A picture is worth a thousand words. When I say 'multi-culti' madness I mean it. Witness the search of this poor nun in Detroit.

Concede and Bleed Dep't: Throw the Jews under the bus! If it's for the greater good then why not? That seems to be the approach Condi and Bush are taking wrt the ME 'peace process'.

God is still hard at work changing hearts and minds. A Palestinian diplomat named Khaled Ghazal recently visited Poland's Auschwitz-Birkenau with his Israeli counter-part. If this kind of thinking caught on we might actually have a chance for peace in the ME.

Another GFA story about the notorious Sumitr who came to faith in Christ. God is still in the reclamation business, saving hell-bound souls through His undeserved grace.

I leave you with a warning: Islamic leaders mean what they say and say what they mean when it comes to Islam's true intentions. You just have to look past the political correctness and the wilfull blindness of the MSM in order to find it.

A Quickie X-Def Update: I've added two links to my sidebar. In 'I Love Israel' you'll find the link for 'Strong Israel'. Please sign the petition and add your name to the list of people that support the Jewish claim to the Holy Land. I've also added 'Illustrated P.I.G' (Politically Incorrect Guide) and 'Political Mavens' to my Scallywags list. Do pay these sites a visit as they are well researched and presented.

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