Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Cassandra Curse - Aug. 31

So just what exactly is the Cassandra Curse anyways you may ask? It is someone who has the uncanny ability to judge things correctly but sadly no-one listens to them. I mean, its not like I didn't know that telling the truth can get you in a spot of trouble. Say that war is coming gets you branded as a 'warmonger'. Say that radical Islam and anti-semitism is a genuine threat to human freedom and you get called a 'scaremonger'. Man, you just cannot win! Still, I'd rather be vilified today and vindicated tomorrow then vice versa.

I don't really have a theme here so do bear with me.

If you're an American, which country is causing you the most grief? Is it Iran or Mexico? The Iranians have once more snubbed any international effort to comply with its nuclear agenda while untramelled immigration into the U.S. gives all concerned a headache. The winner is an easy choice: Mexico. Mexico is next door while Iran is on another continent.

Hurricane Watch: While Ernesto turned out to be a bit of a dud, John is turning into a stud. Ernesto is not quite done yet, soaking the Carolinas and us Canadians on the Labor Day weekend while John threatens Mexico on its Pacific Coast.

From the sublime to the blazingly obvious, wouldn't you know it, most Bible believing Christians who take that whole 'God gave the land of Israel to the Jews' thing seriously are Israel's biggest supporters.

I found this tidbit interesting as certain parts of Russia are now making studies of Orthodox Christianity mandatory in its classrooms.

Also on the education front, found a good link from K-House on the Theory of Evolution. It really is one of my better links in this post. A must-read.

What does it take for someone to be considered a traitor to one's country these days? The Radical Left is at it again, getting played like a fiddle by the West's enemies. Criticize Bush's policies all you want, but organizing America's surrender to Islam in Iraq IS being a out and out traitor as far as I'm concerned.

Dr. Ghazi Hamad, PA gov't spokesman, is making some very tough observations about the chaos that is engulfing the Gaza Strip. Dr. Hamad is a Muslim who is very much devoted to the Palestinian cause. However, he makes some very strong statements that some invariably will not like. Think of this as the 'thin edge of the wedge' if you will.

Oh Ralphie (Klein), what will Canadian politics be without you? Probably an annoying shade of beige I'm guessing.

I'm making my big move tomorrow and Saturday. I will probably be up and running at my new place with my new computer and continue blogging on the X-Def. Stay tuned!

Mr. Johnny Cash

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Orleans and Katrina - One Year Later - Aug 29

Before we get started on that whole 'Katrina' thingy, I want to start us off right with some scripture, in particular from Matthew 24:38,39:

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

You see friends, this world is not ready for God's terrible judgments. In the above, just substitute 'Noe entered into the ark' with 'Hurricane Katrina came' and you'll see what I mean:

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Hurricane Katrina came, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

No, I don't think God Himself actually singled out New Orleans in particular, the truth is that any old city nowadays represents a modern 'Sodom and Gomorrah'. New Orleans was not ready when Katrina came. Will you be ready when the Son of Man comes?

Right then! Here is the 'On This Day' link from the BBC on Katrina.

President Bush was in the Gulf Coast (Biloxi, Miss.) yesterday giving speeches. While progress has been made, there is still a lot of work to do. Truth is, New Orleans will never be quite the same ever again.

From the CBC comes two picture galleries, the first one is sort of generic and the second concentrates on the hard-hit 9th Ward.

I have some other non-Katrina stuff that I think you'll enjoy reading as well:

Did you know that the 'toonie' is now TEN YEARS OLD! Man, this story makes me feel old.

Ernesto simply cannot make its mind up whether it wants to be a hurricane or not. They should have given this storm a feminine name instead (Eugenie? Eunice? Earlene?). Anyways, it's pouring buckets on Florida right now and is due to make an appearance in Southern Ontario right smack dab in the middle of the Labor Day weekend. I also found that there was some unprecedented co-operation between Cuban and American meteorologists over this storm. Signs of better things to come between the two countries? Maybe, but don't bet on it just yet.

Oh Angela, how do I love thee? The German Chancellor is pushing for some Christian context in the moribund EU constitution. I didn't know she was a PK (Pastor's kid). I guess it remains to be seen if Europe can regain and remember it's glorious Christian past and push back the dhimmification process that is occuring today.

In case you were wondering, the Russians are chin deep in inculcating Islam's hatred for the West, Israel and America in particular.

New World Odor Alert: How does a North American super-highway going from Canada through the U.S. to Mexico sound? It's not as far-fetched as you think.

Here's a funny video (runs 11:41) of Ricky Gervais riffing on the first three chapters of Genesis. Some profanity is included but hell, I laughed in spite of myself. Not for the easily offended though.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Shocker! Hezbollah is Rearming! - Aug 29

From stratfor comes along a scenario just as I said it would happen, namely that Hezbollah is using the premature cease-fire with Israel to rearm, reload and refresh. Not to worry, I'm sure the UN will take care of it - NOT! Yep, we've deferred a smaller war now for a much bigger one down the road. I guarantee it.

Lebanon: Hezbollah Rearms
Aug 29, 2006


New indications suggest Hezbollah is receiving shipments of small arms and anti-tank munitions from Syria.


Sources in Lebanon indicate Syrian arms shipments are passing into Lebanon. Mules, rather than vehicles, are moving small arms, ammunition and some anti-tank munitions over the Anti-Lebanon Mountains along the Lebanese-Syrian border, across the Bekaa Valley and up into the western mountains, particularly through the Greek Orthodox mountain village of Bteggrine. From here, with the assistance of the Syrian Social Nationalist party, the shipments can reach Hezbollah in the southern suburbs of Beirut, where they can be dispersed south.

Hezbollah does not, however, appear to be moving these arms south of the Litani River, where the bulk of fighting took place during the recent conflict with Israel. Many more arms are probably being stockpiled inside the Bekaa, Hezbollah's main stronghold.

Significantly, no signs indicate shipments of artillery rockets are occurring. The larger Fajr series, which Hezbollah has called the Khaiber-1 and were used to strike Haifa, are difficult to transport without motor vehicles in meaningful numbers. This signals Israel is effectively interdicting large shipments of weapons into Lebanon. Israel is watching supply lines from Syria very closely, and Lebanese citizens have become accustomed to the drone of Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles conducting surveillance.

While these small arms would certainly be useful in a guerrilla war inside of Lebanon, Hezbollah has other options. Some Hezbollah elements are particularly concerned about a renewed Israeli offensive, especially after the virtually inevitable fall of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. But Hezbollah is in a remarkably good position as reconstruction money pours in and the militant group basically rebuilds all of southern Lebanon, thus becoming the de facto landlord with a new source of substantial income: rent. To this end, Hezbollah is going out of its way both to avoid provoking Israel and to rebuild its domestic support structure, while at the same time preparing for the next confrontation.

Meanwhile, Syria has kept its border with Lebanon wide open, and has virulently refused to allow U.N. peacekeeping troops to deploy along the Lebanese-Syrian border. In addition to allowing Hezbollah to maintain supply routes past Lebanese soldiers patrolling the border, Syria has preserved its main pressure tactic against Lebanon. Whenever Lebanese politics show signs of diverging from Syrian interests, Syrian customs officers severely restrict the flow of goods over the Lebanese-Syrian border as a stern reminder to its neighbor that as the country's chief fuel supplier Syria controls Lebanon's power switch.

The Lebanese army has, however, deployed its Eighth Brigade along its border with Syria. The Eighth Brigade is entirely Christian and fought against Syria in 1989, making for a strong historical animosity. The Lebanese army could not send a stronger message opposing the rearming of Hezbollah. Thus, we will be watching to see whether the Eighth Brigade can effectively interdict these pack animal shipments or whether they continue to slip through.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Reply to a Comment - Aug 27

Well, I must be doing something right to raise hackles. Some horribly misinformed dupe, who didn't even bother with giving me a name has just left a comment on my previous post (leaving a comment anonymously is pretty lazy if you ask me). Here it is:

Islamists accept all religion. There is no such rule that you mention. Not all muslims are terrorists. Its people like you that make people think so.

No doubt this idiot took one look at the title of my post and decided I needed to be reprimanded. Well whoop-de-doo. Alright mate, let me ask you a few questions to test your integrity (or lack thereof). Did you bother to even click on any one of the links I provided in my post? Did you bother to do any kind of research before you posted? Do you know who Robert Spencer, Oriana Fallaci,Hugh Fitzgerald, Ibn Warraq or Ali Sina are? Have ever you read, in whole or in part, the Bible or the Koran to compare the two texts? No? Of course not. Reading is for losers and you've proven it. Good God, why bother trying when you don't have to! What does Sura 9:5 say? What's that, you don't know what a sura, hadith or sunna is? Can you identity the terms da'wa, taqiyya, kitman, jahiliyya, najis, haram, halal, caliph, (the English acronym) pbuh and the proper meaning of jihad for me? Can you identify the two main sects of Islam and the difference between al-Qaida and Hezbollah? While you're at it, give me the English translation of the two groups. What is Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam and where do you fit in? Give me the names of the Israeli Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Chief of Staff and Foreign Minister if you can. Have I ever said that all Muslims are terrorists? No, I have not. What I've been saying is that Islam is an ideology of war dressed up as a (false) religion. Listen to Neal Boortz here. There are plenty like me who feel the same way as Mr. Boortz does and our numbers are growing. Dammit you're ignorant. Now go away before I mock you some more! You've been warned!

The Man in Black

Taqiyya, the First Rule of Islam - Aug 27

Actually, Islam has many rules its adherents must follow. For those of us who do not practice Islam however, there is one rule above all one must abide by when dealing with the ME and Muslims. That rule is this, that if a Muslim can lie to gain the advantage over non-believers (that's you and me) then they are openly encouraged to do so. I know that sounds unduly harsh, but I am not exaggerating nor am I hate-mongering when I say this. It is the plain old-fashioned truth, a concept we've long forgotten here in the West.

Well, there is some good news as those two Fox reporters have been freed from captivity. What should carefully be noted is the fact that these reporters were forced to convert to Islam. Any such talk about there being no compulsion in Islam is sheer nonsense.

Here's another example in a very long list of examples of lying in Islam. Sheik Hassan Hasrallah, who is still hiding in fear of his life btw, now has the sheer audacity to tell us that he really had no idea that the Israeli gov't would respond so strongly to those kidnappings of two Israeli soldiers. He knew damn well the Israelis would respond forcefully and so did the Iranians and the Syrians. They wanted, needed and desired a war with Israel and they got their wish.

If you still think that a mosque is just another 'house of worship', think again. First, read this account of American troops who had to learn the hard way of enemy fire coming at them from a mosque in Iraq. If it's a fortress, then it ought to be treated as a fortress, meaning it's a legitimate military target. Then read this from Hugh Fitzgerald on his opinion of mosques masquerading as a 'house of worship'.

The English are starting to catch on too. Many in the U.K. now have a very low opinion of Islam. A full 16% (that high?) of those polled still believe in the 'peaceful' vision of Islam. A so-called Islamic charity called 'Crescent Relief' has had its assets frozen recently after finding out it was directly funding jihad against the West.

I have three more links on some international news:

There's been a terrible tragedy in Kentucky as 49 people have died in a plane crash. Only one survivor(!) was pulled from the wreckage and is in serious condition.

Tropical Storm Ernesto has now been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane. Almost to the day of Katrina hitting New Orleans, Ernesto threatens the cities of the Gulf of Mexico.

Restating the blazingly obvious and prophetically relevant, the EU is becoming more and more Israel's guaranteeor of 'peace and security'. Wow. Surely the AntiChrist is here today alive and well, waiting in the wings to assume his destiny.

Before I sign off, please take a look at the sidebar to your right. I have made a few additions and I have edited some of the titles. At the bottom of the sidebar is one of my favorite verses from the Bible (Romans 10:17). I've also reduced the number of current posts visible from five down to three, hopefully making it a wee bit more readable. Sometimes less is more as the saying goes.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Miscellany and Other Stuff - Aug 26

I've got news from all over the place, none of it big but I decided I wanted to do a proper post today.

In the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Ernesto is threatening Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Two items regarding America: Did you know there are 13 separate plagues (small ones obviously) happening across the U.S.? Neither did I. Also, American patriot Bill O'Reilly on why there ought to be a change of direction wrt tactics in Iraq.

In international news, the Iranians are forging ahead with a heavy water plant for their nuclear program. And just as God's Word predicted, the Europeans are becoming more and more involved in the Middle East, especially as it concerns Israel.

Congrats to Elizabeth May, who is now the leader of the Green Party of Canada. I think if you're a Canadian voter who is fed up with the mainstream parties, the Greens are a viable option. Here are a few reasons why I think you should consider voting Green:
1) They are a legitimate federal party, and do have popular support albeit in single digits.
2) I'm sick and tired of all these old men who huff and wheeze. The Greens are filled with young people. Yes, I know they are a little wet behind the ears and that youth is often wasted on the young, but what's wrong with giving at least some of them a chance?
3) The environmental movement has come a long way from its early days. Being referred to as a 'Green' 20 to 30 years ago was akin to being a member of the Raving Loony Party. No more. The mainstream parties have stolen more than a few of the Greens ideas and have tried to pass them off as their own. It's a backhanded compliment, but hey, something is better than nothing I guess.

Did you know that KISS rocker Gene Simmons birth name was Haim Witz? Or that he was born in Haifa, Israel? That his mother was a survivor of the Holocaust? Gene is also fluent in Hebrew as well. Read this Ha'aretz article as Gene pours his heart out for a badly injured IDF soldier.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Friday, August 25, 2006

Germany Dodges A Bullet - Aug 25

I've added to my links. Imagine some dopey Christian blogger who didn't have a link to God's word! What a twit! Anyhoo, that oversight has now been corrected. You'll also notice that I've created a new sidebar title called "Know Thine Enemy". There are four links, one for the Quran, the al-Qaida manual, the Hamas Charter and Palestinian Media Watch. Please check these out, they are chock-a-block with good information. Believe it or not, I have NO links to share with you today. It's been kinda slow this week news-wise. Not to worry, God has not forgotten His wonderful plan of redemption. Got a decent article from stratfor about jihad in Germany though. Give it a read, you'll realize how lucky the Germans were in avoiding disaster.

As Always,
The Man in Black

Germany: Dodging a Bullet -- This Time
Aug 25, 2006

German police in the southern town of Konstanz arrested another suspect Aug. 25 in connection with a plot to ignite timed incendiary devices (TID) aboard two German trains. The arrest brings to four the number of people taken into custody in Lebanon and Germany in connection with the plot, though it is unclear whether one of them is a material witness or a suspect.

Although there is no indication the failed operation was run by either al Qaeda prime or Hezbollah, the number of people allegedly involved and the progression of the plot suggests Germany dodged a bullet.

The plot began to unfold July 31 after an unattended suitcase found aboard a train traveling between Cologne and Hamm was turned in to the Dortmund station's lost-and-found department. When a search of the contents revealed a TID, German authorities issued a notice to examine all unclaimed suitcases at rail stations. This led to the discovery the next day of another TID in a suitcase that had been removed from a train in Koblenz.

After reviewing video taken from security cameras at German rail stations, police identified two suspects and subsequently posted stills from the video on the Internet. Within hours of the postings, one suspect was identified. Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib was arrested at the Kiel train station in northern Germany on Aug. 19, possibly while attempting to flee the country after seeing his picture on the Internet. On Aug. 24, Lebanese authorities announced they had a second suspect, Jihad Hamad, in custody in Tripoli. It is believed that Hamad fled Germany for his native Lebanon after the plot fell apart. Lebanese authorities also said they detained a relative of el-Hajdib's on Aug. 25 who may have information about the plot.

Lebanese officials claim that files recovered from Hamad's laptop computer suggest he has ties to al Qaeda. However, this attempt appears much more the work of amateurs, and probably was not a full-blown al Qaeda operation. Although the plotters focused on mass transit targets, a favorite of al Qaeda's second- and third-tier operatives, only two trains are known to have been targeted, rather than the four or more targeted in the jihadist network's more elaborate operations. In addition, there appear to have been no "martyrs" involved in this scheme, because the TIDs were intended to be detonated by timers rather than by suicide bombers. Finally, none of the suspects offered any resistance when arrested. Hamad, in fact, was turned over to police in Tripoli by his father.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that this plot was not hatched by al Qaeda prime or Hezbollah is the devices themselves. First, rather than improvised explosive devices (IED) favored by both groups, these were incendiary bombs meant to send a huge fireball through the train cars. Second, the devices were poorly designed and constructed. The London Underground bombers and the Madrid train bombers -- who were linked to al Qaeda -- were able to obtain powerful explosives and construct effective IEDs. And, as we have said, Hezbollah has never had problems manufacturing effective IEDs or obtaining explosives in Europe and elsewhere.

Even though the German train plot was not a full-blown al Qaeda or Hezbollah operation, the fact that it might have involved at least four people should give German authorities plenty to worry about. The plotters were able to plan the attack, communicate about it and obtain materials without being noticed. Only the shoddy design and construction of the devices prevented a disaster on the German rail system.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Left's 100% Failure Rate - Aug 24

I haven't had a good rant lately and as it appears to be a slow news day the timing just seems right. As the title suggests, I am not exactly enamored with secular-progressives aka "The Left". Now this is not to be confused with the unionists, NDPers, and those left-of-centre, which is another rant for another day. No, I'm talking about full-on Godless Humanism, those who hate God, the church, the faithful, the pro-lifers, the 'one-man, one-woman' marriage advocates, the non-UN boosters and so on. Have they ever, and I mean ever, gotten anything right even once? Not only do they despise the things that are good, they appear to actually love evil ideas and evil people. Crime and Punishment? They've never heard of either. Nazism and Communism in its heyday was never taken seriously and the threat to human freedom that it posed. They don't understand Castro and how much the Cuban people really would like to see ol' Fidel kick the bucket. They completely disregard the real threat that Islam poses and the anti-semitic ramblings of OBL, al-Zawahiri or one Mr. Ahmadinejad. Show me a dictator who seethes with a hatred for America and you can bet The Left is right there cheering him on. While you're at it, don't try to set up a Bible study group that's within 100mi of anything that's man-made. It's the 'Separation of church and state' we're being told. My God, forget Christmas, carol singing and a nativity scene. Open prayer in public places? No dice. Their political prowess is as just stunningly bad. Take whatever predictions they make and you can bet with certainty that the exact opposite will happen. Whether it be a war, the economy or election results, The Left has fumbled the ball every single time without fail. I mean it's nothing short of miracle that some of these people still exist! I'd personally be embarrassed to show my mug in public if I was identified with them. And it's not like they're learning from their mistakes either. You could read this post 5, 10, 20 years from now and it'll still be as true as the day it was posted! Simply put, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and these dolts are oh-for-two. And THAT'S the way it is!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now some news, a map and three Jewish blogs I stumbled upon:

Well it appears the French are taking this whole Lebanon thing a bit more seriously as Chirac pledges more troops for the region. Try to the tune of 1,600 troops, or two battalions.

Found this link from the Beeb about Israeli and Lebanese bloggers offering us their fearless and sometimes funny opinions. Here are three of them from that link that I had some time to look at.

Israel-Hezbollah War, by David Lisbona.

Israelity, by Allison.

The Muqata, by Jameel.

After you leave a comment here, go to one of those blogs and leave a comment there!

And just because I feel like it, here's a cool map (jpg) of the Persian Gulf, compliments of stratfor.

Is Moshe Yaalon one of Israel's best hopes? Mr. Hornik of thinks so.

Two items of note from Russia:

It appears that along with the French, Russia has shown interest in sending peacekeepers to Lebanon as well. Think of it as the fox guarding the hen-house.

I almost fell off my chair as I read this. It appears that Russia, not Saudi Arabia, is now the world's biggest oil exporter. Wow.

Good enough for government work,

Johnny Cash

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Inertia, Denial, Cowardice and PC - Aug 23

“All we would have to do in the West is to simply stick to our own principles,” Warraq said, “and we would bring about change in the Islamic world. But we don't seem to be able to do that. We seem to be incapable of defending our own values.” See original article here.

That my friend, is the whole point of this silly blog. My anger is not directed towards OBL per se, it is directed at the fence-sitters, those in denial, the out and out coward and those who bow at the altar of political correctness. I especially get cheesed of by our leaders, people like Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj (had to check the spelling on that one) who should know better. Try to tell anyone today that we are in serious trouble and you usually get a blank stare. Of course, the Left's favorite tactic of personal attacks against those who blow the whistle is nothing new. "Scaremongers" we're called. Well that's bloody brilliant. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. Right then. I'm sorry but the ostrich approach isn't working. Truth ain't bigotry and facts transcend mere politics. I wish people would understand that.

When I read this article on how some U.S. airports (but not all) are using specially trained officers to look for excessively fidgety passengers, a few things came to mind:

    1) No system is perfect. Any terrorist(s) that is properly trained to act normally and answer questions politely can and will defeat the system.
    2) Just because this is so, we should not be discouraged. Anything is better than nothing.
    3) This is not racial profiling for God's sakes. The Leftist media and its lawyers need to get a serious grip.
    4) Always listen to an Israeli, especially when it concerns security matters.
    5) Take a look at the black dude. His name is Waverly Cousin. Does this look like a man who is going to tolerate attitude from some punk? I think not.

As I mentioned in my previous post, nothing of Biblical proportions happened yesterday, despite all the dire predictions. However, just because that is so does not mean that Iran is no longer dangerous. Many Arab nations believe now is the time to finally 'wipe Israel off the map'. They will not succeed. God said so.

What Goes Around Comes Around Dep't: When you arm the world, you can fully expect to see that technology be used against you by your enemies.

K-House: What is prophecy and why do we need to study it?

The Man in Black

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweet Fanny Adams - Aug 22

Well so much for that talk about a 'day of reckoning' regarding Iranian or American military ambitions. I'm actually quite relieved nothing of major significance happened today actually. I've seen enough drama already. Just in case you were wondering, 'sweet fanny adams' is a clever tongue-in-cheek English play on words that obviously implies something else. And no, I'm not taking it back either. So there.

I reported yesterday about those three doltish MP's who did a propaganda tour of Lebanon. Predictably, the you-know-what has hit the fan, with Conservative MP Jason Kenney comparing Hezbollah to the Nazis. How tiresome. I wish somebody would actually use some Seinfeld-esque wit once in a while to describe evil.

Some knuckle-dragger in Quebec is spouting racist rhetoric on a website once more. Of course, leftist lawyers are defending him calling it a 'right to free speech' and so on. Upside-down reprobate thinking rules the day once more.

Honest Reporting has once again come out with a winner, describing the atrocious level of journalism in the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict. Get used to this folks, and don't take anything at face value from the MSM, particularly if it's coming from the Middle East.

I've got four videos from YouTube to show you what I mean. If you've been paying attention, some of these pictures will be familiar to you. It's always good however to review what you've seen. If these pictures aren't familiar to you, it will offer you a remarkable insight into the cynicism that HB is notorious for employing.

See 'Mr. Green Helmet' direct a tragic ambulance scene.

You've heard of Hollywood and Bollywood. Now witness 'Hezbollywood'.

The Jenin Massacre Syndrome.

See two 11 year-old Palestinian children express their joy at 'shahada' or martyrdom operations. As long as this stuff persists there will never be any kind of peace in the ME.

Tragedy in the Ukraine as 170 people are dead (160 passengers and 10 crew members) in a Tupelov-154 crash. From the Beeb comes a picture gallery and a profile of the Tu-154.

Not bad. I hope you enjoy the videos. If you have left a comment on my blog, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your comments (mostly positive btw) are a constant source of encouragement to me. Now leave a comment and encourage me, dammit! LOL

Mr. Johnny Cash

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kick-Starting an Asian Free Trade Area - Aug 21

I'm foregoing my usual Carson-esque opening and going straight to the news. A really good eye-opening article from follows as well.

Wow, the Harper gov't is really going all out on this Northwest Passage thingy. There's a major military exercise going on there right now, the Conservatives are really gunning for the Arctic.

Is August the 22nd a day of reckoning of sorts wrt Iran? Hard to say but there seems to be a lot of chatter on the internet as it pertains to tomorrow's date.

This next article from CBC almost caused me to grind my teeth into dust. A Liberal, NDP and Bloc MP has gone on some hackneyed 'fact-finding' mission in Lebanon. According to these useful idiots, Canada should differentiate between 'nice' terrorists and 'bad' terrorists. What utter dupes. A sucker is truly born every minute.

Michelle Malkin gives us the heads-up on all those bogus photos we keep seeing on the news.

Here's a cool map from stratfor showing all the positions of the troops in and around the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Lastly, here is a picture gallery from the Jerusalem Post on the recent war (25 photos in all).

Huh, and I thought it was a slow news day!

Mr. Johnny Cash

Japan set to kick-start pan-Asian free trade area

21.08.2006 - 09:57 CET By Lisbeth Kirk

Japanese minister of economy Toshihiro Nikai is set to unveil plans for a pan-Asian free trade area of 3.1 billion people, half the world's population, Malaysian news agency Bernama has reported ahead of the 38th ASEAN Economic Ministers meeting starting today in Kuala Lumpur.

The free trade area would include ASEAN-countries Australia, China, South Korea, India, Japan and New Zealand and would be promoted by a Japanese fund of 100 million US dollars.

The Japanese minister will travel to Malaysia on Tuesday (22 August) seeking acceptance for his plan from the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) ministers.

The 39-year-old ASEAN bloc agreed already in October 2003 to set up a single market by 2020, modelled on the EU. But ministers meeting this week hope to speed up the plans and get it ready by 2015.

"We need to muster political will to create the AEC [Asean Economic Community] by 2015, instead of 2020," ASEAN secretary-general Ong Keng Yong said, according to AP.

China and ASEAN have already agreed to create no-tariff zone by 2010 in their combined market of 2 billion people.

At this week's meeting a deal with the US to facilitate trade and investment is expected to get signed. ASEAN is the America's fourth largest trading partner.

ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia have joined later.

The grouping was originally set up to insure that south east Asian countries would provide a buffer against Communist China.

© 2006. Printed from 22.08.2006
Link to above story can also be found here.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Woo Hoo! I've Finally Done It! - Aug 20

Well, I've finally done it. All the X-Def posts have now been hyperlinked. There are still some posts that are still not up to snuff, but I will continue to work at it. You will notice that with some posts, the link to the story has either expired or has changed topic. All the CBC and BBC links are still good though. If for whatever reason a link doesn't work properly, please leave a comment with as much information as possible so I can use a substitute. My God, what a time consuming process that was!

As for this post, well it's all about Israel. Like I said, I don't plan it that way, it just sort of happens. Before we delve into that, there is some news that is being made outside the Jewish state like Iraq and the U.K.

If you are looking for information on the various militias in Iraq or how an improvised explosive device (IED) works, you've come to the right place.

Also, there's been an ugly incident in one of Britain's airports as passengers on a plane storm off after seeing two 'Asians' speak Arabic. This story is very telling. You see, it is the job of those who govern to protect the governed from all enemies both foreign and domestic. When that trust breaks down, the frustrated citizens tend to take the law into their own hands. In other words, it's a pathway to anarchy.

If you're a soldier in the Israeli army, be prepared to work. The Israelis just recently completed a commando raid in Bekaa valley and have also arrested the Hamas deputy PM. Please note the civil way the Israelis chose to arrest this man. It speaks volumes, I think.

Meanwhile, many of Israel's enemies are making headlines as well. The Lebanese are making all the right noises as it concerns the fragile cease-fire. The Iranians are stirring the pot with some military exercises while Egypt warns anybody who'll listen about attacking Iran. Whew!

Lastly, two very solid opinion pieces from Jewish World Review.

Jonah Goldberg gives us a history lesson on the ideological links between jihad and Nazism. As well, he notes the extreme level of paranoia that both share concerning the Jews.

It appears some dolt named Richard Cohen (yes, that's a Jewish name) writes in the Washington Post that the founding of Israel was just some big historical mistake. Paul Greenberg (also Jewish) gives Mr. Cohen a piece of his mind.

That's a lot for today. Not bad for a Sunday!

Mr. Johnny Cash

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Why Islam Will Fail - Aug 19

The title of my post seems provocative, but please bear me out on this one. At first, this seems counter-intuitive. The recent war the Israelis engaged in with Hezbollah went poorly for the Israelis. Indeed, there was a great deal of complaining wrt lack of training, incidents of friendly fire and even lack of water at the front lines. From the Lesser Jihad to the Greater, airlines in the West are finding out the cost as well. Bill O'Reilly calls us towards sanity but I doubt if anyone is listening. The politically incorrect question is being asked, "Do we make it policy to profile Muslims and Arabs?" Many of the useful idiots on the Left say no.

So if Israel, America and Europe seem to be losing out, why the optimism? Ask yourself this: Who are the majority of victims of jihad? The answer is obvious: Muslims themselves. Once a Muslim comes face to face to the bloodthirsty fangs of Islam, the seeds of doubt have been planted. A Sunni who is stopped in Iraq by a member of the Shia militia can get killed if they fail to answer properly. Somebody selling or reading the wrong newspaper in Baghdad can also meet the same fate. Israeli Arabs fleeing Haifa had to endure maltreatment and inflated prices. Other Israeli Arabs make it very clear that their anger is directed towards Hassan Nasrallah, not the IDF. There are many Muslims out there who have made the personal choice to leave their religion. What we see now is just a trickle. During Anti-Christ's reign (whom I think will be a Muslim), that trickle will turn into a flood.

Here now are some other odds and sods I found interesting:

From the Beeb comes a timeline of the European Union. A cool history lesson for those who want to know.

In Ecuador, another volcano is erupting.

I had a bit of a rueful chuckle at this story. Apparently, male circumcision is now being touted as one of the ways to halt the advance of HIV infection. The fact that God Himself made that recommendation to his people a long time ago is never mentioned by any AIDS activist.

From the Master of Mayhem, Andy Borowitz leaves this post with a laugh about the UN and Hizbollah.

That's it for today.

The Man in Black

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome - Aug 19

I think people tend to forget that in warfare, half the battle is in measures and counter-measures. In layman's terms, for everything that you do to gain the advantage over the enemy, the enemy will in due time learn and defeat that advantage. In Newtonian terms, every action has it's equal and opposite reaction. In WWII it was the German navy's Enigma. Today it's screening passengers to get on a plane. When you read this article, be prepared to be shocked at the level of (devilish) ingenuity our enemies and allies use. Some of this stuff comes right out of a James Bond movie, like the inter-play between Bond and Q (played by John Cleese) at the beginning of each Bond film. This is a cool article, please take the time to read it.

Mr. Johnny Cash

The Case for Screening Air Passengers -- Rather than Belongings

Aug 18, 2006

Irish airline Ryanair issued an ultimatum to the British government Aug. 18 to restore normal airport security measures within a week or risk being sued by the company for compensation. Ryanair said it faces more than $3.7 million in losses from disrupted flight schedules in the aftermath of the plot to destroy aircraft in flight using liquid explosives. In announcing the foiled plot Aug. 10, the British government immediately banned passengers from bringing carry-on luggage and liquids of all kinds aboard planes originating in the United Kingdom.

Liquid explosives do pose a serious threat to airliners in flight, although a review of previous plots against planes indicates these types of explosives are not the only thing security services need to be concerned about. Moreover, militants can be expected to adapt to evolving airline security measures.

The British case is reminiscent of Operation Bojinka, a plot to use a modular explosive device made of a doll stuffed with nitrocellulose and augmented by a bottle of liquid explosive. North Korean agents used liquid explosive PLX, disguised as a fifth of liquor, to destroy KAL Flight 858 in 1987. A number of other powerful, commercially manufactured liquid explosives also could be used to attack an airliner, such as nitroglycerine and Astrolite. Improvised versions of these explosives also can be manufactured.

Creative bombmakers have hidden explosives in a number of imaginative ways, perhaps most notably the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), which did some outside-the-box thinking when it melted the explosives TNT and Composition B and cast them into a variety of shapes, including a tea set. PFLP-GC also hid Semtex and other plastic explosives in a variety of items, including running shoes and electronics.

In fact, electronics also have been a popular choice for bombmakers looking to smuggle an improvised explosive device (IED) aboard planes. Perhaps the most famous case is the Libyan-constructed device concealed inside a Toshiba radio cassette player that was used to bring down Pan Am Flight 103. Similar devices hidden in another model of Toshiba cassette player were found in a raid on a PFLP-GC safe house in Germany a few months before the Pan Am 103 bombing.

In the 1987 KAL case, the firing train and a small charge of C-4 hidden inside the radio were used to initiate the PLX. In a London case in 1986, Nezar Hindawi, a Jordanian who later acknowledged working for Syrian intelligence, gave his unwitting and pregnant Irish girlfriend an IED concealed in bag to take on an El Al flight from London to Tel Aviv. The timer and detonator for the device were concealed in a pocket calculator. El Al security detected the device before it could be taken aboard the plane, and Hindawi was quickly arrested. In 1996, Israelis used an IED concealed in a cell phone to assassinate Yahya Ayyash, aka "The Engineer," an infamous Hamas bombmaker.

These are only past IED incidents involving airplanes, though it is important to point out that, as security measures change, terrorist tactics also will adapt, much as narcotics "mules" have adapted to efforts to prevent them from bringing narcotics aboard planes by using everything from body cavities to dead babies.

In addition to Richard Reid's infamous shoe bomb, there are many other ways in which explosives could be "worn" onto a plane. In the bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434, Abdel Basit and his associates used nitrocellulose camouflaged inside a doll, though nitrocellulose also could be easily hidden in any number of clothing items that have fiber filling, such as mittens and winter coats. Additionally, the design of the ubiquitous suicide vests and belts could allow explosives to be walked through a magnetometer if all the metal components were removed. In August 2004, Israeli authorities found explosive underwear on a young Palestinian attempting to enter Israel at the Erez border crossing. Because of the Reid plot, all passengers must remove their shoes. Had the Palestinian been attempting to board a plane, there is no telling how the incident would now affect passengers at airline security checkpoints.

It is virtually impossible to use technical screening measures to absolutely prevent explosive material from being brought on board an aircraft. Prison authorities using magnetometers and strip searches have failed to completely prevent all contraband from slipping through. The need for a greater reliance on other methods -- such as name checks, interviews and behavioral profiling -- to keep airplanes safe seems apparent.

Copyright 2006 Strategic Forecasting Inc. All rights reserved.

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Well, I Thought It Was Funny - Aug 17

So anyways, I've been a bit lazy of late and haven't done a proper post in a few days. I've got a few links here that are a couple of days old that are still important enough for you to read. I also have some wholly un-PC fun and games. I guess what I want to talk about is humor and faith. If you've been a regular reader, you'll notice I try to inject humor once in a while. I think it's important to have a sense of humor, good God there are too many people who take themselves far too seriously nowadays. For me, my faith has made it easier to laugh, especially at silly man-made religious orthodoxy. My senior pastor has a great sense of humor as well. Super serious people frighten me. Look at Ayatollah Khomenei, Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden. Not a single smile even once between 'em. See what I mean? I think that those people that love to laugh usually are much more prosperous and happy then those who don't. I don't imagine there's a lot of wocka, wocka going on in Iran or Saudi Arabia or even Iraq for that matter. So laugh why doncha! Your country's economy and overall well-being depends on it.

I have two articles from Jerusalem Newswire:

Benjamin Netanyahu is making his voice heard in Israel once again. He was noticeably quiet while the Israeli-Hezbollah war raged on. Always the patriot, the man knows when to speak and when to shut up. Here he criticizes Ehud Olmert's prosecution of said war.

I'm sorry, but I think Kofi Annan is a blazing anti-Semite. I am forced to make no other possible conclusion. Look at what he says and does wrt the Jews and the land of Israel. According to Mr. Annan, Israel has to consult him first before Israel can fire back in self-defence! The gall of the man is unbelievable. If it were any other country other than Israel, the trampling of a nation's sovereignty underfoot would be met with the utmost sound and fury!

From the Beeb comes a special insight article on the nation of Lebanon.

Just as the prophet Daniel predicted (see ch. 2 and 7), Europe would play a large part in the last days, especially concerning the Jews and Israel. As for that much vaunted multi-national force that is supposed to act as a buffer between the IDF and Hezbollah, it is the French and the Germans who appear to be stepping up to the plate. It was these two countries that got the ball rolling for a united Europe in 1957 after the Second World War.

Fifth Column Jihad Dep't: My friend, we have seen the enemy and the enemy is us. Western civilization will not collapse because it was overthrown, it will collapse because it was undermined from within.

Gospel for Asia Update: Come see a picture gallery of the Jesus wells that are springing up in India, further enabling the Great Commission.

Take this brief 8 question quiz from Honest Reporting. The answers will shock and astound you.

Fun and Games Dep't: (Note: Flash req'd)

Wanna see Colin Powell sing while W goes crazy on the bongos? Of course you do. Like I said, probably not for the easily offended.

As always my dear reader, I have saved the best for last. Here is perhaps one of the most offensive and hilarious things I've ever posted. The most un-PC game in the world can be found here. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Don't ask me how I find this stuff. I just do.

Keepin' it real and funny,

Mr. Johnny Cash

Rick Santorum's Speech on the Threat of Islam - Aug 16

So here is a cool speech from Senator Rick Santorum. He's a Republican from Pennsylvania but the words he uses apply anywhere at anytime. Go get 'em Rick!

Johnny Cash

Senator Rick Santorum Delivers Speech at the National Press Club

July 20, 2006Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, today addressed members of the National Press Club in a speech that defined the unique challenges that confront the United States as we conduct a new world war. Below is a copy of the speech as prepared for delivery.
When I came to Washington in 1990 Karen and I were expecting our first child. Like most Americans we were worried about a slowing economy, competition from Japan and the high deficit. But we were also relieved by the end of the Cold War and talk of a peace dividend. In the 1990s I felt my job representing Pennsylvania in Congress was important, but in retrospect the issues confronting us were not relative to what we are confronted with today. In 16 years Karen and I have been blessed with the privilege and responsibility of raising six children. Like most Americans we are more concerned about the future of our country. Now most of you would expect me to launch into my oft written speeches about culture, the family, and children. Not today. No today the biggest issue facing our children’s future is a war. Not, as so many describe it, the War on Terror. Not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. But the world war, which at its heart is just like the previous three global struggles. In those wars we fought against European tyrants and their allies, from the Kaiser to Hitler to Lenin, Stalin, and their heirs. We fought them because we knew that our survival was at stake. The tyrants would never stop attacking until they had defeated us, or we had defeated them. Our only choices – choices imposed on us, not chosen by us – were either winning or losing, because there was no way out. We are in the same kind of conflict today. Some say we are fighting a War on Terror. That is like saying World War II was a war on blitzkrieg. Terror like blitzkrieg is a tactic used by our enemy, not the enemy itself. In World War II we fought Naziism and Japanese imperialism. Today, we are fighting against Islamic fascists. They attacked us on September 11th because we are the greatest obstacle to their openly declared mission of subjecting the entire world to their fanatical rule. I believe that the threat of Islamic fascism is just as menacing as the threat from Nazism and Soviet Communism. Now, as then, we face fanatics who will stop at nothing to dominate us. Now, as then, there is no way out; we will either win or lose. Too many people talk about this war as if it were simply an attempt to create fledgling democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Iraq and Afghanistan are battlefields in a much broader war, which now includes every continent except Antarctica. Ask the Indians, the Thais, the Egyptians or the Argentines. Ask the Australians, the Indonesians, the British or the Spaniards. All have seen Islamic fascists at work, and have mourned their innocent victims. Islamic fascists have been waging this war against us for a very long time. It did not suddenly erupt on a sunny September day in 2001. Al Qaeda and other such groups had been attacking American targets for decades. A group of Islamic fascists attacked the United States directly, at the World Trade Center, a month into Bill Clinton’s first term. So why is it so hard for so many Americans to see the nature of this war? It’s not because the enemy is keeping the hostile objectives a secret. Every major Islamic fascist leader, from heads of states to heads of al Qaeda and Hizbollah, has openly identified the United States as their prime target, and repeatedly promises the creation of a new, global, "caliphate" where Islamic fascism will rule mankind. This language comes from both Sunni and Shi'ite fanatics, whether Arab, Persian, Indonesian, American, or British. And yet we are foolishly reluctant to come to terms with this terrible reality. It's an old, sad story isn't it? Over and over again, our enemies announce their intention to attack us, and we refuse to believe them. Hardly anyone took Mein Kampf seriously and when Nikita Khrushchev pounded his shoe on the table at the U.N., announcing, "We will bury you," it was widely treated as a moment of comic relief. If we have learned anything from the twentieth century, it should be this lesson: when leaders say they are prepared to kill millions of people to achieve their goals, we must take them at their word. Particularly in this case when the enemy sees dying for their cause as a desired objective as opposed to a tragic consequence. But we have not learned that lesson. I submit as evidence of that fact the recent publications of top secret intelligence programs. If we really believed that the Islamic fascists were a real threat to the future of our country, we would not be screaming and hollering about how our government is tracking terrorists' money, and monitoring their telephone conversations. Instead we'd be screaming and hollering that these programs are being compromised. So why do we choose not to recognize and respect the threat our enemy poses? I think in part because it makes us feel vulnerable. This is not just happening someplace thousands of miles away. The enemy is doing his utmost to kill us, because of who we are, wherever we are, at home or overseas. That’s why, we urgently need good intelligence: The best way to protect us is to know where and how the enemy is planning to strike. That is hard enough, but we also want to do it without unduly compromising our cherished freedoms – including our privacy. We have worked very hard to provide security without compromising liberty. Some leaders saw political advantage in disputing that fact. The result, for one thing a four-year misinformation campaign directed against the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gave federal agents who investigate national security threats like terrorism; the same types of legal authority FBI agents investigating ordinary crimes have had for decades. Along with improved intelligence and military successes in the Middle East, the Patriot Act is a big factor in why we have not had another domestic attack since 9/11. And yet, we supporters of the Patriot Act had to fight tooth and nail to get those powers renewed. Even worse, there has been a war against the war: a joint campaign by some people inside the government and allies in the media to undermine critical national security programs. To their shame, the bureaucrats have broken the law by revealing classified information to some in the media. Again, to their shame, some members of the media have put American lives at greater risk by publishing these secrets. Before 9/11 we were fighting with 20th Century tools. Our national security surveillance activities were governed by a law that had been enacted in 1978 – before anyone knew what email was. It did not permit the speed and flexibility needed to identify, and quickly survey, previously unknown threats. We paid a price: in thousands of American lives. America in 2001 said that had to change, so we designed a program to intercept our enemy’s international communications, including those that crossed into or out of our country. The program didn’t monitor all Americans, or calls wholly inside the United States. It involved only people reasonably suspected of working with the enemy. It was a valuable program. The program may well have prevented domestic terror attacks. Then it was leaked to the press, and it was published. The enemy was thereby given important insights into our capabilities. That story has made it more difficult for us to gather precisely the kind of information we have to have if we are going to thwart future attacks against civilians in America and soldiers on the battlefield. The same thing happened with financial intelligence. In Belgium, there was a little known hub for international money transfers – a sort of clearinghouse, known as SWIFT, overseen by major national banks in Europe, Japan, and our own Federal Reserve. We got its cooperation to track terrorist transactions. This was a very well designed program. Terrorists had come to believe that whenever we found bundles of their money, we seized it. But in this case, we were wise and patient. We were watching the funds rather than grabbing them. I like to think of the money we didn’t seize as an investment in good intelligence, and it was working. We were mapping the tentacles of terrorist networks. The information helped nab a guy called Hambali in Thailand – one of the world’s most notorious terrorists – and it helped us identify an al Qaeda facilitator here in the United States who was later convicted of providing material support for terrorism. The program was completely legal, and the administration, like the previous program, notified members of Congress from both parties and agreed to extraordinary auditing to make sure the information was only used to pursue the enemy. The details of this excellent program were published despite the entreaties of government officials and private citizens with great expertise, such as the two ranking members of the 9/11 Commission. Once again, a vital intelligence tool was compromised. It will be hard to win this war if people inside the government violate their oaths and provide information to irresponsible members of the media, who then provide our enemy with information that hurts our country. But, important as they are, these intelligence and legal issues are only part of our challenge. There is a bigger problem: our fear of speaking clearly, publicly, and consistently about the enemy. It is unfashionable in some quarters to speak about the Islamo fascists, because of the misguided cultural reflex that condemns anyone who speaks critically about others' practices or beliefs. Therefore, we can’t say or do anything that might offend Muslims. But that's backwards. The real offense to Muslims is to remain silent about an ideology that produces the systemic murder of innocents. Mostly, Muslim innocents. They are the first victims of Islamic fascism, and the enemy directly targets them, as we have heard once again in the most recent audiotape from Osama bin Laden. Those who refuse to criticize Islamic fascism undermine the cause of freedom of religion because if the Islamic fascists win this war, no other religion will be permitted to flourish. Paradoxically, when we refuse to criticize anybody, we end up patronizing everyone, which is offensive to everyone and self-defeating. It makes a mockery of freedom of speech, and traps us in the discredited nonsense of moral equivalence. This war is not between two morally equivalent sides; it's a war between brutal totalitarian fascism and freedom. Our freedom, not just freedom for Iraqis and Afghans. We are the fascists’ prime target, and they intend to impose a brutal tyranny on those of us who survive their onslaught. Islamic fascism is the great test of this generation. When we fail to fully grasp the nature of our enemy and the urgency of our victory, our own people become confused and divided, and the fascists are encouraged to believe that we’re afraid of them. This has to stop. We have an obligation as leaders to articulate exactly what this threat is, and to defeat it. The American people have always rallied to the cause of freedom, once they understood what was at stake. We had no problem branding communism an evil empire – it was. We had no problem understanding that Nazism and fascism were evil racist empires – they were. We must now bring the same clarity to the war against Islamic fascism. I recently had the great pleasure of sharing a podium with Natan Sharansky, who refused to be silent in the face of Soviet Communism, and eventually celebrated its downfall. He told me about the surge of hope that went through the Soviet gulag when President Reagan delivered his "evil empire" speech because the dissidents locked in the terrible Gulag realized that the leader of the United States understood their plight, and was determined to bring down their oppressors. Brave men like Sharansky understand, far better than politicians or journalists or college professors, the importance of a proper moral calculus, and the paralyzing effect of misguided moral equivalence. If we do not recognize that it is right and proper for us to defend our freedom against Islamic fascism, we may well lose this war. The terrorists know that they cannot win on the battlefield against our armed men and women, and so their strategy is aimed at you. With every ied and with every suicide bomber they seek to break our will to fight, to get us to hang our heads and finally say "enough." And they will not stop coming after us until we stop them. This is a truly modern war – a war fought not just on the battlefield, but on the Internet, a war decided less by armies and warplanes than by individuals making individual choices. Individual Iranians, like Akbar Ganji, have defied the regime of the mullahs – and spoken out for freedom and democracy in Iran at the risk of their lives, as have other Muslims throughout the Middle East. Brave Iraqis, like Mithal al-Alusi, have suffered the murder of their children as they speak out for peace, democracy, and reconciliation. Terror plots are defeated every day – one was just foiled in Toronto – because patriotic Western Muslims volunteer to penetrate terror cells to protect us all. But individuals also make bad choices. Journalists made bad choices when they decided to betray the secret of our terrorist surveillance programs, our programs for tracking terrorist finances, and the location of the prisons in which al Qaeda’s most senior leaders are held. Democrats in Congress make bad choices when they urge the president to withdraw our forces from Iraq before the war there is won. And as you all know, this fall the voters of our country have a choice to make. One vision sees the role of Congress as raising objections – finding reasons not to do things – and punishing those who take risks to defend our nation. I have a different vision. I want Congress to contribute to victory – not just complain about how long things are taking. And I believe that a member of Congress, especially a United States Senator, has a duty to think independently and speak clearly – not to evade, not to mumble. As some of you may know, I am running for re-election. My opponent says that a senator should ask tough questions. But I don’t think, “How soon can we quit?” is a tough question. I believe a senator has a responsibility to lead with positive solutions, as I have done with the Syria Accountability Act and the Iran Freedom and Support Act. Which brings us to Iran. The fascist regimes and the Jihadist organizations disagree about some things, but they have a common theme: destroy the West and its leader, America. They comprise a mosaic of different entities and countries. The largest piece of this mosaic, the keystone of the Islamic fascist structure, is Iran. It’s a complex mosaic, stretching across the world, but Iran is the central piece, touching all the others in one way or another. Iran not only supports these organizations – it created Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, and is the driving force behind Hamas – but it is a threat to the civilized world all by itself. This is no secret. Iran is at the top of the State Department's list of countries that support international terrorism, and we Americans know with great sadness how accurate that assessment is. Right after the Islamic Revolution in late 1979, a gang assaulted the American Embassy in Tehran and held American diplomats hostage for more than a year. In April, 1983, Iranian-supported suicide terrorists killed 60 people in our embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, and six months later 241 U.S. Marines were killed in a similar attack. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has been explicit about the Iranian role in the savage attack against the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and, although it is not often noticed, Iranian so-called U.N. diplomats are regularly asked to leave New York City when they are found photographing subway stations and railroad bridges. Indeed, in its 1998 – 1998! – indictment of Osama bin Laden, the Government of the United States made it all very clear: “Al Qaeda...forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in Sudan and with the government of Iran and its associated terrorist group Hezballah for the purpose of working together against their perceived common enemies in the West, particularly the United States.” It is therefore no surprise to see Iran actively engaged in support of the terrorists in Iraq, Gaza, and Lebanon. The well-known accounts of Iranian activity inside Iraq extend from the recent reports of captured Iranian terrorists and intelligence officers, to the stories, from American and British military officials, of especially lethal mines and roadside bombs of Iranian origin. We have seen Iranian missiles fired at Israeli ships off Lebanon and at Israeli civilians in their homes. Iran reaches into Latin America, in the form of a strategic alliance with the Venezuelan tyrant. It also shows us the ease with which Islamic fascists work with radical leftists. We see this in some of the anti-American demonstrations in Europe. We see it in the cooperation between North Korea and Iran with their rocket and nuclear programs. Just think about that for a minute: fanatical Muslims working hand in glove with fanatical leftists, bound together by hatred for us. The current public face of Iranian fascism is of course its president, Ahmadi-Nezhad. This is a man who recruited thousands of Iranian children to march to their death by detonating mines in advance of Iranian troops during the Iran/Iraq War. He is truly representative of the face of Islamic fascism in Tehran. When he speaks of destroying Israel and the infidels, it is not his voice alone. In such a regime, no one speaks without the approval of the ruling mullahs, so Ahmadi-Nezhad's words are canonical. He has told us over and over again that he believes in the imminent arrival of the Shi'ite messiah, the so-called 12th Imam, who Shi’ites believe will return at the end time. What will cause this arrival? According to Ahmadi-Nezhad, a victory of extremist Islam over the infidels and crusaders. That would be us. He is working to hasten that final confrontation, and he, along with other Iranian leaders, openly declare their first step is to remove Israel from the face of the earth, then to defeat the United States. They have also made it quite clear that Iran intends to use atomic bombs in this confrontation. His predecessor, President Khatami, has made similar statements. In other words, the spokesmen for the central piece of the Islamic fascist mosaic are working to bring about the end of the free world as fast as they possibly can, in order to subject mankind to the slavery of a new Caliphate. These messianic Shi’ites see this as an opportunity to accomplish this long desired mission for radical Islam. Remember, Islamic extremists fought the West over the course of a thousand years to their high-water mark outside the gates of Vienna. The siege of Vienna lasted until September 1683 – September 11, 1683 – the next day the united West triumphed. Centuries have passed in relative peace, but now with the combination of oil revenues, off the shelf weapons and technology, and terror as a tactic a virulent alliance of extremist now have a strategy to defeat their enemy, the infidels. A few weeks ago I spoke with a leader of the Independent Student Movement who has escaped to America, and he told me that every young person admitted to college must sign an agreement to “volunteer” for acts of suicide terrorism. Nowadays every university student in Iran must attend courses on how to strap on and detonate a suicide bomb. In a recent speech Ahmadi-Nezhad said martyrdom is the greatest virtue of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Islamic fascism is truly evil. Such a regime cannot be permitted to build an arsenal of atomic weapons, and I don't expect that we are going to convince them to abandon their nuclear program at the negotiating table. You can't reason people out of something that they didn't arrive at reasonably in the first place. That is why I believe the only way to change the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to change the regime itself. The people of Iran – who overwhelmingly wish to live in a free society after 27 years of horror – want the chance to choose their own leaders and their own policies. They, not the fanatics, should be our negotiating partners. I think President Bush believes that, for it is implicit in almost every statement he has made about Iran. Even a nuclear-free Iran would still be the driving force behind Islamic fascism, and it would continue its murderous policies toward us and all others who do not submit to the dictates of the Supreme Leader. I am sadly convinced that sooner or later we will have to confront this regime. This is not yet the policy of the United States. In fact, the Iran Freedom and Support Act, which seeks to greatly increase our communication with the Iranian people, and will show the world the seriousness of our opposition to Iran’s evil regime, has been vigorously opposed by the State Department. The Iran Freedom and Support Act has sixty-one cosponsors. Its companion bill was passed by the House of Representatives in April with over 350 votes. This legislation has two prime objectives. The first is to put the Senate on record in support for freedom and democracy for the Iranian people, to enable our government to broadcast that message effectively, and to support pro-democracy groups in Iran. The second is to punish countries who contribute to the Iranian nuclear program, by imposing sanctions on countries and companies who trade with Iran in nuclear and dual-use components. I want them to have to choose between doing business with the United States, and doing business with Iran. I think it's an easy choice. When I recently proposed to attach the basic elements of the Iran Freedom and Support Act as an amendment to the military budget, Secretary of State Rice wrote to oppose it. She said it would hamper her ability to negotiate alongside our allies. I respectfully disagree with the Secretary of State, and I regret that a majority of Senators – including some who are cosponsors of the actual legislation – voted against the amendment. I think the diplomats have it wrong. When we pass the Iran Freedom and Support Act, its major diplomatic effect will be to strengthen our negotiating position, for it spells out the consequences if Iran does not comply with our reasonable demands. I'm sure the President will sign it when it passes. The language of the State Department's opposition to the Iran Act is virtually identical to their warnings, over several years, about the Syrian Accountability Act that I authored. Yet, the President not only signed it, but he implemented the sanctions to the surprise of many. Still, though Syria is a critical element in the fascist mosaic, Iran is the indispensable piece. Iran is at the center of this war. We have seen that clearly in Lebanon and Gaza, where Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran’s proxies, gratuitously attacked Israel. During the fighting in Lebanon, we learned that Iranian missiles had been fired into Israel and at Israeli and Egyptian ships, and there even seem to have been Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers at the controls. Lebanon cannot survive as a free country if Hezbollah operates from its territory and uses it to stockpile Iranian weapons and give operational space to Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It is intolerable to allow more than ten thousand terrorist-controlled rockets and missiles, aimed at Israel, in southern Lebanon. And Iraq will never have the security it deserves so long as the Islamic fascists are in power in Iran. I believe we must fight for a strong Lebanon, a strong Israel, and a strong Iraq. That requires effective action against Iran. The longer we wait, the more people will be blown up, tortured, incarcerated, intimidated, and assassinated. In 1979 Iran declared itself our enemy and for 27 years it has proven the truth of those words. A democratic Iran may not end the war against Islamic fascism, but without it this war will last to be our children’s war, not just ours. We owe it to them, it is our watch, it is our challenge. Historians may write of this time in American history that we were not the greatest generation- that we fell short on many fronts. But I hope they also write that like our ancestors we too fought for freedom, that we too confronted evil, that we too endured a great trial and won a victory for the future of mankind. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Implications of a Shaky Cease-Fire - Aug 15

I haven't had a decent article from stratfor to give to you in a while. As this article goes on to say, Hezbollah has won a huge propaganda victory, one that could change foreign policies of neighbouring Arab countries near Israel. Israel lost because it did not win. Hezbollah won because it did not lose. Such is the way when fighting an asymmetrical war.

The Man in Black

Geopolitical Diary: Implications of a Shaky Cease-Fire
Aug 15, 2006

The fighting in Lebanon over the past 34 days has set off a chain of unprecedented events. Hezbollah declared a "strategic, historic victory" against Israel on Monday, and rightfully so; the invincibility of Israel's military might has come into question. The importance of this reality cannot be overestimated.

Hezbollah has gotten exactly what it was aiming for. As we have stated throughout the conflict, an imminent cease-fire allows Hezbollah to emerge effectively victorious. It hardwires the perception throughout the region that a nonstate militant actor has defeated Israel (by fighting it to a draw) in a conventional war. Regardless of what Israel states it accomplished on the ground in Lebanon, Hezbollah has sustained itself as a viable fighting force.

The battle of perception is what Hezbollah's patron, Iran, values most. Iran has used its influence in Iraq, in concert with its nuclear gambit, to reclaim its position as the regional hegemon. Activating Hezbollah in Lebanon and exposing Israel's weakness -- when no Arab state dared to confront the Jewish state militarily -- has only reinforced Iran's ability to reconfigure the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of the Shia.

While Hezbollah, Iran and Syria are celebrating, the Arab regimes surrounding Israel are beginning to reconsider the Israeli military deterrent. Meanwhile, a tenuous cease-fire is hanging over Lebanon, with enough caveats in place to make the entire agreement fall apart. If the cease-fire does actually fall through -- which is extremely likely -- it will probably not be due to a conscious decision by one side or the other to breach it. Rather, it will be the inevitability of events that will lead to its collapse.

The cease-fire is fraught with Catch-22's: Israel will not withdraw until the Lebanese army deploys to the south, the Lebanese army won't deploy to the south until Hezbollah disarms on its own, and Hezbollah says it will not disarm, period. At the same time, Israel and Hezbollah have each reserved the right to resume hostilities if they feel threatened.

Hezbollah's leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, delivered a very telling speech Monday, in which he essentially told the Lebanese army to think twice before attempting to disarm Hezbollah south of the Litani River. Nasrallah welcomed the return of National Dialogue talks with the leaders of Lebanon's major factions, shedding light on Hezbollah's intention to use its political prowess to gridlock the government once again and postpone the issue of disarmament. Iran is not about to give up its most prized militant asset in the region, and Hezbollah is feeling confident enough to deflect any attempts to disarm it.

But Hezbollah has its own share of worries. The Lebanese army will not go into southern Lebanon unless ordered to deploy there alongside U.N. peacekeeping forces. If Hezbollah is confronted with a forceful attempt by the Lebanese army to disarm its fighters, it will face the dilemma of whether to open fire on its countrymen -- something Hezbollah wants to avoid at all costs. With much of the country already in ruins, and with frustration brewing among Lebanese over the conflict provoked by Hezbollah, going to war against the Lebanese armed forces will only undermine Hezbollah's position as a resistance movement working on behalf of Lebanon against Israeli aggression. At the same time, the Lebanese army refuses to get embroiled in a situation in which it will be forced to open fire on Hezbollah fighters, especially as the group's success against Israel is being celebrated by a significant number of Lebanese civilians. The dilemma on both sides bodes ill for the permanence of the cease-fire.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has to answer to a country and military that is largely outraged by the results of the fighting. For Israel, this shaky cease-fire is not the end -- it has maintained the preponderance of its force and can revisit the issue of breaking Hezbollah's back once again to reaffirm its military prowess in the region. Whether Olmert will still be in charge if and when that revisit occurs, however, is an entirely different question.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Adolf and Bobby - Aug 14

Imagine this historical scenario if you will. It's 1943 and WWII is not going as well as the Allies had hoped. In steps Mr. Bobby Annan, who is the Secretary-General of the World of Nations, a global peace making body formed after the First World War. Well, Bobby steps up to the mike and declares that this current conflict must end now, regardless of the reality on the ground. The (forever guilty of starting all wars) Allies doth strongly protest, suggesting a ceasefire is not needed, but an unconditional surrender and the disarming of all hostile forces. "This guy Hitler cannot be still left in charge with all his generals and admirals surrounding him! What of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe and the U-boats sinking our ships in the Atlantic? What about the Japanese in China and that Mussolini guy in Italy?". Well, Mr. Bobby is indignant! "Don't they know who they are talking to? I mean, I'm the Secretary-General of the WN! Surely I know what's best for everybody here!"

My friend, thankfully that never happened. However, it appears a very similar situation is shaping up in the ME. Israel is being handcuffed whilst the bad guys, aka Hezbollah, are given free reign. We have learned NOTHING from history! Man, I am so frustrated with all this bullshit.

From Jerusalem Newswire: PM John Howard of Australia says this ceasefire won't work. Not to worry though, Kofi Annan simply suggests that if we simply ignore all the Hezbollah violations, this problem will magically disappear. So whom do you trust? Well, according to the world should in essence trust Hezbollah to keep the peace. And yes, that is my comment, just so you know.

Did you know that August 22nd might be a day of reckoning of sorts? According to Islamic tradition, that's the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed's (imagined) Night Journey to the Furthest Mosque (even though Jerusalem is never named directly in the Koran). Robert Spencer, director of jihadwatch, gives us his commentary here and shows his face in a video here. If I were you, I wouldn't be dissmissive of the possibility.

Did you know that Iran's Thug-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has his own blog? Click on both the (semi) official one and a really funny parody blog of the little runt as well. In the first blog, click on the American flag at the top right to get the English translation. I do not know for sure if the first blog is real or just a very clever hoax by some Iranian joker. As always, don't trust everything you see on the net.

Two entries from Jewish World Review:

The first comes from Diana West and what her dream Secretary of State SHOULD be saying in the WOT instead of the drivel being offered to us from Condi Rice.

From Suzanne Fields, a brief history lesson as to what happens when nations choose to reject or embrace the Jewish people in their midst.

This is just unbelievable timing. Ariel Sharon's days may be coming to a close (yes, the man is still just barely with us). So what happens if Arik the Bulldozer dies just before that Aug. 22 date and all the world leaders are there (including Bush, Blair and Harper) while Iran fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39? The mind staggers at the possibility.

Also from the Beeb comes an interesting article on that whole 'global warming' thingy. More importantly, have they been talking to Al Gore recently?

Lots of stuff to ponder. Hope you like it.

Mr. Johnny Cash

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of Half Measures and A False Peace - Aug 13

With much fanfare, a decision for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict will go into effect at 0500 GMT. While I write, the IDF is continuing in it's mop-up operations in Lebanon so as to gain the advantage before the ceasefire takes hold. What I have said before I will say again: We have deferred a smaller war now for a much bigger war later. Israel has lost because it did not win. Hezbollah has won because it did not lose. Foolishness, short-sightedness and naivete have placed Israel in grave danger. Were it not for the promises of God to His people the Jews (see Jer. 31), I would be the world's biggest pessimist. Hezbollah is still an intact fighting force. Those Israeli soldiers that have been captured are still in the enemy's hands. My friend, do not be fooled. Israel and this world is in big time trouble.

From comes an article that states exactly what I have said. Please leave a comment there if you feel so inclined.

Walid Pheres of newsmax says that Iran is now going to become the 'Mother of all World Threats' in the ME. It's also where I got the title of my post.

Before you get all bummed out reading the headline of this next article, just remember that God is always faithful. Israel is NOT doomed! However, due to the massive propaganda campaign, it's veneer of invicibility has been shattered. Believe me, these Arab nations will try to wipe Israel of the map. They will not succeed. God has said so.

I have two links from Ha'aretz here. The first one talks about how the Syrians are still offering military support to Hezbollah. The second one is not so dramatic. Sayed Kashua, an Israeli Arab (no, that's not a contradiction of terms BTW) on the effects that this war is having on him and his family, his young daughter in particular. Sometimes we forget the human cost of war. I hope this second link helps in reminding us of that fact.

Without a shred of doubt in my mind, the world's most dangerous city still has to be Baghdad, Iraq. Yes, even more dangerous that Beirut (Lebanon), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Mogadishu (Somalia), Moscow (Russia), or Jane and Finch (Toronto) at night. In another bombing and rocket attack, 47 have been killed and another 148 wounded.

Angela Reid, the mother of Cpl. Christopher Reid comes out swinging against the Taliban. Well, of course she is. Listen, we could dig a 100 wells and erect 50 schools for these people and it still won't matter. We will always be seen as an occupying Zionist Crusader army. No amount of good works we do will EVER alter that reality on the ground.

Please pray for Issa Motamedi Mojdehi, an ex-Muslim living in Iran who has come to faith in Christ. The corrupt police are trying to lay a bogus charge of drug smuggling against him.

Well surprise, surprise, the UN is once more back to it's old anti-Semitic ways as it condemns Israel without making any mention of Hezbollah. And you wonder why I don't think a one-world gov't will ever work.

It was on this day 45 years ago that the Berlin Wall was erected overnight, splitting Germany in two. Well, I wasn't born then but at least I remember when the damn thing came down.

Here's an X-Def Update: All of April '06 has now been hyper-linked. I still got February and March to get through yet. Will keep you updated.

The Man in Black

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Don't Believe The Hype! - Aug 12

When the apostles came to Christ and asked Him what would be the signs of His coming, the first words out of Jesus' mouth was "Be not deceived!". While the carnage in Lebanon continues with real people dying and infrastructure being blown up, it is becoming more and more apparent that you simply cannot trust the MSM for the straight news out of the ME. Whether it be ignorance, incompetence, laziness or just plain ugly anti-semitism, journalism has been taking a nosedive in the credibility department. Take a look at this picture. I mean it's so obviously staged that no serious journalist should've even taken the picture in the first place. The picture was taken in 2005, so it has no connection with the current conflict. See the two guys on the left who appear to having a good laugh at the antics of the flag bearer? Like I said, take it all in with a serious grain of salt.

While I was briefly away in La Belle Province, a major news story broke in the U.K. about a terror cell being busted. These terrorists planned to hijack some planes. An article from the CBC is here. And what do British Muslims say is the cause of extremism in their ranks? Why it's the mean and nasty policy of the U.K., of course. Would you expect any different from these guys? You may also want to click on the 7 minute video (first link) as well (Real player req'd).

From Honest Reporting comes a flash presentation of the myths and facts concerning the current conflict.

From comes a must-read article from Jacob Laskin on why there are so many civilian deaths in Lebanon. The reason? The noble mujahideen (spit) are using their own people as human shields. It's probably the reason why Major Hess-von Kruedener was accidently killed by Israeli forces.

Like many of us, we have all used a cell phone, some more than others. Because of it's mobility and small size, some have abandoned a land line altogether and have just used the cell phone exclusively. I have some sobering news about cell phones and jihad here. If you use one, make sure you keep it secure AT ALL TIMES! Many bombs can be detonated by using cellular technology. So please hang on to yours like you would your credit cards and your purse/wallet.

To nuke or not to nuke, that is the question. It should come as no surprise that President Bush and V-P Dick Cheney were seriously considering using nukes to take out Iran's nuclear facilities. This, I believe, is a classic Catch-22 situation. Before you condemn these men, ask yourself, 'What would I do?'. It is not an easy decision to make for anyone.

Two more links to close out this post:

In China, Typhoon Saomai is causing havoc all over. What's interesting to note is that some are saying this is the most powerful typhoon that's been seen in 50 years!

I think that the way you judge a society by it's level of compassion is how it chooses to treat the lowest of the low. IMHO, that designation belongs to the incarcerated. In New Orleans, many of the prisoners (some of whom were there on minor, non-violent offences) were simply left to die when Hurricane Katrina blew into town. Sounds like something out of a Stephen King horror novel if you ask me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Waking Up - Aug 7

Today is Simcoe Day, a statuary holiday in Canada (except Quebec and the Yukon). Kind of a breather just before the rest of the summer closes down. Gotta feel for those new and returning university students, some of which are leaving home for the first time. Been there, done that! Anyways, I'm heading for Montreal tomorrow and coming back on Friday. So no posts will be made Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In the meantime, much stuff is happening. I really get the sense that people are starting to wake up as to what is going on. I believe now is the time to make a stand for (a flawed) Western civilization. The call for a ceasefire in Lebanon is a case in point. While the call for peace is an admirable one, are we deferring a little war now just so we end up fighting a much bigger war later? What this current conflict will boil down to is this: Israel will lose because it did not gain the decisive victory. Hizbollah will be able to claim victory because it was not defeated, and against one the top armies in the world to boot. HB will re-organize, re-arm, re-load and reform and we'll all be back here again sometime soon. No, sadly the drive to WW III is still well underway.

Did you know that the Israeli security apparatus has a 90% success rate in foiling terrorist plans? The key: A no-nonsense attitude sheared of PC and the active participation of its citizenry. We should all take note.

The media can play a very important part in counterterrorism. From Daniel Pipes comes a story of how the NBC exposed terrorist financial skullduggery.

Here's exactly what I mean. A judge has made a very interesting decision regarding a recent 'revert' of Islam. While you still cannot prosecute a Muslim just because he/she is a Muslim, we should not be ignorant of that fact. The fact that the defendent in this case changed his birth name to a more Arabic sounding name is something no judge should ignore.

PM Ehud Olmert is losing his patience with the EU. While EU-led forces killed many civilians in Kosovo, Israel is singled out because of the unfortunate deaths of Lebanese civilians. The word 'hypocrisy' comes to mind.

Gays in Iraq are being persecuted at an alarming rate as well. While I am not a supporter of the gay lifestyle, there are a few questions that come to mind.
1) Where is the Hollywood elite in all this? You'd think they would be all over this but they seem to be strangely very silent. Do they hate Bush more than they love Iraqi gays? My mind reels.
2) If these Shia death squads have full backing of the gov't, why are we continuing backing them with our money?
3) If Bush is aware of this, then their blood is on his hands. If he isn't, then somebody oughtta get fired.

Make no mistake, the Israeli army and its citizens are paying a bloody price in this war. While certainly most of the death and destruction is on the Lebanese side of the border, Israel continues to suffer as well. Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

In the Philippines, the army is being mobilized due to a recent upsurge in volcanic activity of Mount Mayon. See? The entire Earth seems to be heaving. Two links, one for text and one for a picture gallery.

Johnny Cash