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In Defence of the Family - Jun 15

With this being Father's Day, it seemed appropriate to have a Father theme mixed in with my usual banter.

My Parents

I'm extremely fortunate to have two loving parents. As they've now become grandparents to my two nephews I have to treasure each moment that I have with them. As I'm out of the house, I only see them once a week for 2-3 hours at a time. As for my Mom, motherhood is an unassailable institution and she is no exception.

My Dad I could right volumes about. I don't think I would be the man that I am today without him. Even as he approaches his 70th birthday (as of 2011) my father isn't just my Dad, I consider him my friend. I doubt many individuals can say the same. I shudder at the idea when he will be no longer with me but I know that day will come. Not for my sake, but for my mother's sake. They enjoy their empty-nest lifestyle and I hope it lasts as long as possible.

Fatherhood: The Ultimate Example of Masculine Leadership

So what did my sister and I do to deserve a loving and safe childhood? As I grew in wisdom I realized but for the sheer grace of God I was lucky that I had such a blessed upbringing. That and nothing else. Others, through no fault of their own, aren't so lucky or blessed. Did they do anything wrong to deserve such an upbringing? No. Our earthly dads are mortal. They make mistakes, some humorous and some more serious. Sometimes they aren't always there when you need them the most. Never once did I feel neglected by my Dad despite his often gruelling work schedule.

Which leads me to one of my first major points about fatherhood. There is nothing more devastating to a child than having a negligent (or non-existent) father. Many violent criminal males in our justice system had fathers who were absent, abusive (to the mother and/or the kids) and/or were emotionally unresponsive.

Secondly, females growing up with absent dads carry through their adult lives a sense of abandonment. A high-risk lifestyle, including promiscuity, is often chosen to 'make up' for that male attention that she so lacked.

I think God has a special place reserved for stepdads. Being the biological father of a son or daughter is tough enough, for a stepdad it's twice the work.

Make no mistake, having a strong and consistent masculine presence makes the world of a difference to a young person. When ideology is placed ahead of the natural bond between husband and wife and between parent and child everyone suffers.

The Sanctity of Sodomy?? I Don't Think So!!

Ready for some bona fide hatemongering? Here goes: I believe that marriage solely consists of a union between one man and one woman. That's it. I take serious issue with the 'reimagining' of marriage as some warped liberal 'ideal' or 'alternative lifestyle'. Here now are three major objections I have to gay marriage.

First, let it be said that every single time a referendum is put forth to its citizens, it's consistently voted down. So what do these gay activists do? They go to the courts to have a majority decision overturned. Now I have no problem with gays or anybody else hiring lawyers to petition the courts. It's a free country and they have every right to do so. What gets my dander up is the profoundly anti-democratic nature of these proceedings. Nobody is being deprived of their rights here. An adult male can marry an adult female so long as he has her consent. What's the problem here? Why this need by an activist court to circumvent and undercut clear majority decisions as it pertains to family law?

Here's my second point. If two men or two women are to be regarded as 'married', what next? Polygamy? Incest? Bestiality? Polyamory? Pedophilia? Inanimate Objects? Rights is rights, right? Once the golden standard of marriage is abandoned, a Pandora's box is opened and all manner of unintended consequences will naturally follow. Furthermore, it would be next to impossible to make a legal argument barring gay couples from adopting children. Depriving a child of the love of a mother or a father is nothing short of criminal.

Thirdly, all this strikes me as incredibly selfish. 'So long as I get what I want is all that matters' is a theme I hear time and time again from these liberals. Does the ends truly justify the means here? Be it sexual attitudes or something else, why this narcissistic need to offend others so as to appear 'cutting-edge' or 'avant-garde'? To earn the applause of Man is to earn the condemnation of God. The false god of ego, 'Me first, all the time, right now', is one that dominates the secular-progressive worldview. Leading a selfish life is but an empty one.

Good enough for now. Sorry about not posting sooner. Time flies when you're not paying attention.

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