Sunday, February 08, 2009

Three Year Anniversary - Feb 8

Please don't try to eat this cake. The X-Def assumes no responsibility if you damage your computer!

The actual anniversary falls on the 12th but I've decided to start celebrating now. Yessir, the X-Def is now three years old. On to year four!

What's My Motivation After All These Years?

Whenever a milestone is reached, we often look back so we can look forward. I have four main directives which seem more pertinent now then what they were three years ago.

Proclaiming the Good News

This has and always will be the number one priority of the Christian Defender. Just think of the impact that Paul, Barnabas and all the other saints would've had if they had access to the world-wide web! Or imagine if Paul had the use of a simple bicycle? I ponder how many with an internet connection who could've made an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God but chose the easy way instead. Proclaiming the Good News comes with a price, usually a heavy one. Reaching out to the lost while under duress is certainly not for the faint of heart.

The 2 I's: Israel and Islam

One is to be supported and the other is to be shamed into oblivion. So while the world supports Islam and shames Israel, I'm proud to do the exact opposite. The battle between Hamas and the Israeli military in Operation Cast Lead may be over, but the battle over the existence of the Jewish state still continues. Despite all the caterwauling about the 'occupation' (Note to anti-semites and pseudo-academics: Israel left Gaza in 2005), the simple fact is Hamas is much more brutal towards the Palestinian people on a good day then Israeli forces will ever be on a bad day.

Secularists Behaving Badly

Which brings me to the fourth pillar of the X-Def: The ongoing culture war to pulverize Judeo-Christian civilization. President Barack Obama's (pro-choice and Marxist) politics will accelerate America's decline as a world power. Bad science, a left-wing elitist media and the normalization of evil are surely the birthpangs of the last days of this church age. We don't tolerate evil, we prefer its company! Is it any wonder that America cannot be found in Bible prophecy?

Giving Thanks To All Those Who've Supported Me

That includes all my detractors (whom will continue to go unmentioned). Any hate mail I receive simply confirms again and again my eternal destiny. The world is truly in the lap of the wicked one. Thanks for reminding me I'm one of Satan's enemies! My thanks also goes out to those fellow Christian bloggers who are courageously challenging this sensual thinking. Lastly, thanks to all those who've happened to stumble across my humble little blog. Only God knows what the eternal impact will be for all my hours of work. Whether you're a one-time viewer or a regular or a friend or an enemy, I feel nothing but gratitude and encouragement for all your visits. May God continue to bless this blog for the purpose of His glory!

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