Saturday, December 12, 2009

It Was A Year Ago Today - Dec 12

The memory of it is still fresh in my mind. On a Friday afternoon after coming back from my run I was called into the office and told my truck was to be taken off the road. After 11 years of faithful service, I was laid off.

While my previous employment gave me the stability I needed, the reality was that I was being left behind both in terms of personal and financial growth. When you can't remember the last time you got a raise it's probably best to move on - or get gently shoved through the door as was with my case.

Hard to believe how far I've come since then. I really feel good about where I'm at right now. The future is indeed a bright one. My paralegal studies have gone swimmingly. Having passed all my courses with an A average, I have flourished in my new environment as a legal student.

As I look forward to the new year, 2010 looks to be both exciting and somewhat terrifying. In May I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday. By that time my classes will have come to an end and I'll be smack dab in the middle of my internship. On August 11th I write my paralegal exam. What happens beyond that is a mystery.

2010 is a year which has as its theme, 'Finish What You Started'. All my travails at getting into school (which I detailed in the first half of this year) came to fruition in June. By May 2010 my tenure at TriOS will have come to its completion. In a way, it's like leaving the womb. You may be safe and protected there, but there comes a point when its time to leave and start growing.

God has indeed provided for me. Mind you, it hasn't been easy. I've had to make some withdrawals from my RRSP's and on more than one occasion I've been totally broke - usually at the end of the month. My commissionaires pay and EI still managed to sustain me throughout. Despite my delicate financial position, I still had the chance to do all my regular summer stuff, including:

  • CHIN Picnic Bikini Pageant (never get tired of that!)
  • Carabram (All pavilions visited like a trooper should)
  • Taste of the Danforth (The food! The crowds! The music! Did I mention the food?)
  • And as always, the CNE (twice!)
I've also had the chance to see at least five OHL hockey games this season. Life has been good despite the necessary penny-pinching when you're on a budget. I've met all my financial obligations and by March my car will be paid off. Does God still answer prayer? Does He still take care of His children? You better believe He does!

I firmly believe God has sent me this adversity for a reason. Much like the Israelites being driven from Egypt, this has happened to me at the precise moment of God's choosing. Like the Israelites, I too moaned and complained when things weren't going my way. Only now do I appreciate His divine wisdom as He has set me upon this path. God is still in the business of weaving small miracles into my life. I feel blessed and fortunate to be given this second chance. May His name be glorified through my scholarly efforts.

Johnny Cash

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