Saturday, August 14, 2010

Islam - The World's Fastest Dying Religion - Aug 14

Found this awesome little video for you. Turns out the hyperbole about Islam being the fastest growing religion is a bunch of horse feathers. According to this video:


On a continent-wide basis, there are converts leaving Islam at a rate of:

667 per hour
16,000 a day and;
6 million annually

  • In 1902 there were only one million Catholics in the Dark Continent. In the year 2000, that number has jumped to 330 million.
  • Algeria has a growth rate of 10,000 new converts a year.
  • Morocco beats that with a growth rate of 45,000 new converts a year.
Elsewhere in the world
  • In Kyrgyzstan there are reports of tens of thousands embracing Christ.
  • Pakistan had a mere 80,000 Christians in 1947. In 2000 that number has now swelled to six million believers.
  • Bangladesh boasts of ten million new believers who have added their name to the Book of Life.
The Decline of Islam
  • Cambodia used to have 250,000 Muslims. They now have zero.
  • Russia used to have 24,321 mosques in 1927. That number has now dwindled down to 20.
My own personal observations
  • All these numbers of new converts are ten years out of date and represent a low-ball conservative estimate. The case of Kyrgyzstan is a prime example of where the true number of converts is unknown.
  • This doesn't even take into consideration the explosive growth of the church in China. When Christians not only get the attention of the the Communist Party of China but get them concerned and agitated you know something fantastic is happening.
  • Islam's time is running out. So is the Church Age - or the 'end of the age' as Jesus mentions in commanding His Great Commission (Mt 28: 16-20).
  • The new Leftists - those who wage the cultural jihad against the West and Judeo-Christian values - show themselves to be utterly bankrupt and on the wrong side of history. There will indeed be an 'end to history' but not the way the leftists envision.
  • God's prophetic word is 100% trustworthy.
  • The video mentions the explosion of new Catholics in Africa. The number of new converts created by Protestant churches and charismatics (Pentecostal) would also likely be a significant boost to the body of Christ.
  • Lastly, I concur with the videos conclusions. This process will advance human rights, nation-building and the rule of law over the cruel dictates of Islam. It will be a glorious victory for mankind.
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