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Fools Rush In Where Angels Dare To Tread - Apr 1

The picture below was taken at the Vatican by a British tourist. Of course, this doesn't prove anything nor am I attempting to be clever. I just thought it was a cool pic.

Speaking of fools, this new brouhaha over those captured British sailors is escalating. Keep in mind that this is a calculated ploy. The Iranians believe (correctly) that it's too risky to try and kidnap American troops so they captured British troops at sea instead. This is been a long time coming as the Iranians desire a showdown with the West. So as the U.S. Navy gathers strength in the Persian Gulf (Is it an exercise? Or a prelude to war?), we must realize that the Mutually Assured Destruction (or MAD) doctrine that was in place with the Russians during the Cold War simply doesn't work with Iran. If Iran's mad mullahs were to order an attack on Israel they would have no moral quandry in sacrificing tens of millions of innocent Iranians to achieve their demonic dream of a Jew-free Middle East. Yes, it is THAT insane! So long as Islam is advanced and Islam's enemies (America and Israel) are seen in a bad light is how 'victory' is determined.

Meanwhile, the dhimmification of Europe continues as it is now very un-PC to even mention the word jihad. Well, if they can't say it then I will: Jihad, jihad, jihad. Ahhh, that feels so much better! And by jihad I'm not referring to inner spiritual struggle either. On the other side of the pond, American lawmakers are fighting dhimmification to defend American citizens from malicious prosecution. You may remember the case of the Six Flying Imams who conspired to raise all sorts of hell in Minneapolis as they boarded a US Airways flight. Organizations like CAIR are notorious for using litigation to intimidate their opponents or anyone who has a critical word to say. Free speech under attack? You bet.

Allright, five more links and then we're done. This is without doubt the most important week of the year for Jews and Christians world-wide. As the Jews celebrate Passover, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend as Jesus Christ made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, in accordance to Daniel's prophecy of 'Seventy-Sevens' found in chapter nine.

I love the Pope. He's a no-nonsense, back to basics kind of guy. As much as JP II was loved and admired, I think the guy tolerated far too much. Benedict XVI on the other hand is a different story which is good for the Catholic church and the church as a whole. Benny recently proclaimed that the fires of Hell were both real and eternal. Wow. Just how un-PC is that! I believe in the doctrine of Hell too, not because of what some 80 year-old German theologian said but because of what Jesus Himself said. Go back and read some of the NT gospels. Not even once did Jesus contradict the doctrine of Hell as being both real and eternal. So what does that tell you?

As a news hound and a history aficionado, it disheartens me greatly when we fail to learn from our mistakes. Take Iraq for example. In 1920, learned people who underood Iraq knew there was going to be trouble when the British were there. Read these quotes and see what I mean.

Should it surprise you that slavery has never really disappeared? Except now it's called 'human trafficking'. A case here in Canada was over Portuguese immigrants who came here illegally to work here is an example that comes to mind. What happens to one of these workers when they get injured? How are labor laws supposed to protect them then? How can they report to the Ministry of Labor when unsafe conditions exist in the workplace? Workers who come here illegally are completely at the mercy of a tyrannical and unethical employer who don't care a whit if their illegals get hurt. I think that there's a special place in hell for those that exploit the vulnerable, especially women.

My last link goes to Gospel for Asia. See this slide show that proves God's faithfulness to new Christians in India.

Many thanks to Faith Girl for forwarding her links to me. You may have noticed I've added a new header in my sidebar that show FG's favorite links. Please do visit them as I believe they are quite useful. I've also added Israeli Weapons to my short list. I've subtracted Sacred Scoop because his blog is no longer current. CottShop, you will be missed. I've done away with Inshallah Shaheed, a Muslim blogger who isn't deserving of any kind of publicity, be it negative or positive. And thanks to Douglas who tagged me with a 'Thinking Man's Blogger Award'. I have no clue what that entails exactly but I'm 100% sure that it is a compliment.

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