Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Thin Edge Of The Wedge - Apr 24

I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw this cartoon. Not because of its content, message or style, but because of where it came from. Would you believe Saudi Arabia of all places? You can find this cartoon and a whole bunch of others in the MEMRI link provided.

Here's an excerpt from the same link above:

The cartoons presented the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks in Morocco and Algeria as bloodthirsty murderers destined for hell; the spread of terrorism in the Arab world was characterized as a worrying and threatening phenomenon; terrorism was presented as a distortion of the commandments of the Koran; and there was criticism of the clergy's acquiescence in the face of terrorist acts.

Also from MEMRI are these two remarkable posts about hard lessons learned when Arab countries expel their Jews and a parody op-ed from al-Hayat editor Ghassan Charbel on the need of a massive funeral society to accommodate all the dead Arabs and their dreams.

Here is Islam's evolution as I see it:

1) Believers see their faith as growing; triumphalism abounds.

2) Islam suffers some setbacks. No panic in the Ummah yet. Israel and America still thrive, much to the jihadis chagrin.

3) More setbacks follow, this time more serious and extensive. A slow trickle of believers leave the faith, never to return. Still no panic but now visible signs of worry are evident.

4) Many people come out publicly, including ex-Muslims, to criticize Islam and its Prophet. While Islam still remains a formidable foe, those filled with the Holy Spirit of God begin to see that the end-game for Islam and other false religions is in sight. More Muslims become apostates and begin their new path of faith by trusting in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

5) The Rapture of the Church occurs suddenly and without warning. Chaos is all over the globe, especially in America where the vanishings hit hardest. The tribulation era begins and a mysterious figure out of Europe seizes the reins of power. The Muslims refer to him as the al-Mahdi. The Jews in Israel that remain call him Messiah and sign a seven year peace treaty with this articulate and handsome leader.

6) Seven years of horrific bloodshed ensues. Many Muslims begin to openly curse their al-Mahdi for lack of progress. What was once a trickle of believers leaving Islam is now turning into a irreversible cascade. Disasters befall Earth's inhabitants and powerful miracles are sent from God to proclaim the coming Millenial Reign.

7) Armaggeddon and the Second Coming of Christ. All the armies arrayed against the King of Kings are squashed like a bug in one day. Islam and other false doctrines are finished forever. The Kingdom of God is ushered in and the Golden Age of Humanity lasts for a thousand years.

As I see it right now, we are at stage four. The thin edge of the wedge is already well underway. Are you ready to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour today? I hope so.

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