Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Bull Than You Can Handle - Nov 10

Still can't believe my luck in finding this cartoon. I do miss Cox and Forkum. Sadly they have finished their testimony and have gone onto other things. John Bolton, whom I think would have a great deal in common with Glenn Beck, is a master of plain speaking. If Hillary was still serious about this whole 'I wanna be president' thing she'd do well in taking advice from Mr. Bolton. Of course you and I know that'll never happen.

I've solved my internet issues by disconnecting the wireless router and working directly off the modem. Seems to work like a charm so I'll continue merrily along.

But We're Canadians!

Aren't we supposed to be just so nice? Seems we're doing a nice job of arming the world too, climbing to number six in the world (as of 2006). That's not even the worst part: Both the Conservatives and the Liberals are doing an excellent job hiding this information from ordinary Canadian citizens. Not since 2002 has a white paper on defence been produced and read in Parliament. Nothing to see here, move along people! The silence from the Harper gov't is deafening. Why the cold feet Prime Minister? What are you afraid of?

Murphy's Golden Rule Or Why We Ought To Resist A 'Paperless Economy'

Let's review, shall we? In a democracy, true power rests with the people. Not the police or the army. Not the political and economic elite and the bankers who finance them. You see, governments are terrified of the idea of citizens holding gold (and possibly silver) and therefore having real buying power. Gold erodes global government. It's the same reason why gov'ts won't even entertain the idea of flat-rate taxation: It gives the poor incentive to work and forces the rich to pay their fair share. Hey, what a concept!

A Classic Model In Microcosm

A casino must have the cash on the premises to cover every chip on the tables. Otherwise, those high-rollers will be left holding a bunch of colorful plastic (and worthless) chips. In the same way, the government should have enough gold in its reserves to cover the paper money being circulated. All that paper in your wallet or purse is nothing more than a sexy IOU printed by your government. It is no accident that the United States has not had a gold audit in years. To do so would invite open revolution. A couple of history lessons are in order here. The French Revolution began when the poor couldn't buy bread. Adolf Hitler ascended to power due to the mark's spiralling devaluation. It is amoral and irresponsible currency manipulation which create conflict and war.

Here's My Point (And I Do Have One!)

Gov't issued bills, notes or bonds can be inflated, debased, devalued and manipulated. No need for a bank robber with a gun and a mask! Some suit with top-level clearance can steal more money in one hour than any career criminal could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime. Let me put it to you this way: The government is more afraid of average citizens holding gold and silver in reserve than an assassin's bullet. The move towards a paperless economy represents a silent coup d'tat where all the political and economic power rests with the elite and not the people.

Turns out I'm not such a dummy when it comes to money after all. I had some other stuff but that'll do for now.

Johnny Cash

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