Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why We Fight - Jan 20

The guy driving in the video is Paul McKeever. Paul's assertion that soldiers are not sent into battle to die for their country, to 'sacrifice' as he puts it, but to live. The act of dying in a war benefits only the enemy. As General Patton once bellowed, wars aren't won by dying for your country, but by making the enemy die for his. Soldiers don't fight for King, God and Country. They fight for each other. They fight to affirm the value of human life and for liberty. Armies don't exist to 'sacrifice' themselves, they exist to kill enemy soldiers and destroy enemy infrastructure. Soldiers are not glorified social workers with a rifle. To fight, survive and complete the objective whatever the cost is what drives a soldier.

Peace, Peace When There Is No Peace

Peace is not secured by endless rounds of negotiations and by bleeding and conceding (Israeli gov't please take note). It is secured by bayonet and rifle and by bombs and bullets. Understand I'm not opposed to negotiations per se, but when you choose to negotiate you do so from a postion of strength, not weakness. Your freedom was secured by the shedding of human blood, whether it be on the battlefields of Europe or by Christ's sacrifice at Calvary. Freedom is a gift of God, not of government. The 'peace at any cost' Left will never get it. It is too advanced a concept for them to understand. It is no wonder I get frustrated at our leader's blissful ignorance of military history.

Johnny Cash

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