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Darts and Laurels in 2007 - Jan 14

Better late than never I suppose. Seeing as it's still January and I've had these bookmarks burning a hole in my pocket, time to do the right thing and get rid of them. So in no particular order, here are the individuals who've either earned our admiration or contempt.

2007 Man of the Year: General David Howell Petraeus

Check out the rack of medals on this guy. While the American military tend to hand out service medals like they were Halloween candy, some of the medals here (click to enlarge) aren't exactly chump change. For defeating al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers (and causing the Left to cry in their towels), General David Petraeus gets a sizeable laurel.

One Big Honking Dart to Czar Vlad

Does anybody out there still read TIME magazine? Being called TIME's 'Person of the Year' was once upon a time met with bated breath. Now it's met with a shrug and a yawn. While TIME insists that this is not an endorsement, Putin's Russia has become increasingly hostile towards freedom of the press, political freedoms and a top-down approach to the economy.

Check out these Russian neo-nazi skinheads. Does their salute remind you of anyone? Whenever tribalism and anti-Semitism raises its ugly head, wars and rumors of wars are the natural result. Worthy of a dart. Preferably where it really hurts.

A Dart to Those Who Would Appease Our Enemies

Seeing as our enemies won't be surrendering to us anytime soon, it behooves us to be wary of any politician who's naive enough to believe that this jihad is nothing more than a big misunderstanding. America doesn't need to be 'nice'. It needs to be strong (Hello President John McCain!). A dart to all those who would undermine America with this rosy thinking.

A Laurel to ABC News

Rarely do I give a tiff about the MSM. However, I have stumbled across this link which will help those American voters who aren't sure whom they should support. Just answer each multiple choice question honestly and get the top three candidates who best fit your political views. Try it a number of times (with different answers of course) and see what you come up with. It's the least I can do to dispel the fog and confusion surrounding this presidential race.

Laurels for Stratfor and Walid Phares

Forecasting the future is notoriously difficult. People can die in violent and unexpected ways (witness Mrs. Bhutto) and irrational people on a glory trip can cause us no end in trouble. I applaud anyone who is willing to put their reputation on the line and give us their thoughts as to what will happen in the next twelve months.

Here is Stratfor's Annual Forecast for 2008 (pdf file).

And here is Mr. Phares with his prognostications.

A Dart for Saudi Arabia and North Korea

Why you ask? These two countries top the list when it comes to persecuting Christians. In Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi Islam has a strict monopoly. In the Hermit Kingdom, being sent to prison camps (along with all your family) is the fate of those found in possession of a Bible.

Laurels To Those Spreading the Good News

Evangelism isn't something you have to do, it's something you get to do. Witnessing to an unbelieving world is difficult even at the best of times. So when God places His missionaries in almost impossible circumstances, it is nothing short of miraculous when those efforts still bear fruit.

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? (1 Corinthians 1:19-20)

In Afghanistan.

At a porn convention. Yes, you read correctly!

A prison ministry. Satan really is quite stupid. A jailed missionary is the most dangerous person of all. Why? Because he has nothing but the souls of inmates to gain.

Lastly, a dart to Michael from Texas. He was one the the many winners (or is that losers?) of the 2007 Darwin awards. Alcohol makes fools of us all.

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