Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Contenders, Pretenders and Defenders - Mar 25

Time to change things up. My last post was a little on the heavy side so I'm going easy this time. The title of my post says it all.

Barack Hussein Obama: 2008 Used Car Salesperson of the Year

The man is thoroughly deserving of the title. As I see it, there are two, not three, legitimate contenders for the Oval Office. One is John McCain who is looking more presidential with each passing day and the other is good ol' what's-er-face. Uh, that's Hillary I'm referring to. Obama, despite leading the Dem delegate count, looks more and more like a local used car salesman. And not in a good way either. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing more manlier than two (or more) guys talking about cars. So I actually like kibbutzing with car salesmen for some strange unfathomable reason. But Obama? No way. I imagine the sales pitch would sound something like this:

BHO: This car can be yours for $12,000!
Me: But the sticker price says $8,995!
BHO: Ah, but you forgot to add the racial aggravation surcharge!
Me: What the (bleep) is a racial aggravation surcharge?
BHO: Well you see my pastor told me that the gov't hands out guns to black people to kill each other. Not to mention HIV which is injected into blacks by the feds. Plus 9/11 was inside job designed to erect a police state against (you guessed it) blacks! Hence the surcharge.
Me: ???? ????
BHO: But of course I was never there when he actually said all that (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I mean I've only been going to the same church for twenty years so how could I have known my pastor's true feelings?
Me: ???? ????
BHO: So do you want to buy the car?
Me: Screw you. I'm outta here.

So the blacks got screwed by 'The Man'. Well Boo Hoo. They can join the long line of the oppressed right behind the NA Indians, the Jews, Hispanics, the Roman Catholics, Asians and every other racial/ethnic/religious group that faced stiff opposition from the 'powers that be'. Playing the victim card with the American public will get you nowhere. Nor am I apologizing to blacks (or anybody else for that matter) for being white. Not just any white guy, but a pasty white Anglo-Canadian with English roots who votes Conservative. So there.

Who's the Real Defenders of Civil Liberties?

I'll give you a hint: It isn't smarmy and smug liberals. No friends, it has always been God-fearing middle class working Americans (and Canadians too) who are the true defenders of human freedom. Liberal sociopaths who care nothing except for their own political rights and sexual freedoms have never lifted a finger for the defence of liberty. Who's defending Iranian gays from the jihad being waged against them? None other that Robert Spencer. Yes, THAT Robert Spencer, Catholic conservative and director of Jihad Watch. Not one Hollywood liberal with an axe to grind against America and the church will take up the cause. Who's defending Rachel Ehrenfeld, an American being sued by a Saudi billionaire by way of a British court? Not the liberal media save three (NY Post, NY Jewish Week and the SF Chronicle). Can't have successful and empowered women put on a display lest they offend delicate (male) Muslim sensibilities. A direct assault upon our cherished freedoms and the MSM doesn't even blink. It's worse than indifference. It's dereliction of duty. Heck, it's outright cowardice in the face of the enemy.

Craven Dhimmitude: Laura Bush in Saudi Arabia

So please don't talk to me about how good it is that we have all these secular-progressives to (mis)lead us. We do all the heavy lifting while you hog the spotlight? I don't think so. It has always been those individuals raised with strong Judeo-Christian values and ethics that have been the vanguard of freedom. The same cannot be said of our lib-left friends.

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