Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The New Face of Infantry Tactics - Mar 4

I managed to fortuitously stumble upon this by way of Jewish World Review. You can read about it on the America Agility site as well. It's a mobile two-seater called the 'Jake'. It can be armed with a heavy machine gun (like a 50 caliber or 7.62mm GPMG) or it can be operated by remote control. Wireless communication between them significantly reduces the need for shouted commands. It was designed initially for people with mobility problems but it soon became apparent how the military could use it in an urban setting. An infantry soldier on foot is limited in his ability to cover large distances due to the weight of his personal kit. A Humvee is too cumbersome and presents a large platform for enemy combatants to target. The Jake fills that tactical gap between the two. Anyways, watch this video and be amazed!

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