Monday, May 12, 2008

Sharkwater - May 12

I just saw Sharkwater. The official website can be found here. Wow! I love documentaries, especially ones dealing with nature. Here's the trailer:

Exploitation and Greed

It is nothing short of folly that the shark fin trade is still in operation despite laws being put into place outlawing the practice. As this film notes, what good is a law, no matter how well intentioned, if there is no enforcement? You have to physically put human bodies in harm's way to prevent criminal activity. Or boats in the case.

Tastes Like Chicken, Strong Like Ox!

I was surprised to learn that the shark fins in shark fin soup actually add little or no flavor. Most of the time, chicken or pork is added to give the soup some substance. The shark fins in the soup simply add texture. There's no hard evidence either that consuming shark fins makes you stronger. Herbal medicine is a wonderful thing but shark fins have absolutely no medicinal value. Just another man-made myth that has created an illicit multi-million dollar industry.

Government Activism? Not Bloody Likely!

I like what Paul Watson said. Paraphrasing here, he said that it has always been the individual, not government, that have spawned positive social change. No mass movement has ever gotten off the ground of it's own accord. It's been small groups passionate about their cause, usually operating on a shoestring budget, that have lit the fire. If anything, history has proven us that government is in cahoots with the crooks either by turning a blind eye to the problem or outright corruption. So don't hold your breath thinking that big gov't will step in because they won't. Taking a stand and making a difference is not an easy task. But it's the only chance we have of making this world a better place.

Johnny Cash

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