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A Bright Shining Future? - Sep 1

I was musing the other day about my childhood. In particular, I was thinking about the various playground equipment in use at recess at my primary school. I drove by the other day and it was gone! Truth be told, it had been gone for years. That's what got me started. In my day, playing on these old wooden contraptions involved some kind of risk. Sure, you got bumps and bruises and even a few nasty scrapes. Heck, even some blood may have been spilled! Did that deter us? NO! We were bandaged up, told to watch out for ourselves (and each other) and lo and behold, we were out there THE VERY NEXT DAY! While the girls were playing their silly games, us boys would be smacking each other around, wrestling and rolling around in the grass making fools of ourselves. In wintertime, tossing the occasional snowball at a friend (or a rival) was never cause for suspension. It was winter in Canada and you played the hand that the weather dealt you. Recess would end after the requisite fifteen minutes and we'd be back in our classrooms to attend to our studies. Life was good, even if wasn't perfect.

The Infantilization of Adults

Fast forward to the future and it doesn't look so pretty now, does it? Getting hit with a snowball, falling and scraping your knee, getting into the occasional scrap is now a major event. I'm not talking about kids, I'm talking about adults! In my day, it was not how many times we fell, it was how many times we got back up. Now, an army of psychologists has to be dispatched whenever somebody experiences a setback. Where has our spine and testicular fortitude gone?

Pain Endlessly Deferred Equals A Collapsed Worldview in Adulthood

Why this rigid insistence on a smothering type of protection? What is the prevailing false worldview being taught today? Four points come to mind:

1) Belief in the Goodness of Man: Yet the Bible is clear this is not the case. Every single one of us has fallen short of perfection. A child growing up with this belief is going to inevitably have their faith shattered. We can teach this Biblical truth to our kids now or they can learn it for themselves later on. Either way, the 'goodness of Man' is going to be exposed for the myth it always was. Better a cushioned blow now than a hard fall later!

2) Belief in Our Government: The government doesn't care about you. What it cares about is revenue streams (aka tax pipelines), be it making new ones or enlarging old ones. Whether those revenues is legal or illegal, whether they be ethical or unethical, the government simply wants its cut. This simple lesson in civics will help greatly in the formation of a young person's political beliefs. I wish somebody would've explained this to me earlier. I could've bypassed my radical years at McMaster altogether.

3) Belief in Our Legal System: You're kidding me right? No wonder so many politicians come from a legal background. They all share the same perverse ideology! The law is not concerned about upholding righteousness. Rather, it's about protecting double standards and punishing enemies. The whole system is driven by self-interest and false idols. Of course the law favors the rich over the poor as it does the white man over the black man. The world does not need more lawyers. It needs godly people who will uphold the Bible as the supreme authority.

4) Belief in a Bright Shining Future: It isn't going to happen. Unless there be genuine repentence before God on a mass scale we are basically screwed. Our governments are too short-sighted and mired in self-interest to care about any long-term planning for the next generation. Prophecy lays bare the stark reality that Man faces prior to Jesus' arrival. We revile Godly instruction which therefore ultimately dooms us. Millions of adults believe that Obama will save us. Not only will this not occur (should he be elected), it is entirely possible the rate of decay will actually increase! And if Obama is not elected, what radicals out there will exploit this defeat for their own gain? Either way, it doesn't look good. McCain is my man but I do so with relatively low expectations.

The Bottom Line

There's nothing wrong with having a child-like wonder of the universe. But the continued infantilization of adults combined with the feminization of men is destroying our way of life from within. God provides for those that love Him, even whilst under great persecution. Letting our young people know the truth of God's word and the reality of this fallen world is the greatest gift we can give them. Let us not fail in this important endeavour.

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