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Practical Evangelism - Jul 22

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
(Hebrews 12:2)

Did you ever wonder why so many well-meaning evangelists fail? They have their hearts in the right place. They love Jesus and they love people. Yet their efforts continue to fall flat. Here are a few pointers as to how to be a better communicator for Christ.

Why The 'Big Stuff' Doesn't Work

Do you wonder about Heaven and life after death? Are you fascinated by the concept of salvation and a resurrection body? I find myself wondering about these 'big' things all the time. But do you well and truly conceive it? Can we compare any of these mysteries to our present condition? No we cannot. I believe in Heaven (and the existence of Hell) as well as the glorious idea of salvation through grace. I don't understand it but I do believe. I also believe in the idea of the resurrection, the tribulation and the rapture of the church. But do I fully comprehend it? No I don't. Guess what? Most Christians don't either.

'Just Getting Through The Day': A Faith That Sustains 24/7

Most people, especially in modern Western countries, are so busy with their lives. They're not thinking about such weighty topics as eternity or anything else remotely associated with God. Getting through the day with their sanity intact is victory enough. They're looking for the strength to persevere for one more day, whether it be a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon.

Wisdom and Discernment: Immediate Dividends of Salvation

In any major city (such as the Greater Toronto Area), there are probably countless seminars being taught at any given time. Some have to do with finances and business matters. Others deal with marriage and family. A location is booked for a certain date at a certain time and most often a registration fee has to be paid prior to attending. Now imagine a seminar offering the wisdom of the ages. You chose the location, date and time. Even better, the registration fee has been waived! Who wouldn't attend such a seminar? Sadly, many do by rejecting Christ. Even if there was no Heaven to gain or Hell to fear I'd still give my heart to Christ for the advantages offered above: wisdom and discernment.

Reality or Fantasy: Which One Will You Choose?

The world is awash in lies and clever fabrications. So much data yet so little truth! If I were conversing with someone about God, I'd lovingly ask: 'Wouldn't you want to know why geopolitical events are happening the way that they are?', 'Why does the world obsess over Israel?' and 'Wouldn't you want the ability to see the 'big picture' accurately when everybody else is in perplexity?'

Salvation: An Abundant Life Lived to the Fullest

Do you want mediocrity or excellence? Are you the man/woman you've always wanted to be? Do you want your marriage to be a loving one or a joyless (read: NO SEX!) union. If you have kids, do you want to send them out as a sheep before the slaughter? Of course not. I am of the firm belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well. I am also of the firm belief that everything starts with salvation. Want to understand the Middle East? Gotta start with salvation. Want to be a good citizen/husband/father? Start with salvation. If you want the blessings of God in your life, you start with salvation by way of the cross.

The Author and Finisher of our Faith

It is vital the evangelist grasp fully the concept of sanctification. Start with the little stuff first. Only the most foolhardy and prideful will consider themselves to be in need of nothing. Once a person sees the immediate advantages to be had, curiosity about the bigger mysteries of our faith will naturally be piqued. The new believer will, over a period of time, become aware of an entire body of knowledge that had been sealed to them before. Herein lies the key: Keep It Simple Stupid! Then let God do the rest. He knows what He's doing!

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