Saturday, May 12, 2007

Loose Ends - May 12

When I post I usually have some leftover bookmarks that don't make the cut due to time and space. I've got some interesting links for you that missed my last post. No big lead-in so here we go:

In some Canadian news, Jeff Toews (pronounced Taves) has become the victim of a vicious beating while vacationing with his family in Mexico. That is unless you believe the Mexican authorities who are saying that he fell while jumping from one balcony to the next. It's too late for Jeff as his organs have already been donated, but it isn't too late if you fancy a cheap vacation in a tropical place. The price might be right and all-inclusive to boot but consider this: Why put your life at risk? Why prop up corrupt gov'ts with your hard-earned money? I really think Canadians are rather naive when it comes to vacationing down south, especially in places like Mexico. So if you are vacationing, please do your own research. If you have an internet connection you have no excuse. Travel agents who want your business are going to try to sell you those package deals to Mexico or Cuba. Its not that they're trying to deliberately mislead or be unscrupulous, its just that they're looking for your business. The name of the game is profit and so naturally they're always going to sugar-coat the security situation for you. What triggered the Toews beating will likely never be known for sure. Bottom line is: Always protect yourself and be aware at all times. Don't take reckless and unneccessary risks. And don't vacation in Mexico or Cuba!

It didn't take long for Nicolas Sarkozy to make waves, did it? Saint Nic is proposing a type of Mediterranean union that would involve Israel. Before we get all excited here, let's keep things in their proper perspective:

1) This is something that has come right out of the blue. No other European politician as far as I know has proposed a similar idea to that of Sarkozy's. It's not even in its infancy stage yet. More like the embryonic stage is a more appropriate assessment.

2) I tend to believe that the Germans, and not neccessarily under Angela Merkel, will have a much bigger say over this then what the French do. If the Germans get on board in a big way then the pace of Bible prophecy will accelerate. However, should the Germans develop cold feet in getting involved in ME politics (in particular the Jewish-Arab conflict) then this idea of Sarkozy's will be dead on arrival.

Likud MK (Member of the Knesset) Gilad Erdan is proposing the strengthening of ties between Israel and the Christian community, especially those in North America. I think the Jews have always been aware of the Christian love of Israel but have been wary of those who wish to share the Good News with them. Anything that brings the Jews closer to the idea of Yeshua as Messiah is something that all Christians should hope and pray for.

Cocaine traffickers are now dealing in Euros in greater amounts over the American dollar. There IS a logic to what the drug lords are doing. When even the criminals stop dealing exclusively in U.S. dollars you know the American economy is in trouble.

Here's a cool link for all you science geeks out there. Yes, you know who you are! A very large supernova has been detected by scientists that is defying logic. It is a ways off and yet it may hold clues about the origins of the early universe. Do they need to go that far? The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and earth and you don't need a telescope to believe that!

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