Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tracking God's Adversaries - May 22

Below is an actual tunnel dug by Hezbollah in Rshaf, Lebanon. Not to give the devil his due, I still have to say I'm quite impressed by the work that was done. Anybody who thinks Hezbollah is digging these complex bunkers because they're poor or they've been dispossesed of their land by the big bad Jews is dreaming. They do it because they hate, plain and simple.

When I hear the political discourse happening out there, I am struck by the fact that there are more and more individuals publicly rooting for the enemy. Twenty or thirty years ago anybody who displayed such open contempt for their country had to seek refuge for fear of being lynched by a mob. Today no-one even blinks at such treasonous behaviour. Dissatisfied patriots aren't the problem, they need to be listened to. The ill-informed and ignorant don't cause me concern, they need to be educated. Air-head celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell are no threat to freedom either, they can be ignored. I do concern myself with those who get on their knees and fervently pray to their false gods for America's destruction. Whether it be Hezbollah tunnels in Lebanon, Iranian interference in Basra, Iraq, or paramilitary jihadis operating in upper New York state, those who give aid and comfort to the enemy should be dealt with swiftly. Allowing evil to flourish isn't kindness, it's cultural suicide.

Despite what you hear from the Bush administration, we are in the midst of a new Cold War with Russia. Now I know it's popular to blame Bush for all this, Lord knows the man has made his mistakes. But when you take the larger view you realize that this problem with Russia cuts across many administrations. I think the only president who had a clue what the Russians were truly about was Reagan. While the Gorbachev-Reagan era was looked upon rather fondly by the politically naive, Reagan always knew that Gorbachev was a committed communist and a wolf in sheep's clothing. He never said such a thing in public of course, Ronnie was forever the consummate pro, always able to smile for the cameras. A still very alive Gorbachev is now shilling for the enviromental movement, ironic considering it was 'Gorby' who presided over the Chernobyl disaster. And while EU-Russian relations are in a bit of a bind, a new report paints the Russians in a much darker picture 40 years after the Six-Day War of 1967.

I don't think the West has ever appreciated the horrific toll that the Russians endured in the Second World War. We tend to glamorize the WW II American G.I. (keeping the upcoming Memorial Day in mind), glossing over it like it was some grand adventure. The reality was much bleaker and a hell of lot colder for those Germans and Russians who fought in the Eastern Front, often doing so in pitched urban battles. Due to the lay of the land, Russia has always been vulnerable to a mass land invasion from Europe, a fact that Adolf Hitler (and Napoleon before him) knew all too well. It is precisely those battles that reverbrate through the Russian heart, influencing current policy and why Russians to this day deeply mistrust all things Western. Bottom line is we've never truly understood Russian-ness, a fact that will cost us dearly in the long run.

Lastly a link about those dastardly Bilderbergers who are meeting in Istanbul, Turkey from May 31 to June 3. See the sidebar link for more in depth info on these high priests of globalization.

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