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Deception (and Hope) In The Latter Days - Dec 1

It appears 2007 still has one month left to go. Time sure flies, does it not? Despite the passage of time however, there are more than a few things that remain constant. The battle for the hearts and minds of men and women are still being waged. The enemies of truth (and therefore God) are still active.

A Lump Of Coal To The Times

The New York Times has given up on any kind of credibility and have resorted to fairy tales. Most Americans are appalled at the amnesty that the Bush administration is offering to illegal immigrants. Yet to hear the liberal press caterwaul you'd think that this debate was very much touch and go. It isn't. Not even close. I'm not immigrant-bashing (though they don't get off scot free either) but the thing that should truly appall us how out of touch the Times have become. The MSM and the GOP may have stopped believing but most Americans still hold true to conservative principles.

Peace In Our Time? Not With These Jokers

Ah yes, the Annapolis conference. I mean, why do we bother? Only the naive and foolish place any hope in these confabs. I'm not referring to the average citizen. I'm referring to Condi Rice and a weak Ehud Olmert playing the fools. Islam cannot, nor will it ever accept a Jewish state in its midst. Israel is still allowed to exist mind you (no problem there), so long as its Jewish character is eliminated. Ooooh, how exciting! Throw the Jew under the bus and ME 'peace' will ensue! This will not do and should not be acceptable to any freedom-loving person.

Three Obstacles To Peace

The first casualty of war is truth. Indeed, making war whilst lying to the enemy go hand in hand. That principle has not changed today. The Islamic form of misinformation, called 'al-taqiyya', is still in tactical use. And make no mistake, WE are the enemy as far as Islam is concerned.

Too many useful idiots shilling for that 'Religion of Peace'. We need more apologists for terror like we need a knee to the groin. In other words, no thanks!

Upside-Down History Lessons: I wish that it was just the New York Times that was the only paper out of touch with the people and history. Sadly, that's not the case. Aren't you supposed to do some research or something before you write? Do you think I type out impulsively whatever pops into my head at any given moment? No! By my own admission I am a perfectionist. Links are read from top to bottom and all words are carefully considered. Yet these basic principles of journalism seem to evade us when dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The fact that deadlines have to be met is no excuse for shoddy reporting.

So much data yet so few facts. It is a supreme irony in this modern age. No wonder people have turned to the internet (and bloggers) for their daily dose of geopolitics!

Iran, Iran So Far Away!

Should it surprise you that I find the people and country of Iran fascinating? It is Iran, and not Iraq, which has the greatest potential for democracy in the region. A fact which no doubt has not escaped the attention of the mad mullahs who rule. Why is there so little compassion and intellectual advancement in totalitarian societies? Because the people are afraid. Remove that fear and compassion and freedom will flow like a river. One of the toughest jobs in Iran is to be a journalist or a blogger critical of the regime. And a regime it is in every sense of the word. Calling Iran's leaders a 'government' is being far too kind.

The Red Horse of the Apocalypse

Which nicely segues into the next question: What would happen in an Iran-Israeli nuclear exchange? It would likely be Iran, and not Israel, that would be the worst off in such a nightmare scenario. Consider the following:

1) Israeli first responders are second to none. They have a wealth of experience to draw from when dealing with mass casualty attacks. I doubt the Iranians have the same capabilities.

2) Iran's maximum yield would be 100 kilotons (possibly by 2010), whereas Israel's current yield is in the one megaton range. The radiation fallout from an airburst of a one megaton bomb can kill unsheltered people up to 80 miles within 18 hours from the radiation plume drifts.

3) Iran would have 30 nuclear warheads by 2010 and would aim for the main population centers of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Israel has more than 200 warheads at its disposal and far better delivery systems, including cruise missiles launched from its 3 Dolphin-class submarines.

4) Iran's capital Tehran is home to 15 million people. Located in a topographic basin surrounded by mountain reflectors, it represents a nearly perfect nuclear killing ground.

5) Lastly, not only would Jordan receive fallout from a strike on Tel Aviv, the Israelis would also retain a reserve nuclear strike capability. Say goodbye to Syria and Egypt!

God: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Yet there is still hope. I'm what you would call a cynical optimist. My cynicism is based on what Man can do. My optimism is based on what God can do. Seeing as God is greater, what have I to fear? Thankfully my optimism outweighs my cynicism. As I like to leave my post on a positive note, here are three items to lift the burdened soul:

On September the 11th, 2007 something miraculous happened in China. The Amity Printing Company in Nanjing printed its 50,000,000th Bible. You read correctly. FIFTY MILLION. And that's only since 1987. Six years after America's worst terrorist attack God is still in the business of changing lives.

Not only in China, but the ME as well. The number of new Christians in the world each year surpasses that of new Muslims, with the major growth for Protestants coming through conversion. It is Christianity, and not Islam, that is the world's fastest growing religion. The battle is surely being won. Praise God!

Let he who is thirsty come and drink freely the water of life: In India, a 'Jesus well' is bringing tremendous growth to a local ministry.

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