Saturday, December 29, 2007

There's No Panic In Heaven - Dec 29

By now you've already heard the news out of Pakistan. As all the major news outlets have reported on the carnage, there's little point here in rehashing old news. Benazir Bhutto knew full well the dangers associated with her campaign. She also had many admirers as well. I sort of have to laugh at some of the over-the-top rhetoric being lauded on her. Bhutto was never going to be the 'bright shining light' of Pakistan, despite claims to the contrary. The Bhutto family was corrupt, made it policy to empower the Taliban and were key players in Pakistan's nuclear ambitions. She may have represented a new hope for Pakistan, but Benazir Bhutto was forever a flawed and imperfect ally.

Being a Watchman Ain't Easy, but Somebody's Gotta Do It

The pay stinks and the working conditions suck. So why do it? I suppose the answer is the eternal price of freedom is vigilance. The first group we have to watch for is the loony left. I've commented on their perfect record of failure before and it looks like there'll be no shorage of silliness to report on. As I see it, the left have two major talents that us conservative thinkers simply lack. Namely:

1) The uncanny ability to predict catastrophe after its already occurred and,

2) Giving a detailed, in-depth analysis of non-existent events.

Honestly, I'm jealous. Gifts like these aren't handed out like candy y'know. Take noted feminist and wild-eyed conspiracy theorist Naomi Wolf. The Bush years have not been good to Naomi I'm afraid.

As you may well know, I have a deep love for Israel and all those that choose to live peaceably within its borders. So when David Landau - the editor of Ha'aretz - told Condi Rice recently that he wanted to see Israel 'raped' for the cause of peace (at any cost apparently), I get a little worried. As Daniel Pipes notes:

(1) This appeal to an outside agency to pressure their own government is profoundly undemocratic.

(2) It is hard to imagine the intellectuals of any other state acting in like fashion.

When its Israel's sovereignty at stake, who cares right? It's all for the greater good we're told. Daniel (9:27) prophecied that Israel would make a covenant with death, an agreement with Hell (Isaiah 28:15). While the signatures on that future document will be distinctly Jewish, I doubt Israel will have a truly free choice in the matter.

Take a look at Mike Huckabee who was in Des Moines, Iowa recently:

A man of the people, even if Ann Coulter doesn't think so. Mike is a former pastor, and has used his easygoing oratory to charm friends and foes alike. Huckamania has caught on in Texas, earning the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News. Democracy in action, right? Well, not so fast. It appears that Huck is getting hostile attention from two groups, the godless secularists in the liberal media and the higher-ups in the Republican party. Both forces are anti-God and anti-America. Nor is there anything wrong with making the right kinds of enemies. Can a candidate who openly expresses his Christian faith and who's an outsider to Washington make it to the Oval Office? If Mike can't do it, John McCain is the next best choice. Both are mavericks in their own right and are bona fide threats to the establishment. Pray that God will protect these two men (along with all the other candidates) and guide America in its fateful decision.

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