Saturday, February 09, 2008

The X-Def: On To Year Three! - Feb 9

This February the 12th this humble little blog will be celebrating its second anniversary. I'm sort of jumping the gun here but its not every day I get to pat myself on the back. As you may have noticed, there's been a few changes. I've always liked the idea of sticking to 'The Man' and Satan's minions for the glory of God. Hence the new blurb under the title. It's shorter and more mature sounding. That to me is what Christianity is all about.

The X-Def Sidebar

I thought the Canadian flag was an addition that was long overdue. The title over Johnny Cash's picture and the Religion of Peace is gone too. I've deleted 'Fun Stuff' and re-distributed my 'Rogues and Scallywags'. The IRIS Seismic Monitor has been bumped around and so I finally gave it its own header in 'Mother Nature, Father God' along with three others. I've also changed the order around somewhat. I would recommend to those who visit this blog regularly is to check the sidebar frequently for new additions. I'm always looking to improve the X-Def both in terms of quantity and quality.

An Angel of Light

I would like to thank Faith Girl for her input as well. I curse the fact that she has a slow internet connection and is unable to post more frequently (no post as of yet in 2008). I always enjoy her insight. Thank you Faith Girl for your friendship.

My Friend the Anti-Semite

Sadly I wish I could say the same about dizzyfatplonka, my English friend with whom I had a falling out. When you start a relationship with someone and they don't turn out to be the person you thought they were there's a definite sense of betrayal. No person who hates the Jews and the land of Israel will have a place in God's kingdom. I don't hate the man, on the contrary I care very much about his eternal state. So I pray that DFP will one day find the true light of salvation in Jesus Christ and fall in love with God's people. Until then I have no use for him.

Let's get to some local news that's been burning a hole in my pocket.

Canada's Slide Into Oblivion

Under the Canadian flag on the sidebar I've written 'God keep our land glorious and free', a line from our national anthem. It's funny but in the bilingual version that line is curiously omitted. Don't want to offend French and secularist sensibilities! While God will always be God regardless of what we do, we still have an obligation to ourselves to keep vigilant. Call it 'death by a thousand cuts' if you will. However, the end result is still the same.

Here's one story that caught my eye. In Ontario, Muslim women in polygamous marriages are now receiving welfare benefits. What the....? This is unacceptable. This shows how far we've slid into a moral abyss. If there's one thing us good socialist Canadians care about is our commitment to a secular-progressive, godless nanny state. Onwards comrades! So if marriage is no longer a union of one man and one woman for life, then what is it? Thanks to gay rights, marriage is now a union of two people, any two will do. But why stop there? Why not three people? Why not four, five or six? Why stop at adult human beings? Bestiality as a 'right'? Why not? Just find a lawyer and a sympathetic judge to hear your case and away you go! If pedophiles simply cannot help themselves I suppose we have to recognize their rights as well. Anarchy in the streets and in the courts becomes the natural result. The assault on decency continues.

Let's be perfectly clear: Canada will always have enemies, be they foreign or domestic. We need to stop apologizing for being free. Once you abandon the Biblical standard of truth anything goes. Unfortunately for us, it's the elites that decide the truth for us and we'd better like it. Is this the kind of world you want to live in? Cause that's exactly where we're headed. Truth offends so let's get rid of it. Sacrificing truth upon the altar of expediency for the sake of some kind of illusory harmony is but sheer nonsense.

Johnny Cash

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Nazareth said...

Hey Johnny- CottShop here from - Congrats on making it two years- My site will have made it 2 years come March- Was gonna not renew it, but decided to keep it going, although I'm not really into posting about politics anymore. Anyway- Glad ya made it another year- The owrld is quickly backsliding and it's gettign more rare to find people who will stand up for Christ these days- May God bless you and keep you goign strong for another 2 years- your friend CottShop