Monday, February 25, 2008

Devotions - Feb 25

After some degree of reflection I've decided it's time to make some major changes. After two full years of existence the Christian Defender will now be a devotional blog. There are some good reasons for this.

Beating A Dead Horse: Politics and Islam

Why move away from current events? First of all, there are many other sites that do a much better job of delivering the news than I can. Nobody is interested in stale news, much less my interpretation of it. Only in the case of major advances in Bible prophecy will I make the occasional foray.

Secondly, the question of Islam. Again, there are many others such as Jihad Watch that do a much better job than I ever could. I've made my position on Islam crystal clear. Here are six main points to consider:

1) The Islamists are playing for keeps. Political correctness is strangling the much-needed debate on this attack on our cherished freedoms. Until we wake up and realize that we are in the midst of a material, ideological and spiritual war with Islam, the jihad being waged against the West will continue.

2) Our efforts of appeasement have been an abject failure. All of this pandering has not given us even a moment of peace. Worse yet, this has emboldened the enemy's resolve.

3) Israel's fight is our fight. Tiny Israel is at the very forefront of this battle of civilization. The leftist idea that Israel and the Jews can be sacrificed 'for the greater good' is not only profoundly anti-semitic, it's also dangerous.

4) As for America and Europe, unless we stand up for what we believe in we too shall be steamrolled into oblivion. Countries like Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, France and Germany were founded by Christian principles in both its laws and in its institutions. If we lose our Christian heritage, we lose everything.

5) Our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, though flawed, are vital. Pulling the plug prematurely sets all of our efforts back at least a generation. Simply put, no army has ever won a war by going backwards.

6) The maltreatment of non-Muslims at the hand of Muslims. And it's not just the Israelis either. Go ask the Serbs or the Egyptian Copts or the Assyrian Christians in Iraq. Strangely enough, the reverse is not true. So much for moral relativism! The kind of people that Islam produces is a horror story.

After that there's little more that needs to be said. The links I have on my sidebar pretty much explain where I stand on the issue of jihad and dhimmitude.

What Will You See More Of?

I don't think I'm really cut out to be some kind of news reporter. Journalists strike me as being a little bit high-strung, probably as a result of too much coffee. It's an attribute I don't care to share. In short, here are the things I intend to use a lot more of:

Scripture. And Lots Of It!

For me, my real passion is to share God's word. Makes you think what would Paul and the rest of Jesus' disciples think of the world wide web! The internet poses a glorious opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with the unsaved. As I've stated before, there's a lot of sloppy theology being taught out there, even in the churches! I've been studying the Gospel of Mark at my local church with the pastor and a few others. Through this it has become painfully clear the real need for good prophetic teaching. The deconstruction of the plain teachings of God's Word is a burgeoning industry. One that needs to be confronted with sound Biblical doctrine.

Sports and Popular Culture

Why not? As an avid follower of sports for most of my life it makes sense to comment on all matters athletic. Sports is a big part of Canadian culture, and not just hockey!

As for my rants on pop culture, I do think it is important to have a Biblical outlook on the general silliness that pervades our lives. I live in the world yet I feel like a foreigner in a strange and hostile land. I think that's the attitude God wants us to have. In the world but not of the world. So many Christians miss out on God's best because of their obsession with earthly matters.

Why The Change In Format?

In a word: Flexibility. Not that I've ever suffered for lack of material. I haven't. I just feel that this gives me more latitude and freedom. Seems silly for me to restrict myself on my own blog! As I mentioned above, this will come at a price. Less political punditry and anti-jihad rants and more scripture. I firmly believe truth is both timeless and universal. It is precisely for that reason that this change is essential. Not only will this hopefully increase readership, it will have a much greater personal impact. Giving glory to God is probably the greatest service any man or woman can do for humanity. I've got an internet connection and I intend to use it!

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