Monday, August 18, 2008

The Most Interesting Man in the World - Aug 18

What's good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. This is a continuation of my earlier post of the most beautiful woman.

Bond. James Bond. Aside from Clive Owen, what actor wouldn't want to be the famed British super-spy? Of course, this post isn't about the Bond franchise or Daniel Craig. It's about you men out there who want women to swoon over them. Or at least get a date. We guys want to be 007. Most of us end up like Don Adams from Get Smart instead.

First the Preliminaries ......

Get a job. Burn all your disco clothes. Learn to drive a car - preferably your own. Buy yourself a spiffy shirt and look sharp. Polish your shoes. Shower using soap. Freshen your breath. Cut your fingernails for the first date and your toenails for the second. Be polite. Open doors for her. If she has class she'll take it as a compliment. If not, forget about her. Clutching and grabbing may be appropriate in some sports but not on a date.

Five Key Points to Consider

One: Learn to Appreciate Women

Believe it or not, many gay men do a better job of this then their hetero counterparts! Be someone who genuinely appreciates women for what they are. Women want to be treated as a lady, not like one of your poker buddies. Many men think that constantly lusting after every pretty thing is appreciation. It isn't! It tends to be more like leering and regarding them as you would a piece of meat. Such crude behaviour should be put away. Loving women requires spiritual maturity, an ingredient most men sadly lack.

Two: Get Rid of Your Anger and Submit to God

I see this more often then I care to admit. Men who love their women but harbor bitterness and resentment towards them. Whether it comes from early childhood or a string of broken relationships, unresolved anger will almost always come home to roost. Sure, frustration will set in from time to time. However, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS UNACCEPTABLE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. If you have anger in your heart, don't deal with it by yourself. Give your weakness to God and He will give you strength. A man with an angry spirit has no space in his heart for the Holy Spirit. A good man is always a godly man.

Three: Don't Be A Wuss! - The Glory of Meekness

Guys, women have radar when it comes to this. A weak and indecisive male is one that women will steer clear of. Understand that meekness isn't weakness! It's strength under control. Women aren't neccessarily looking for the proverbial 'Big Man on Campus' alpha male. What they're looking for is a man of principles who's willing to take a moral stand. A guy without a brain, heart or spine is someone that's going to be lonely for a long time.

Four: Avoid Mean-Spiritedness and Overt Cynicism

A lack of empathy towards your fellow man is a huge turnoff for most women. Empathy is not defined as being 'nice' to others when they're nice to you. That's easy! Empathy is showing grace and forgiveness to somene even though it's undeserved. By all means, a man should be a doormat to no-one (see above). However, a woman will not tolerate a man with a sadistic streak. For she knows full well that that cruelty will one day be visited on her. Not cool.

Five: Money, Money, Money!

Turns out you do have to have some to get by. Not all women are looking for someone who's filthy rich. What they're looking for is a man who is a good steward of their money, whether it be a little or a lot. A splurger reveals someone who is insecure and lacks discipline. In other words, they appear weak (Point #3). A miserly penny-pincher is someone hiding a mean streak (Point #4). Women want a guy with a generous spirit yet can still live within a budget. Where the heart of a man truly lies is where his money will go.

Johnny Cash

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