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Sowing Eternal Seeds - Aug 2

It is with great fanfare that the X-Def is now two and a half years old! The actual date is on the 12th but I've decided to comment on my efforts right now.

Mastering the Blazingly Obvious

This post represents the 31st consecutive month that I've posted. I think often of those bloggers who created a blog only to leave it hanging when they realize how much effort is required of them to maintain it. Some of my posts have up to three to four hours of research behind it before I even type a single letter! Add to that another hour of (rather poor) typing, hyperlinking the URLs and editing the damn thing and you all of a sudden a big chunk of your waking (and non-working) day is taken up by a single post. How many then can boast of a blog of this size? Not too many by my reckoning.

This of course comes with a caveat. As I do not have a family of my own (too complicated to explain here) and aside from my full-time employment, there aren't many in my life making demands on my time. Compare that to Faith Girl who has her day jammed packed with family and church events and you'll see why there aren't that many posts from her.

I Shall Never Suffer For Lack of Material

So when exactly do you call it quits? It certainly will not be lack of material that will cause this blog's demise. Even if I have no idea what to write, there will always be current events and God's eternal Word. In a way, the Bible is always current, even when we're not aware of it. It is relevant now and will remain relevant ten and twenty years from now. Given the pace of events, the Bible will become more relevant, not less.

So barring an untimely death on my part, the only thing to trip me up is either boredom or the idea that my testimony is finished. When I finally left the CF in February 2005, I did so with that idea in mind. I had gone as far as I could and felt no reason to continue. It was touching that so many people wanted me to stay, but I knew in my heart that it was time to pack it in.

I want to be crystal clear in that I fully intend to reach my third anniversary in February of 2009 (and beyond). Which brings me to the title of this post.

The Real MO of the X-Def

My motivation has and always will to sow eternal seeds. In this life you have a choice. You can either sow earthly seed or heavenly seed. If you sow seed in the earthly realm, then that's exactly what you'll get. If you sow seed in the heavenly realm then don't expect earthly dividends! It is a very rare sight to see someone rich in both the world and in God. Generally speaking though, you're either in it for the money and power of this world or for the glory and riches that only Jesus can offer. One must either serve Mammon or God.

If A Tree Falls in the Forest ....

And nobody hears it, does it still make a sound? Let me put this Zen riddle into a Christian perspective. If you tell the truth according to God's word and nobody pays attention, are you a failure or a success? Again, that depends on the criteria. If we judge a prophet of God by the standards of this world, then yes, he (or she) is a failure. But if we judge that same prophet by an eternal standard, a royal success becomes their inheritance. Which then is greater, the temporal or the eternal? Clearly the eternal is greater. Just as infinity is greater than any finite number we could ever imagine, sowing eternal seeds for the life to come shall surpass all of our worldly efforts.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. I'll probably have another post for you this long hot August weekend. See you then.

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