Monday, January 19, 2009

From Disengagement to Operation Cast Lead - Jan 19

Defending Israel is not unlike putting a big red target on one's back. Some will continue to hate Israel (and her supporters) and the Jewish people no matter what. The rest of Israel's detractors are ignorant for the most part. Here at the X-Def I simply strive to shed light into dark corners.

Johnny Cash


Harbi said...


DA' WA or DAWAH - Propaganda for Islam with the object of converting infidels, or producing a sanitized, favourable impression of Islam. May involve Taqiyya (see below)

DAR AL-HARB - The domain of war. All those lands not under Islamic control.

DAR AL-ISLAM - Those lands under Islamic control.

DHIMMI - A non-Muslim who accepts Muslim supremacy and pays the Jizya (protection money - see below)

HARBI - A non-Muslim who does not accept Muslim supremacy and is thus regarded as being at war with Islam. All Harbis must be killed.

INTIFADA - A violent Muslim uprising in Dar al-Harb. In India and Britain this is termed 'Communal violence'

JIHAD - The struggle to destroy Dar al-Harb and make Islam supreme throughout the world.
Jihad has many aspects.

JIZYA - Protection money paid by Dhimmis to their Muslim masters.

KUFFAR - Variant spellings are Kafir, Kaffir, Kuffer etc. A Kuffar is a non-Muslim, there are two types - Dhimmis may be allowed to live, but Harbis must be killed.

NAJIS - Ritually unclean. Kuffars are najis.

RAZZIA - A Violent raid of rape and pillage into Dar al-Harb.

SHAHEED or SHAHID A Muslim who dies in the process of killing Kuffars. He goes to paradise, together with 70 of his nearest relatives.

TAQIYYA - Lies, falsehood and disinformation employed to further the cause of Islam.

- Harbi

Johnny Cash said...

Thank you Harbi for your support. Consider me one who stands 100% opposed to Islam's creeping and insidious hold on our nation. I'm actually familiar with all these terms save one. I must ask you though about the BNP. I had an unfortunate run-in with one of your fellow BNPers and found out he was a nasty anti-semite. I pray that you are not like that! Three cheers for Britain! JC