Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shutting the Mouths of Demons - Jan 25

A message from our Lord Jesus Christ:

Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? And if I drive out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your people drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.
(Matthew 12:25b-28)

Oh, I do love those comments! Please be aware that if you do leave a comment there's an excellent chance I'll publish it (comments do not appear until I've reviewed them first). Comments that are overly long, filled with profanity or hate or just plain unintelligible get the heave-ho. I certainly never started this blog to be a people-pleaser. In my most oft viewed post, The Number 666/777, I appear to have hit a nerve with some people. Which actually is a good thing. Being a Christian is not unlike the life cycle of a salmon. The key difference is salmon swim upstream to their breeding grounds and die, a Christian swims upstream and lives.

Donald, Donald, Donald!

What is it with guys named Donald? They do nothing but create havoc. Thankfully, most are harmless kindred spirits. When you proclaim the Gospel, you'd better be prepared to be a target for knuckleheads. On January the 9th I got this misinformed missive:

A number is nothing to be afraid of, you know. No need to do the whole "sign-of-the-cross" BS if a car with a 666 license plate is in front of you. What's with all the fear and loathing, dude? Have you at least tried giving Satan a shot? It doesn't hurt to at least see what he's all about, right? Sammy Davis Jr. was into Satan for awhile and he came out just fine in the end, right?

I'll give the man some credit. His first two sentences are reasonably intelligent. The whole Sammy Davis Jr. angle was a bit of a red herring. I recovered and countered with this:

The whole 666/777 thing is a manifestation of the spiritual warfare that is taking place in our homes, churches and schools.

Two hours later I got this response from (I assume) the same individual:

You mean, like, ghosts are waging war in my house right now? That's pretty goddamn scary, dude. Do you think I should call someone to meet me at my house before I go in there? (I'm at work now and there don't seem to be any spirits fighting from what I can tell.)

If you don't hear back from me I suppose that means that a spirit ghost got me.

Wish me luck, sir!

p.s. What is the best way to kill a ghost, anyway? What if one comes up behind me when I'm doing some pottery or something?

Oh Donald, you started off so well! Why then the mocking tone? No way some uninformed dolt was going to one-up me on my own blog. Naturally I responded:

Pick up a Bible (assuming you have one) and read Ephesians 6:12. As for any demonic home infestation, the solution is simple: the shed blood of Christ.

Perhaps I stumped my new friend or he just got tired of the exchange. Either way, the virtual conversation ended. Too bad as I was just getting warmed up! Here's a poignant question: What is the Devil - and those that serve him - afraid of? Certainly not crossed fore-fingers! What scares the Devil is the shed blood of the Lamb and the testimony of His word. That's it. Nothing else will work.

An Important Point to Consider When Studying Bible Prophecy

Maybe you just got started or you've been studying the Bible for years. Don't be fooled! Satan isn't going to run away from you the second you open a Bible! No, he'd rather sit beside you and whisper a myriad of half-truths in your ear as you study God's word. An appeal to raw emotion and your human - that is, fallible - wisdom and experience will be made:

'How does that make you feel?'
'Does that make sense to you?'
'Has there ever been such a thing?'

Bible prophecy has nothing to do with emotion! Satan has not changed since his debut at the Garden of Eden. Neither has his tactics. Satan desires nothing more than to separate a man or woman from the saving truths of His word. Truth be told, much of what is written in God's word strikes me as absurd as well (Rapture? Anti-Christ?). Do I still believe? Yes I do. That's the substance and mystery of faith. Donald has become hypnotized and beguiled by the evil one. So has chrlz (see last comment). Who will have the last laugh? Me or Donald?

Johnny Cash


PMac said...

My friend Chad (aka, Satan) doesn't speak very highly of you either, Mr. Cash. He wonders why you don't return his phone calls anymore. Do you ignore Chad because of the whole "I hate Islam" fetish you've been on lately?

Johnny Cash said...

Hello PMac. I'm glad to hear that Satan hates me. I'd love for Satan to call me so I can remind him of his ultimate fate (see Rev 20:10). As for your 'fetish' comment let me be perfectly clear: All those who deny Jesus Christ as the only path to salvation are destined for destruction. Sort of like the Prophet Mo (damnation be upon him). Same is true for all false religions. Anyways, I've been on Islam for quite a while. Took a break from bashing this death cult because they were simply making it too easy for me. Hence the devotional line I've taken this past year. Now I just might change my mind. Thank you sir for your kind inspiration. You've been a great help!

Cordially, JC

Donald said...

Okay, I like your tips and I am working on my demon manifestation problem. I'm having trouble locating a Christ for the "shed blood" part, though. Will one of the other earlier Christ-figures from the Mesopotamian region work? Someone like a Mithras, Dionysus, Attis or Krishna?

Can I just stab one of my housecats and call it a day? Will that work in a pinch? (I have this one really overweight housecat that I wouldn't mind getting rid of so this could solve two problems for me.)

Let me know!

Johnny Cash said...

Donald, this is the last comment you will leave here. From now on I will reject all further correspondence. The Christ you need is the Christ of the Bible. Of course you have no need of Him so why bother?

Cordially, JC

Donald said...

"Oh, I do love those comments! Please be aware that if you do leave a comment there's an excellent chance I'll publish it (comments do not appear until I've reviewed them first). Comments that are overly long, filled with profanity or hate or just plain unintelligible get the heave-ho. I certainly never started this blog to be a people-pleaser."

I didn't violate any of your precious rules and yet you still cast me out like Paul did to his immoral brother.

This is truly a sad development as I was hoping I had found a true ally in my spiritual war against the ghosts.

I guess you don't really practice what you preach. I don't think Jesus would be very happy with you.

Johnny Cash said...

Donald, the reason why I said what I did is for a valid reason. Let's be honest here: The sole reason you insist on leaving comments here is to vex and annoy me. I'm trying to have a serious conversation and all you talk about is toy trains and killing your cat. If you want to continue having a virtual conversation but please leave the sarcastic and immature tone. It was Paul himself who wrote about putting away childish things and becoming a man. If you want to have an adult conversation that's great. If not, kindly leave me alone and desist your infantile rants. It's my blog and I ALWAYS get the last word. If you want to get the last word then start your own blog for people to leave their comments. Thank you for your co-operation.

Cordially, JC

Shackelford said...

Bizarre. I was hoping that you'd continue to publish this Donald guy's comments. He's the perfect example of what's wrong with the secular community at large. His elitist attitude are bordering near-hipster levels and the rest of us could learn something from it. I've met plenty of Donald type individuals and none of them can sustain their mocking tone once they've been owned by the lord on multiple occasions.

Keep up the great work on this blog! I really enjoy it.

Johnny Cash said...

My dearest Shackleford, thank you so much for your kind words. I was actually thinking about doing another post with Donald in mind. Now perhaps I will.

Cordially, JC