Monday, June 18, 2007

God Will Not Be Mocked - Jun 18

Happy belated Father's Day to all you Dads out there. While I'm not one myself, I'm thankful for my own Dad who is an absolute gem. For some, this is also a time of sadness as they remember those fathers who have passed away or were physically or emotionally absent (and perhaps abusive) as they were growing up. There is indeed a Father in heaven who loves you so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins. May His peace fill your heart as we celebrate those brave men we call 'Dad'.

Isn't the above picture perfect in its irony? When Hamas stormed Arafat's compound they ransacked the place, taking his undeserved Noble Peace prize. Don't worry about Suha though. She's safely ensconced in a Parisian flat paid by our jizya taxes which a corrupt Arafat stole from under his own people. Pure poetic justice. From one master of terror to another, Hamas deserves all of Arafat's belongings.

Unless you've been stuck in a hole, Hamas has pushed 'moderate' Fatah out of the Gaza Strip. Mahmoud 'Lame Duck' Abbas responds by forming a Hamas-free cabinet to deal with the crisis. What crisis for Abbas would that be? To make sure us dummies/dhimmies here in the West keep the funds flowing into Fatah's coffers. No credibility? No problem! Never mind that Gazans are trying to flee en masse or that UNRWA's food supplies are running dangerously low. Just keep writing those wholly undeserved jizya cheques! I suppose that's why I'm in the poorhouse myself. I have too much dignity to lower myself to Abbas' standard.

Along with Hamas, another loony that continually pokes a stick in God's eye is Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. Here's exactly what I mean by God not being mocked. Even in closed and undemocratic societies, the people still have some say as to who will rule over them. So when foolish leaders are chosen who do not acknowledge God, the people always suffer. When we say to Him, 'God, we don't need your guidance or help. We can do it all by ourselves', we guarantee failure. By choosing this path of arrogance and self-sufficiency we are, in effect, mocking God. Nothing good can come of it. I read with great humor (and even more irony) that Libya is likely to be chosen to lead the UN anti-racism committee. In other words, more anti-American and anti-Semitic vitriol is sure to follow. It's a complete farce and the godless utopians who run the United Nations are getting exactly what they deserve. Mock God and He will chastise you. It's a mug's game, and one that Man cannot win.

Along with ungodly governments, ungodly armies (be they regular or irregular) can have a profound impact on the psyche of a nation. In Kabul, a bus filled with police officers and recruits gets bombed, killing 35 and wounding 52. Sounds like an inside job to me. What do the Taliban have to offer the Afghans? Nothing. Only death and seventh century backwardness. It's the same deal with Hizbollah and the unwilling hosts of Lebanon. Rocket attacks on Israel's northern border cast a troubling shadow. Yet Hizbollah thinks nothing of it. Their hatred of Jews supersedes all other objectives, collateral damage notwithstanding. In Ethiopia, gov't troops (funded, armed and trained by the West), gang rape and kill civilians indiscriminately as they battle rebels in the Horn of Africa. Only women bleed, as shock-rocker (and Christian) Alice Cooper used to say. How tragic and true.

I think our problem here in the West is that we've forgotten who we are and where we've come from. True freedom is found in Christ alone, not in mere religion or by gov't (mis)rule. People are waking up to the genuine threat that Islam poses to a free society. Not just that, they're also evaluating their own faith and finding themselves falling short. So if all this trouble leads to a much-needed global revival then so be it. It is often when things are at their darkest does the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shine the brightest.

Johnny Cash

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