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What Price Freedom? - Jun 2

Well I'm only six days removed from Memorial Day so I wanted to pay tribute to our American friends who've taken the time to visit this site. I've noticed that most of my page views come from the U.S., followed by Canada and our good friends the Brits in third. The fact that these three countries are the ones supporting this blog doesn't surprise me. In free societies, the flow of information is seen as a form of checks and balances, a neccessary bulwark against tyranny. It costs to be free, a fact that few seem to be aware of.

Of great debate is the question 'From where do our freedoms come from?' Does our freedom come as a gift from God or is it ceded to us by our governments? The great presidents (Reagan being the most recent) knew in their hearts that freedom came from God. Franklin D. Roosevelt knew what was at stake when the D-Day invasion was launched. Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the director of MI5, knows the threats Britain faces from its fifth column jihadists. American troops in Iraq know the consequences of failure too. Fascism and crude tribalism (my tribe right or wrong) have always threatened human freedom. Remaining ready to fight is our only hope.

Vigilance is the price we must bear to be free. Yet how many watchmen are out there to warn us of our enemies? One of the primary reasons 9/11 happened was our unwillingness to take the jihadists at their word. We were asleep at the switch on that fateful day and close to six years later we're still asleep. Watching Western civilization self-destruct in slow motion makes for a fascinating study, one I don't want to see the conclusion of.

One of the biggest fronts in this war is being fought in Israel. It amazes me how people accept so uncritically the lies of the enemy and yet send themselves into a frenzy over God's truths. Witness the frenzy over the Abu Ghraib excesses, yet barely a peep is uttered over al-Qaida's torture methods. As I have stated before, there IS no rational reason for this. This delusion that has come into the world is a supernatural one. Think about it for a second: Why do seemingly rational people go ballistic when the subject of Israel (and the Jews) is brought up? All perspective flies right out the window. Satan hates Israel because it is precisely this tiny Jewish nation which stands in his path for world domination. All hatred for the Jews comes from the fallen one. Strip away the clever sophistry and the intellectual posturing and you will find the Devil behind every single Anti-Semite. Believe it!

Two more links and then we're done.

Russia has just tested a new ICBM, supposedly in response to American plans to put a missile shield in Eastern Europe. Understand that long-range missile tests happen all the time. It just seems a little bit more scary when it's the Russians pulling the trigger.

Corruption in China? You don't say! The locals are getting restless as corrupt party officials deny people their rights. China may talk a big game about democracy but the reality is much starker. Deprive any people the right to redress their grievences and anarchy and rioting will be the natural result.

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