Sunday, June 10, 2007

The X-Def: Now Seen On Six Continents - Jun 10

I've just gotten a hit from some blessed soul in South Africa and two from South America. Along with my usual (and much appreciated) traffic from North America and Europe, I've also received hits from Australia, Riyadh (!), Pakistan, Korea and China. Damn you Antarctica! Seriously though, I am deeply humbled and delighted to report this wonderful news. Without lots of hard work and prayer none of this would've been possible. Praise God for He is most faithful!

I've reported on the plight of Assyrian Christians who have come under a great deal of persecution since the fall of Saddam in 2003. Pope Benedict XVI recently had an audience with President Bush and they talked about the sorry plight of ME Christians. Pray that God will use this persecution to lift up and shine His glorious light into an unreached part of the world.

If Islam Is So Wonderful, Why Is Everyone Leaving Dep't: As the infighting between Hamas and Fatah flares up again, young people are planning to leave. A fatwa has been issued telling the young Pals that they should stay and fight. Naturally this will have little or no effect on the Palestinian brain drain. For me, emigration patterns never lie. Nobody is trying to emigrate to Islamic countries and the desired country of destination is always one of Canada, America or Western Europe. People vote with their feet as to where they want to be. We ought to keep that in mind how special Western civilization is and stop our incessant navel-gazing.

There is no doubt in my mind that those who wish to delegitimize Israel are in fact brazen anti-Semites. The Jews have every right to call Israel home, and no amount of appeasement is going to change that. As this week is the 40th anniversary of the 1967 war which gave Israel a surprise victory (compliments of the Creator of the Universe), one of the reasons why Israel won was its rejection of defeatism. Jihadi Du Jour gives us a OT Bible lesson on what happens when God sends you the victory and you refuse it. Looking around today we hear the same sentiments, 'We can't win' and 'The enemy is too large and strong'. The corrupted wisdom of this world has always despised God's clear counsel. The Useless Nations (powerless against Iranian complicity in Iraq and Afghanistan) cannot deliver on its promise of peace to the Jews. Only God can give the peace that this world so desperately needs.

Lately it seems fashionable for celebrites to adopt an atheistic worldview. From Bill O'Reilly comes the quotes of some Hollywood stars:

George Clooney: "I don't believe in heaven or hell. I don't know if I believe in God."

Angelina Jolie: "There doesn't need to be a God for me."

Carrie Fisher: "I love the idea of God, but it's not stylistically in keeping with the way I function."

No Carrie, the idea of God is not stylish. Neither is it 'tolerant' or politically correct. May I make a confession here? I've always admired Mr. Clooney for his success with women. With that being said, I still wouldn't want to trade places with him. All the sexual conquests that George Clooney enjoyed here on Earth will not help him one bit when he comes face to face with Jesus Christ. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, as these Hollywood celebrities will eventually find out. No, if I had to change identities with someone it would be Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators. Not only is Mike popular with both men and women and enjoys a NHL salary, he's also a Christian. While Mike Fisher didn't complete his Stanley Cup dream (falling to the Anaheim Ducks in five), his entry into God's Kingdom will make any Stanley Cup championship pale by comparison.

Let's close with some techie stuff. I've often wondered when and where the next big terrorist attack will come from. I'm quite sure where it WON'T come from and that's hijacking planes. If I'm an aspiring jihadist, contaminating the food and water supplies is an idea. So is attacking the electrical grid or vital fuel lines as the recently foiled attacks on JFK airport proved. One option being actively persued by the jihadists is cyber-warfare, one that the Estonians just came under from the Russian gov't. While the Estonians responded well, a cyber-attack that's even minimally effective will have a disasterous effect on our economy. E-commerce and online banking is now a big part of our nation's economy. An attack on a Canadian bank would cause account holders to withdraw their assets and would collapse the Canadian banking system. Not a happy thought, but one we ought to keep in mind.

Lastly, I came across this link from on the viability of wireless electricity. I think this is a long way off as there are too many bugs that need to be worked out. Still, it's an interesting possibility. Remember, you read it here first!

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