Saturday, June 09, 2007

Marxism Redone - Jun 9

I've always had my sneaking suspicions about the enviromental movement. To be sure there are some gentle souls within who mean well. I just cannot shake this feeling that much of the green movement is profoundly anti-capitalist (not to mention 'soft' globalists at heart) and pro-Marxist in their orientation. Rather than claiming interest in clean air and water and having a sustainable global economy, the greens seem to be more ideologically driven in preventing Third World nations from reaching their full potential. In places like Eastern Europe and Africa, mortality rates are high (as is unemployment) and such essentials as running water and electricity is but a dream. I'm well aware that there is a cost involved in industrializing a nation. But the cost of NOT creating jobs using advanced technology is even greater. The mantra 'suffer and die quietly' is what the green movement is telling the world's poor. I think their short-sighted attitude stinks.

Johnny Cash

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