Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Letter From Me To You - Jul 15

Let me say firstly how humbled I am to receive as many hits every day on this little blog. On July the 7th I received over 200+ hits! I've also noticed that my hits decrease as the last post becomes outdated. This is of course to be expected. I think that trying to get two or three posts off per week is perhaps a bit ambitious. Therefore I'll promise to post at least once a week, usually on the weekends. Ask any blogger and they'll tell you how much time it takes to produce even one post. You're looking at three to four hours of reading to begin with for research purposes and then another hour or so to type it out. I'm not complaining as I thoroughly enjoy doing this. But understand that this is a labor of love. I'm not receiving any renumeration for this nor are any accolades pouring in. So I ask for your understanding when I say that I'll be posting weekly as opposed to semi-weekly. I still might toss off the occasional post during the week but I'm usually very tired Monday to Friday. So this isn't so much a letter as it is an apology. It is rarefied air this blog breathes as it comes up on it's year and a half anniversary in August. Most blogs don't even last six months! So please accept my weakness. Glorifying God takes a lot out of me.

With that mewing out of the way I'd like to get to some more serious business at hand. Not to put too fine a point on it, but terrorism seems to be on the uptick recently. A mystery to me is the kid-glove treatment that Fatah is receiving. If the IDF makes no distinction between Fatah and Hamas, why is Fatah getting all the military aid? While Israelis have no problem making the link between terror and Islam, there are still those who are blinded by political correctness and refuse to acknowledge the obvious. We are winning! More and more are making the connection, PC be damned! It is a process, not an event, one that will accelerate as attacks increase. With every attempt at disrupting our way of life, the anti-jihad forces will increase in number.

It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest enablers of the global jihad being waged against the free world is the Left. Take the case of Iran for instance. The country of Iran is filled with young people under the age of 30. Iran is the soft underbelly of Islam and a place that fascinates me. So while the Iranian people are not a threat to the West per se, the Iranian leadership is. In short, they represent a clear and present danger to the West. For the Left not to recognize this is stunningly myopic. This idea of 'peace at any cost' is reckless and needlessly endangers us, be it our soldiers, Israelis or the youth of Iran.

What most people fail to recognize is that it costs money to wage war and/or to spy on other countries. This nonsense about terrorists doing this or that because they're disposessed or poverty-stricken is foolishness. Poor people make for lousy armies and/or political movements. They're doing it because of ideology, be it of religious or nationalist in nature. Soldiers need to be fed, organized, equipped and indoctrinated. All this requires valuable resources that only a state or billionaire families (the House of Saud comes to mind) can provide. Whether those funds come from the taxpayer, the legal sale of crude oil or illicit drugs, the principles don't change. Poor people do not cause wars, rich people do and always to their benefit. So be it the Chinese spying on Canadian soil or Syria and Iran initiating a coup d' etat in Lebanon, it costs money (and I mean a lot of money!) to wage war, be it overt or covert. Let us stop blaming ourselves! It is not the West (or Israel for that matter) that causes all the wars. It's neo-fascism and the anti-God elements that create conflict. With assistance from the god of this world of course.

Two more links and then we're done:

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So I'd like to thank you for your patience. Do check back regularly as I from time to time add links to my sidebar like this one. And don't be shy about leaving a comment! Knowing that a real live flesh-and-blood human being has read one of my posts that meant something to them is like precious gold to me. I've re-enabled comment moderation to filter out the trolls so your comment will not appear immediately. Rest assured I will read it and publish it if it looks and sounds reasonably intelligible. As for the answer as to who voiced the coyote in my previous post? It is none other than ....

Johnny Cash

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