Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flat-Out Stupid - Jul 7

Glad to be back from my little vacation at Niagara Falls. When I got back this Friday I went to clear out my e-mails when I stumbled upon this comment on a much earlier post. This e-mail made my day! It's flat-out stupidity means I'm making waves. Think of a hockey player that gets booed every single time he touches the puck. In a way, it's a compliment. The fans know who you are and how much grief you've caused their team. Better that then being a nobody on the fourth line. So I've decided to amuse this knuckle-dragging cretin by responding. My clever witticisms are in bold.


Are you a jew?

Oi vey! No I'm not. I'm a Gentile born in Toronto to English parents. I'm proud of my English Canadian heritage and yes, I do love the Jews. As Christ was Jewish it makes sense to throw my lot in with them.

What's your real name?

OK, I'll tell you if you promise to keep it secret. It's Bond. James Bond.

Isaac Ben Rabinowitz--Stein--Bloom-Berg--Shwartzen--Blatt?

Nice spelling. Though I do think Bloomberg is one word and S-B comes with only one hyphen. Silly jihadi. Did you ask someone else do the typing when you came to this part of your comment? Most jihadis are functionally illiterate when it comes to the English language. You seem to have done a little better in your academic studies.

Inquiring minds want to know...

And---the symbolism of your "screen name" is NOT lost on the public----we all know you're a jew-----<<>>?

Now this is the part that truly annoys me. Johnny Cash had some Cherokee blood flowing through him and was most definitely NOT a Jew. Of course, why bother doing research when you don't have to? Corrupt, dishonest and intellectually lazy you are. I strongly doubt you've heard even just one of Johnny Cash's songs. So not only are you corrupt and dishonest, you also have lousy taste in music.

Give me a break. You childhood rabbi should have taught you better.
(End of comment)

I had no childhood rabbi. Or pastor/priest for that matter. Came to faith in Christ in my late twenties. Silly for me to even bother explaining this to you. You wouldn't know true faith if it came up to you and slapped you in the face.

When you choose to glorify the name of Jesus, you can expect opposition. People of mediocre talent and ability have always felt threatened by those who excel. In particular, those who profess no faith are intimidated by those that do. America was founded on the Christian faith, a fact that the secular-progressives are loathe to admit.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch regularly gets hate-mail such as this comical loser and it doesn't faze him. Like I said, you must be doing something right when you start hitting people's nerves. People like Bill O'Reilly understand what jihad is all about. Ex-president James Earl Carter (pdf file) does not. Funny how that works.

God is Good Dep't: It amazes me how much we take things for granted over here in North America. In places like India or Nepal, a peasant given a goat thinks he's hit the motherlode. We have so much here but has that made us happier? Yet a mere goat to a simple farmer halfway 'round the world means the world to him. Let us never take our material wealth for granted.

So I'd like to thank you M, wherever you may be. Your attempt at cutting me down to size has failed miserably. Just remember mate, it's my blog and I always get the last word. May you enjoy your mediocre life to the fullest. Until then, I'll proudly sign off as,

The Man In Black.


marcel said...
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Johnny Cash said...

Serves you right, you half-wit Marcel. I told you that it's my blog and I'll always get the last word. Will admit that the link you sent me was nice but altogether useless to me. Leave another comment like that and I'll block all incoming comments with the exception of myself and Faith Girl. In the meantime I've enabled comment moderation so assholes like you won't see the light of day. Now go crawl back under that rock you came from.

Anonymous said...

Are you getting attention from the hatemongers then?
Musilm or neo-Nazi, or a bit of both maybe. The tough part is that with the political left snuggled up with Islam and the traditional neo-Nazi elements having a fondness for muslims, we do find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.
I know a guy who virtualy worships the ground Hitler walked on and in all fairness, even though im not keen on the whole racial purity concept, I must admit he seems a decent fella.
Not one of the media typified thugs you would imagine, lucky though not long back I was raising my concerns about muslims in Britain, when he spoke up saying he had nothing against them because they hated jews. Since then JC ive put him onto some of the sites we visit regular and he has become won over by what im saying.
I may not have changed his mind about jews, but if atleast we can get neo-Nazis to wake up to the Islamic threat instead of seeing them as a friend, then we can find common ground in the enemy of my enemy train of thought.

In Germany jews and neo-Nazis have recently marched together against the building of a mosque.
If the deep wounds between those two elements can be healed its worth a shot I believe.