Sunday, July 29, 2007

Therefore Watch And Be Sober! - Jul 29

Couldn't resist this one. There's a lot going on in the United States over this John Doe protection legislation. If free speech is threatened in America, free speech in Canada or Britain will surely fall. I'm sick to death of every Muslim advocacy group screaming 'Islamaphobe' everytime someone reports illegal activity concerning one of their brethen. Having a discerning attitude towards Muslims and Islam in general does not an Islamaphobe make.

The thinking towards the poorly-named 'War on Terror' (terrorism is a tactic, not an end unto itself) baffles me. 'Bush started this war' is the prevailing wisdom today. Most would certainly reverse the cartoon. But I think the Cox and Forkum cartoon below is in fact, correct. If anything, appeasement and half-measures are the order of the day as far as the West is concerned. Things are not going well in Iraq. In lieu of actual wisdom anti-semitism becomes a convenient fall back position. Making sweeping accusations whilst quoting unnamed (or non-existent) sources represents the heighth of corruption and intellectual laziness. Syria stonewalls us in the Rafik al-Hariri assassination and makes preparation for war with Israel. Our response? Tepidity and weakness. Islamic santioned slavery persists in Sudan and we refuse to call their bluff. The topper? A $20bn arms sale to the Saudis. The West selling their non-military goods to Muslim countries is one thing. Enabling their jihad against us is another. Unscrupulous, foolish and short-sighted is any arms sale to a Muslim nation.

Still got some more stuff I'd like to cover.

GFA missionaries in Mishnapur, West Bengal, India encounter resistance to the Gospel.

Tisha b'Av just recently concluded on July 24th of this year. Consider the tragedies that have befallen the Jews on that fateful day:

Ten of the twelve spies return with a negative report. Israel loses faith and spends 40 years in the desert.
The destruction of Solomon's temple by the Babylonians in 587 B.C.
The Roman army burns the Second Temple to the ground in A.D 70, leaving not one stone upon another (Mt 24:2).
Just to be sure, the Romans plow Jerusalem with salt a year later.
Simeon Bar Cochba's army destroyed in A.D. 135.
The declaration of the Crusades by Pope Urban II in 1095.
The burning of the Talmud in 1242.
King Edward I rids the Jews from England in 1290.
The Spaniards follow suit and expel the Jews in 1492.
The start of the First World War in 1914.
The first killings at the Treblinka extermination camp in 1942.
The AMIA bombing by Arab terrorists in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 86 and wounding 120.
The Jews were evicted out of the Gaza strip in 2005. Gaza (or Gush Katif) is now home to Hamas and elements of al-Qaida.

Just think about the sheer impossiblity of this being some type of coincidence. Thirteen unique acts of carnage falling on the same day against the Jews. Will the 'abomination that causes desolation' (Mt 24:15-24, Dan 9:27) occur on that fateful day? Even in times of disaster, God is still very much in control. Anyone who wishes to refute Tisha b'Av is welcome to it.

Finally some congratulations are in order to Winnipeg Blue Bombers SB Milt Stegall (seen below) who broke the all time CFL record for TD's with number 138 and 139 against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Way to go Milt!

Johnny Cash


Anonymous said...

The CIA created Bin Laden and funded the Taliban, the US are fighting their own terrorists.
The US funded the IRA for decades, im not bashing the Americans as a people JC but we cannot put the world to rights unless we face up to all thats wrong and when it comes to genocides and atrocities, even ethnic cleansing, some have had faits much worse than that of the jews.
Yet jews get all the attention, jews are just but one sect amongst the Israelite nations and a sect that claims more attention than anyone other, so its not surprising people get a little ticked off with them at times.

Ive just been reading somewhere that the reason for Bush wanting to do away with borders between Canada and Mexico is because he is going to start national sevice for an Iranian invasion and he does not want any place for dtraft dodgers to escape!

Hope you don't mind my little splinter in the eye rant JC but its nice to have some balance on certain issues :-)

Johnny Cash said...

My dearest DFP,
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. I think you're reading too much of Alex Jones' blog I have a major problem with these guys who resolutely insist on the whole '9/11 was an inside job' theory. Everything has to be a nefarious plot devised by the CIA and Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair and probably the Mossad to boot. Quoting unnamed sources and making broad sweeping generalizations is not how you win a Pulitzer. I don't know enough about the Irish to make a qualified statement but I don't think a CIA plot was the reason the IRA was what it was. To be sure the Americans and the Brits probably did spy on each other but a CIA-funded IRA strikes me as silly. As for the Jews, my point was to show the importance of Tisha b'Av and how it's nearly impossible to dismiss it as coincidence. God is still in charge, even when things are at their bleakest. No other ethnic group comes close to the supernatural tragedies and triumphs that the Jews have endured. Nor was my intention to diminish the sufferings of other. The Russians lost some 20m people in WWII. But tragedies do not continually befall on the same calendar day. That was my whole point. I've also been following that NA Union thingy too. Understand that I think it's a lot of people, not just the Bush administration (which is toast in Jan '09 anyways), who would want to see this sort of thing happen. You might be onto something there! Anyways thanks for the comment and hope to here from you soon. JC

Johnny Cash said...

Correction: Sentence above was meant to say 'But tragedies do not continually befall them (meaning the Russians) on the exact same calendar day.

DFP, I really think you need to consult the Holy Spirit on this. All this conspiracy-mongering is messing with your mind. Do me a favor and stay away from the likes of Alex Jones. Nothing good can come of it. The CIA does not possess god-like powers. And the simplest answers are usually the correct ones. That's how I feel about it. Keep in touch. JC

Anonymous said...

Fact is not conspiracy JC Afghanistans fight with Soviet Russia was funded by the CIA.
Even this week Bush has promised Syria and Egypt, along with Israel aid to by weapons with, the west gives aid to Pakistan
Western governments are splashing out taxpayers money, OUR tax that means us, the ordinary citizens OUR taxes. being given to foreign countries to buy arms and make arms dealers even richer.
Then they send us off to war to be killed by the arms our taxes have bought for our future enemies.
Its not rocket science JC, as much as we demonize Islam at the moment lets remember they are a religious people led astray by a false prophet.
The State is the antichrist we must wake up to, Islams goal is to conquer us, to bring us into submission but the State allowed them into our midst, the State promotes their beliefs in our midst, the State is Big Business and Big Business is the State, leading us all a merry dance whilst affording themselves enough security to keep themselves out of arms way.
Islam for all its faults is not after branding us with a mark of the beast, the State is!

The Sate is not Gods rule but mans rule on Earth JC, Christ said "I AM in the World but not of the World" Government on the otherhand is in the World and very much of the World.
Don't look for Gods hand in all the death and carnage we are witnessing, look for the hand of man, ruled by man and fooled by man!!