Saturday, September 09, 2006

Apocalyptico - Sep 9

I got the title of this post from the new Mel Gibson film that is going to come out soon. One of the catchphrases that is used on it's promo poster is "No people can outrun their destiny". Well, pick up a Bible and you realize that Israel, the Jews, the church and all of humanity has a destiny too. Foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament and by Jesus Christ Himself, humankind and our existence here on earth has a destiny, a very distinct ending that we cannot escape. This is not 'doom and gloom', this is hard reality. However, you can avoid all sorts of heartache and worry if you accept the free pardon Jesus won for you at the cross. I believe that time is growing short. Please make the right decision to follow Him. You have all of eternity to gain.

Pope Benedict XVI is chillin' with his homies back in Bavaria, Germany. OK, that's not what the BBC said exactly, but you get the point. Benny is also taking us Canadians to task over our misguided stance on gay marriage and abortion. Hear, hear, I say. This radical social engineering of the Canada I know and love has got to come to an end. Something about a broad path to destruction and all that.

Moving from the Vatican to the ME, EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana is saying that relations between the West and the Muslim world is worsening. Actually this isn't really news per se, what is remarkable is Solana's frank candor. Not to be outdone, Jordan's King Abdullah II is also not a very happy man over recent developments in his country. These aren't nutjobs or amateur bloggers, these are VIPs in every sense of the word sounding the alarm. Will the world listen?

In Brussels, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has a 'vision' for a united Europe and its government. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Why aren't we bold...and leave the composition of the commission to its president?...after all, it's on the basis of this logic that national governments are formed."

In Mr Sarkozy's vision, the commission president would himself be elected by the European Parliament - which would provide him with a democratic mandate.

Once elected, the commission chief could then pick his or her own commissioners, which would enable the body to "function like a real team around its president."

I don't know about you, but this vision will turn into a nightmare for the British if Brussels has it's way, carving up Europe into 'transnational' regions without democratic debate or consent.

Meanwhile, the 'peace that destroys many' draws closer as Arab countries are now openly calling for some type of peace in the region. This peace at any cost falls directly in line with Bible prophecy.

Jihad in Western India as bicycle borne suicide (read: homicide) bombers attack Muslims, killing 31 and wounding a 100.

Finally the space shuttle Atlantis with Canadian Steve MacLean on board has finally given the go-ahead and after many delays has blasted off.

Ah, finally a proper post I can be proud of. I apologize for an error that occurred in the previous post. You'll notice that it was posted by 'Roger Ramjet' and not Johnny Cash. I have corrected the problem and you will not see this name again. You will also notice that there are now two 'Johnny Cash's which are listed as contributors. They are one and the same person and if you click on either one you should get the same profile. As I'm not the administrator on my own blog, I might shut down the Christian Defender and start up a mirror site (the X-Def 2?). Same clever wit, same links on the sidebar, but I'll have much greater creative control as before. Seems silly to ask me for permission to post on my own blog, doncha think? Anyways watch this space should I make that leap. For now this will do.

Mr. Johnny Cash

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