Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pink Elephant In The Room - Sep 16

Suppose you were in a room with some people and a big pink elephant was there. Now you could talk to those people about anything you wanted except you could not ask about the deal with the pink elephant. That, my friend, is the logic of trying to hold on to unconfessed sin. That is the case with Islam. Anybody who has done any kind of research on Islam knows two things for sure:
1) It is anti-Semitic and;
2) It is anti-Christ.
It was certainly spread by violence in the 7th century and it's violent history was by no means confined to the Prophet Mohammed's time. Fast forward to the 21st century and the principles undergirding Islam have remained constant. Glorious, unending, perpetual war is Islam's battle cry. It still glorifies martyrdom, valuing death over life. Nothing has changed! All the pope has done is bring that unpleasant reality to light! So we sit here having to endure this ridiculous charade of how wonderful Islam is when everybody knows damn well it bloody well isn't. Better a glorious, wonderful, beautiful happy lie than the hard truth I guess. What a strange world I inhabit!

I think Pope Benny is asking for some reciprocity wrt Islam. Why should we respect it while Christians living in Muslim lands are denied their rights or are just killed outright?

While these lying buggers talk to us about peace in English and call for jihad in Arabic, the EU is giving the thumbs up to the recent developments with the merger of gov'ts between the PA and Hamas. What color is the sky in their world? I guess in their worldview, is it better to deal with one group of thugs and criminals than two groups of thugs and criminals?

God bless Angela Merkel who is probably the first Western leader to jump to Benny's defence. She's more man than Blair, Chirac or Prodi in my humble estimation.

Do not think I am joking about Islam making plans to destroy us while they give us the run-around. In southern Lebanon, al-Qaida is actively plotting against those UNIFIL peacekeepers while some sheik calls for the establishment of the caliphate centered in Jerusalem. As well, a Christian youth center has been targeted in Gaza.

As if this were not enough, the former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamed is saying that Muslim nations should make it their duty to acquire nuclear weapons. Islam is the perfect closed system, is it not? Switch from belligerent bully to whiny victim on a dime whenever the moment suits you.

To close out this post, Hurricane Lane is repeating what Hurricane John did, threatening the Mexican Pacific coast.

The truth: Accept nothing less!

Mr. Johnny Cash

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