Thursday, September 21, 2006

Get The X-Def As Part Of Your Daily News Feed! - Sep 21

I've made another addition to my blog that I want you to notice. At the bottom of the sidebar, you'll notice a tiny tag with the words News Gator on it. Before you click on this, start here to set up an account at Gator News (it's an RSS feed) and you can see the X-Def as one of your feeds! All the news you want customized at one click. Amazing stuff really. Now onto the news!

It's a really big universe out there I tell 'ya. The Hubble telescope has found 500 'young' galaxies and as well, astronomers have found a unique supernova that defies the odds.

At the UN, PM Stephen Harper was speechifying about Afghanistan and the need for the UN to reform blah, blah, blah. Two things stand out from his speech:
1) He actually kept to the limit of 15 minutes, a remarkable act of self-restraint for any politician and;
2) He did not refer to Bush or any other world leader for that matter as a 'devil'. How civil!
A full pdf version of his speech can be found here. It's only six pages long so it's not too bad.

Not only Canada but the Brits are starting to develop cold feet as the casualties mount in Afghanistan. I hope they don't leave. If they do, our boys will come under even greater pressure from the Taliban than ever before.

Let's talk about Iraqi politics for a second. IMHO, the only thing worse than bad government is no government at all. While torture was prevalent in Iraq during Saddam's hold on power, it appears that the situation has actually gotten worse. Private militias and various death squads are doing the impossible. They are making Saddam Hussein look benign by comparison!

Speaking of harsh 'street justice' that Muslims are notorious for, three Sulawesi Christians in Indonesia have been executed by firing squad. On the other side of the coin, a Lebanese sheikh bemoans the hollow victory that Hezbollah 'won' against the Israelis. I couldn't believe it. He actually said some things that made sense to me!

While the Americans are shockingly negotiating with Hamas, (not much of a shock actually. It's not like they have a choice between them and a viable democratic movement) Israel may be in the planning stages of assassinating Hassan Nasrallah at a massive rally. We'll see what happens.
I hope you like the new addition to my sidebar. I told you I'd have a better post than yesterday, did I not?

Mr. Johnny Cash

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J.C Dear friend, responding to you're comment about cold feet and the war in Afghanistan, maybe your readers would be interesred in why we are wasting our time in the middle east, the jihad is being fought in our homelands, not some distant country here is where our troops are needed more views on the matter!